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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Assalamualaikum. Just would like to track back a bit, on 10th January 2009, I have finally met up with my Yishun Primary School peeps. These are the people that I have known for quite some time, some up to 15 years already. I have known Huda and Syarif since I was 5 years old. Rashid was in the same class as me all the way in the entire 6 years of primary school education. Am glad that we are still contacting and seeing each other. Usually, we will only meet during Hari Raya to visit Cikgu Sadiah, but Alhamdulillah this year we got to meet again for a non-Hari Raya gathering. It feels weird to see one another not in baju kurung or kebaya like usual. We went to eat at Arab Street and then had a Shisha session after the dinner. To spice things up, Huda brought her old diary where most of us did write our "decorated" and "elaborated" profiles in it. When I looked at mine, gosh I did not know where to bury my face. Many spelling mistakes and stupid stuffs that I wrote! But yeah, it reminded me that I was once a child and childish. Coming up, it will be a YPS picnic gathering at East Coast Park. More interestingly, I will be planning it with someone whom I've known when I was 1 day old. She was born a day later and we both cukur-ed our jambul on a same event.

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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Assalamualaikum. Finally the day has come. I really hope it would be a full u-turn for me henceforth. The past is something that I wish to occult them if only possible. I felt so stupid, ididotic doing certain things. Nevertheless, I am who I am now, regardless good or bad, thanks to all the things I have done in the past which had me better. No matter how bad or bitter these things were, they make me a better person. Anything that doesn't kill you will only make you better. I am hoping for a change, a true change. Taubatan nasuha. InsyaAllah...

Ada tiada rasa dalam jiwa
Rindu akan memanggilMu
Kerna setiap jiwa telah bersumpah
Setia hanyalah kepadaMu

Bila cinta ada di dalam jiwa
Wangi bunga dunia tanpa nestapa
Segala yang dirasa hanyalah Dia
Hatikan memuja hanya padaNya

Ketika cinta memanggil
Gementar tubuhku
Ketika cinta memanggil
Hangatnya nafasku
Ketika cinta memanggil
Menderu sang rindu
Ketika cinta memanggil...

Rindu rindu rindu kalbu
Memanggil-manggil namaMu
Seperti terbang di langitMu
Tenggelam di lautan cintaMu

Ah... uh... ah... ah...

Berpadu kalbu yang rindu
Melebur menjadi satu
Bagai menari bagai diiringi pelangi
Ketika cinta memanggil
Ketika Cinta, Dato' Siti Nurhaliza, Opick, OST Perempuan Berkalung Sorban

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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Assalamualaikum. Alhamdulillah I am finally 21. Truthfully, I did not have any celebrations for this one, I am not hoping for presents but just DOAs from the rest. Thank you so much to those who have send birthday wishes to me. Thank you, all gladly appreciated.

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