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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Assalamualaikum. 533 more days before I bid farewell to the ambulance and serving the paramedics. Paramedics... paramedics... paramedics. Big headache. Both parties, the paramedics and medics claimed that we give each other headache. Well, I have to agree to the medics to a larger extend. This is because, stated in the responsibililties of Medical Orderly, medics are supposed to HELP Paramedics in the ambulance and assist them in the paper work. Now let me ask you a question, when someone is helping you, do you scold or shout at him/her rudely for doing wrong things? Come on, it is nice of him wanting to help you even though he is "forced" into doing it. The medics are having the prime of their youth life. Age 19-23 man! Give them a break! However, not all of them are like that, some paramedics, in fact most of them are nice. They know their responsibilities and they carried them well. They also know that they themselves willingly sign the contract and put on the uniform to be paramedics and hence should not treat their assistants who are unfortunately us, as their punching bag when they are angry.

Again and again, people are asking to sign on as Paramedics, and I firmly say no everytime. No way I am going to be a paramedic. If it is true that I want to save lives, it is more worth it to be a qualified doctor. Looking at their lives, I will never give a thought about being one. I want to continue my studies in the university and if possible up to the Doctorate level. For whatever reason, there is no way I want to do that job and work with that type of people!

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Assalamualaikum. How quick time flies... Tomorrow marks one week of the Ramadhan fasting month. How I wish I am typing, "Tomorrow marks the end of my 2 years NS life" Hahahaha... Never mind, I know that I will do so one day, on the 11th March 2009.

I had a very exciting moment in the afternoon. Looking back at it, it was so funny. I had my first physical recall just now. For the benefit of those who have no idea what physical recall means, it is actually a recall to every NSF who are in a particular force. Upon receiving a message or like the SAF, they will telecast it on the television(the blinking army men), the NSF must report to his base within 30 minutes to 1 hour (for those who live far from his base) in full uniform. So my story was, I was on my way to Hougang from Woodlands, and I took the bus 161. And this bus will leave Woodlands within 5 minutes and wander off to the expressway for another 40 minutes or so before it reach its first bus stop after it make an exit from the expressway. I took the bus at 3.20 p.m. Received no message or call till 3.41p.m which is from another Medic Rifai. He told me that there was a physicall recall at 3.15 p.m. I was like oh SHIT! The bus was still in the bus on the expressway. Later Darren and my senior medic Howie called me to inform me. I must admit that I freaked out in the bus but I did not make a scene in the bus. I remain my composure, it is fasting month dik. The latest I have to reach Paya Lebar Fire Station is 4.15 p.m. At 3.56 p.m I finally alighted at Sengkang. Taxi was nowhere in scene. I called my paramedic and he was new, I asked him if I can go to the station in my uniform. He was not sure, and he asked me to ask my RSM (scary though). At last i called my senior medic who so kind to inform me even though I am not from his ROTA(unlike the medic from my OWN rota). I told him my problem and he said he could lend me his spare uniform in the station. Thank goodness. I waited and waited till finally, a taxi came at 4.10 p.m. I reached the station at 4.20p.m. 5 minutes late, ya but thankfully this was just a mock one and I already informed the station that I was going to be late and they accepted my reason and since this was just a mock one, I could just wear my casual clothes to report.

Only at times like this you will know who your true friends are ...

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Assalamualaikum. I was wondering just now if I ever dreamt or ever thought of things that I am doing today, many years ago. The answer is never. I never thought that I will end up being a medic in the emergency ambulance. I do not even know what the people do in the ambulance and how they convey patients over to the hospital. None of my family members have ever called for ambulance service before. Now I know everything about it and has become part of it. That is life, sometimes you might end up doing something that tou never think of doing it, something that is so out of the box. Strange. We can only plan but He is the one who determines it. Now, I am wondering of what I will be doing in 2 years time. In university, insyaAllah. What will I be like when I join NUS? What kind of student I am? Which area will I be most interested in? Who will be my best friend then? Who will be my favourite lecture? Where is my hangout place in the university? What will I be known for? Hmmm... All that will be answered when the time comes!

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Monday, September 17, 2007

Assalamualaikum. Just came back from work and still not sleepy. Last two days, watched Titian Minda 2007 on Suria. Wah, I don't really watch they debate because I was reminiscing all the way. I think the debate standards are going down so much. People are getting more and more wayward from the right debating manner. Let me contradict myself here for once, there is no right or wrong debate manner. However, debater must be able to debate well and fulfil the requirements of debating. As long as you do your part as a debater, I do not think there is a problem to it. Here, I am not including those diva-acting"debaters" who debate with full of emotion and DRAMA! We must remember that in a particular debate, emotions cannot be articulated. Some of them show it through with their faces and hand actions. A good debater must have a mature thinking and from there he/she will be able to see the whole picture of the motion and also, will be able to show a professional standard of debating. Motion must be well addressed. Worst still, the debate is becoming more like an entertainment show. Informal dressing, dramatic debaters, video clips, sofa and reality-tv way of commenting by the judges. I am somehow thankful that I belong to the traditional debate, less entertainment value but high education value and I am glad to show it to the viewers that this is debate! An intellectual "battle" among students. If you want to make it more relax and entertaining, why not abolish the whole thing and make it like a talk show. Maybe you can call it... "Perang Mulut, Bual Laser, Perang Diva, Minda Berapi or something that you think which is more appealing. Rather than Titian Minda. This is so "intellectual". Can't television shows be somewhat intellectual? Hey wake up, your viewers are getting more "stupid" because of your bloody, stupid shows! Arghh..Enough of debates.

Went to Geylang Serai for some shopping. For myself, I bought kain samping which cost me $80 and Anuar Zain's latest album. Gosh! He is so good! His voice is better now. More variations of tones and lenggok. Very nice, soothing voice now. Introduced few new elements into this album, "opera" voices, lots of strings accompaniment! Favourite songs are I'm The Lucky One, Ketulusan Hati, Lelaki Ini and Jangan Pernah Lagi. Break my fast with dates and Air Kathirah in the taxi with my mum. I love kathirahs!

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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Assalamualaikum. Happy Civil Defence Day!

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Assalamualaikum. Guys, in conjuction with the uocoming Hari Raya Aidilfitri (1 month to go), I will be playing Hari Raya songs here and all of them are my favourites. I will try to make an effort to change them every week. So guys, enjoy! Selamat Berpuasa!

Pada kali ini, saya ingin menyertakan teks mengenai kelebihan berterawih pada malam bulan Ramadhan supaya ia boleh ditatap bersama dan menjadi pengetahun kita bersama

Kelebihan Sembahyang Sunat Terawih Diriwayatkan oleh Saidina Ali (r.a) daripada Rasulullah (s.a.w), sebagai jawapan dari pertanyaan sahabat-sahabat Nabi (s.a.w) tentang Fadhilat (kelebihan) Sembahyang Sunat Terawih pada bulan Ramadan.

Malam 1 :
Keluar dosa-dosa orang mukmin pada malam pertama seperti mana ia baru dilahirkan, mendapat keampunan dari Allah.
Malam 2 :
Diampunkan dosa-dosa orang mukmin yang sembahyang Terawih serta kedua ibubapanya (sekiranya mereka orang yang beriman).
Malam 3 :
Berseru malaikat di bawah Arasy supaya kami meneruskan sembahyang Terawih terus-menerus semoga Allah mengampunkan dosa engkau.
Malam 4 :
Memperoleh pahala sebagaimana pahala orang-orang yang membaca kitab-kitab Taurat , Injil, Zabur dan Al-Quran.
Malam 5 :
Allah kurniakan baginya pahala seumpama orang sembahyang di Masjidil Haram, Masjid Madinah dan Masjid Al-Aqsa.
Malam 6 :
Allah kurniakan pahala kepadanya pahala malaikat-malaikat yang tawaf di Baitul Ma'mur (70,000 malaikat sekali tawaf) serta setiap batu-batu dan tanah-tanah mendoakan supaya Allah mengampunkan dosa orang yang mengerjakan sembahyang terawih pada malam ini.
Malam 7 :
Seolah-seolah ia dapat bertemu dengan Nabi Musa serta menolong Nabi (a.s) menentang musuh ketatnya Firaun dan Hamman.
Malam 8 :
Allah mengurniakan pahala orang sembahyang Terawih seperti mana yang telah dikurniakan kepada Nabi Allah Ibrahim (a.s).
Malam 9 :
Allah kurniakan pahala dan dinaikkan mutu ibadat hambanya seperti Nabi Muhammad (s.a.w).
Malam 10 :

Allah (s.w.t) mengurniakan kepadanya kebaikan di dunia dan di akhirat.
Malam 11 :
Keluar ia daripada dunia (mati) bersih daripada dosa seperti ia baharu dilahirkan.
Malam 12 :
Datang ia pada hari Qiamat dengan muka yang bercahaya (cahaya ibadatnya)
Malam 13 :
Datang ia pada hari Qiamat dalam aman sentosa daripada tiap-tiap kejahatan dan keburukan.
Malam 14 :
Datang malaikat menyaksikan ia bersembahyang Terawih serta Allah tiada menyesatkannya pada hari Qiamat.
Malam 15 :
Semua malaikat yang menanggung Arasy, Kursi, berselawat dan mendoakannya supaya Allah mengampunkannya.
Malam 16 :
Allah (s.w.t) tuliskan baginya terlepas daripada neraka dan dimasukkan kedalam syurga.
Malam 17 :
Allah kurniakan orang yang berterawih pada malam ini sebanyak-banyak pahala Nabi-Nabi.
Malam 18 :
Seru malaikat : Hai ! Hamba Allah. Sesungguhnya Allah telah redha kepada engkau dan ibubapa engkau (yang masih hidup atau mati).
Malam 19 :
Allah (s.w.t) tinggikan darjatnya didalam syurga Firdaus.
Malam 20 :
Allah kurniakan kepadanya pahala sekelian orang yang mati syahid dan orang-orang yang solihin
Malam 21 :
Allah binakan sebuah istana di dalam syurga daripada nur .
Malam 22 :
Datang ia pada hari Qiamat aman daripada tiap-tiap dukacita dan kerisauan (tiada dalam keadaan huru-hara di Padang Mahsyar).
Malam 23 :
Allah (s.w.t) binakan kepadanya sebuah bandar di dalam syurga daripada nur
Malam 24 :
Allah buka peluang 24 doa yang mustajab bagi orang yang berterawih pada malam ini (elok sekali berdoa ketika sujud).
Malam 25 :
Allah Ta'ala angkatkan daripadanya siksa kubur.
Malam 26 :
Allah kurniakan kepada orang berterawih pahala pada malam ini seumpama 40 tahun ibadat.
Malam 27 :
Allah kurniakan orang berterawih pada malam ini ketangkasan melintas atas titian Siratul Mustaqim seperti kilat menyambar.
Malam 28 :
Allah (s.w.t) kurniakan kepadanya seribu darjat di akhirat.
Malam 29 :
Allah (s.w.t) kurniakan kepadanya pahala seribu kali Haji Mabrur
Malam 30 :
Allah (s.w.t) beri penghormatan kepada orang berterawih pada malam terakhir ini yang teristimewa sekali, lalu berfirman : " Hai hambaku, makanlah segala jenis buah-buahan yang engkau ingin makan di dalam syurga dan mandilah engkau daripada air syurga yang bernama Salsabila, serta minumlah air daripada telaga yang dikurniakan kepada Nabi Muhammad (s.a.w) yang bernama Al-Kauthar".

Petikan dari buku : Rejab, Syaaban, Ramadan oleh Budiman Radhi

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Monday, September 10, 2007

Assalamualaikum. I think I already get used to the "station life". Now, whenever there is a ambulance call, I no longer feel, "dupdap...dupdap...dupdap", scared and anxious. I am glad. I must say that I learn more withing my 1st week in station that the irritating 6 weeks in CDA. Haizzz. Really wasted 6 weeks of my life there. Arghh... I do not wish to remember those 6 terrible weeks!

Anyway, Ramadhan Al-Barakah is coming very soon. Have you gote your dates ready? Oh no, I am not referring to that candle-light dinner dates or something but dates as in kurma. Hahahaha...Lame huh? To the 05S71-ians, be prepared for another Hari Raya gathering. Will inform you guys soon!


Kepada semua muslimin-muslimah,

Saya ingin mengambil kesempatan ini untuk memohon ampun dan maaf daripada anda sepanjang kita berkenalan. Izinkan saya mengharungi bulan Ramadhan ini sesuci-sucinya dari noda dan dosa. Sekiranya ada kala saya termakan mahupun terminum sesuatu yang dimiliki anda, saya berharap segalanya dihalalkan mana yang diharamkan anda. Semoga kita sama-sama dapat menghayati kesucian bulan yang penuh barakah ini dan mengharunginya dengan penuh ketaqwaan dan semoga kita masih diberi kesempatan oleh-Nya untuk bertemu Syawal yang bakal menjelang.

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Sunday, September 2, 2007


Assalamualaikum. Is it true that we have to really enjoy during our teenage years? I have to agree to this but this is rather too vague a statement - "Teenagers must enjoy" Hahaha. Enjoy ya, but we must not do so while forgetting to think about our future. I think that this is the problem with the youngsters nowadays. They listen too much to their friends, especially those who are more stylish and "cool". I think the correct statement that teenagers should bear in mind is "Teenagers must enjoy, with their future bear in mind!"

Few years ago, there are many events held to remind youngsters about Premarital Sex. I must say that the government and Muslim Organisation like MUIS and Mendaki are doing their best to inculcate great values in these youngsters. But as more events are held, unfortunately more youngsters are getting into the menace of premarital sex. I do not think the organisations are to be blamed for this but I feel that they obliterate or maybe miss out the importance of spiritual guide among the teenagers. Religion plays an important part in most of our lives. If religious values are instilled in the youngsters, I do not think that they will be gone astray too far off!

I still remember what one of the SAMO that I respected most, SGT Syed Omar, said. He said that we always want to follow others especially the westerners. It is true that they are successful and are way ahead of us but we must not forget that we live by the clutch of religious and cultural values. These two important things that influence our daily lives are different from theirs. They think differently from us. We all talk about trendsetters and how we admire them and why don't we want to become one? We keep copying every single thing they do and most of the time, it is causing sort of a catastrophe in our lives. Just like this premarital sex thing, to us, it is a sinful act but because of the imperceptible trait of a "copycat" in our society, we just do it without thinking of the cultural and religious values that we are holdinbg on to. Will we, as a society, continue to drown?

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