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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Assalamualaikum. I am so determined to change. Change to be the old quiet Izwan. I miss that Izwan. So peaceful! At that point, nobody hate me. I wish I can go back to that old days! I miss my primary school friends! Even though some of them are not that clever like my jc-mates, they still have the HEART. Again sometimes, I hate myself for being too clever. I can sense that my primary school friends are going distance away from me. I got to know that they still keep in contact and except me, for the reason --- Izwan is clever, he is not like us. Dear primary school friends, going to JC does not change me ( maybe I am a bit chatty now). I am still like the old stupid Izwan that you guys know. Haizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. I do not care. When Hari Raya comes, I am going to go out with them. I will show it to them that I am not like other JC kids!

Had a chat with one of my course mate yesterday and he is from an ITE. He told me about a few JC guys in his company and how he hates them for being so stuck up and act as if they know everything. Then I told him something like this, "Maybe it is just a stereotype..." He replied, "Maybe no, because all of them are like that" I asked again, "Are you sure? I am from JC too!" He said,"What? You from JC too? Okay, I think I have to agree that that is a stereotype..." Thank you for thinking that I am different from them (the clever , glorious JC people) Sometimes, I wish I am not from a JC. At least I am not associated with those stuck up people. Arrgghhh... Why must it turn out this way? No wonder there is a saying, the top will go even higher and the bottom will go even lower. What will happen next when I go to university. Will my Civil Defence friends think the same way too?

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Assalamualaikum. Haizzzz. Sometimes I do not know why some people hate me so much? Am I really that bad? When some of my friends tell me that I am a nice man, I feel as if that they are lying... If I am nice, why are they still people hating me... Worst still, some take me as a rival. Rival for what. What is it that I have that you are fighting for? I can give what you want but please just tell me why you hate me so much... Gosh! I thought that I can forget about it but it is wtill wondering in my head! I know that we cannot expect everyone to like us but sill, at least let me know why am I being hated so much!

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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Assalamualaikum. "Wake up your bloody ideas!" shouted someone. Gosh! He is angry, again. I understand that when one get angry, he or she tends to mix words up and do not even care about the sentence structure or even the grammar! Well, I understand. However, I have heard this phrase been said over and over again by not only him but many others. This phrase does not make sense, well at least to me. how can you wake your ideas? Well, one can argue that that is figurative language. Hahaha, I did not know that these people are so creative as in to create such a "chim" phrase using figurative language. Even if you wish to use figurative language, let it be something that make sense! Ideas can be bloody and sometimes, they are asleep, zzzzzz!

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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Assalamualaikum. Went out with Kenneth and Saddiqi for lunch last weekend at Amirah's Grill Restaurant and Cafe. Had a great time with them. Miss them so much. Did a lot of catching up. The food was okay, some of the dishes were good and especially the deserts. We reached the restaurant at 12 p.m and left at 4 p.m. Chat and chat all day long. We talked over hundreds of topics. After the lunch, we went to Taman Warisan Melayu Kampung Glam or previously known as the Istana Kampong Glam. Had a great time and Saddiqi, thanks for using your expertise to take those beautiful pictures. Hahaha. We jump again and again to get that SMU (quoted from Kenneth) shots. There was this one time when we did not notice we were actually stared by the western tourists. They must think that Singaporeans are fun people (or is it mad?)

We stayed there for nearly an hour before we left to do some window shopping! First we went to TOPMAN at Bugis Junction and nothing there attract me as yet. Then we headed to the Bugis Street. Hmmm... Nice stuffs they got there. Got some fashion inspirations there. I must say that after being enlisted, I have lost some of my fashion sense. I do not really know how to dress nicely or as grand as I used to. Haizzz. Everyday, I see blue here, blue there, everywhere blue (I am referring to CD's blue uniform people). No excitement at all. So mundane there. I always say that people who signed on has no life. There are cooped up in the stations and all they seeis almost the same thing everyday. True that they are doing a noble job, but some of them have boring personality. Well, not all and this is at least an opinion of mine. Not necessary to be true to some people.

Then, we left Bugis. Saddiqi had something on. Kenneth and I decided to walk home from the MRT station. As we walk, we talk. We chat till 10p.m. Thats like 2 hours after we left the station. Many things are told and confessed, and we learned about each other even more. Even though we have been friends for more than 10 years already, we are still learning and getting to know each other better. I really hope this friendship will never last. I wish we will still be in contact forever and wish him luck in his vocation in the SAF. Oh ya, in university education too. I really want to meet a lot of my other friends. I want to meet my 05S71 CG mates, my Northbrooks peeps, my Yishun Primary School friends, my bandmates, my Malay 'A' classmates, dear Innovians and the list goes on (my other friends, you are not forgotten)... And that person too.

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Sunday, June 17, 2007

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Friday, June 15, 2007

Assalamualaikum. Yeah, 3 weeks are over! I am half-way through the medic course. Another 3 more weeks to go. Really hope that these 3 weeks will be more interesting and more fruitful. Had COMMs Lesson this week and we learned how to use the MATRA set. It is not very easy. We have to remember different codes from A to Z. While using the MATRA Set, the alphabet A cannot be pronounced as "A" but Alpha and for B, it is Bravo and the list continue up to Z pronounced as Zulu. Interesting!

Will be meeting Kenneth, Saddiq and Saddiqi (hopefully Ismail too if he is well) tomorrow for lunch. It has been a long time since I met them. It was 3 months ago. The last was on 12th March 2007 which happens to be a day before my enlistment day. Can't wait to meet the twins and Kenneth. Need to update each other and we'll talk and talk and talk.

I miss my 05S71 and Novawinds 06' members too. I hope I can meet up with them soon...

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Assalamualaikum. It has been a long time since I last blogged. Many things have happened and I can say that most of them were exciting! Hmmm... Let me talk about my medic course first. So far, it is becoming more and more interesting and exciting apart from the boring lectures and brain-taxing theory tests! We got practical tests too, and for this one, you really can feel the adrenaline rush. Not because you are excited for the test but because you are scared for the test. Imagine, you have to talk to a dummy, do CPR on it, comfort a dummy, rescue a dummy, do first aid dressing on your partner in front of your instructor. Instructors! They will be looking at you with one kind of look, the look which tells you that what you are doing is wrong. Talking about the instructors, some of them are really nice like Instructor Alvin. He is really a funny guy! He can make me burst my stomach, laughing at his jokes. Oh ya, he is a good teacher too! Enough on that, let's talk about the needles. Something that are always associated with Doctors, Paramedics and Medics like myself. Ya, we had Intra-Venous Fusion. I did it with Luqman. Luckily, we did on each other twice only. Some of them had to do 7 times. Imagine, inserting that bloody needle into your veins for 7 times. Blood are everywhere. I enjoy throughout the lesson, both the theory and practical, especially the latter. In two weeks time, we will be playing with needles again. This time INJECTION! Oh ya, we had injection almost every week; FLU injection, Hepatitis B injection and etc. We learn a lot of stuffs and I believe that it will benefit me in the future. Some of the terms and topics remind me of the time I took my 'O' Level Biology. At least, this time round we are taught how certain part of our body affect the others and if one disfunction, what will ahppen and how to manage and subside the effect. Much better. We did CPR too. Doing it on a Resusci Annie seems easy without the recorder. When the recorder is attached, we have to do the compression properly to reach the "heart" whic is 4-5 cm below the sternum. Doing that on a plactic/rubber, your hands will definitely sore. And do you know how many compression do we have to do in a cycle? It is 150 compressions guys per cycle! Oh ya, something to share with you guys. Resusci Annie is the dummy which is used in CPR lesson. The dummy got its name from a girl by the name of Annie who died many years ago. She drown and was retrieved by some people but too bad, these people do not know how to revive her by doing CPR which cost her life. Sad huh? Then we had infant dummy. And we learned how to recover a conscious/unconscious man and infant who are choked. The baby one is really scary but as medic we have to remember, pain or death? Fun aside, we still do have theory tests every week. Last week, had 2 theory tests. And this week, we had 3 theory tests; Theory Test II, BCLS Theory Test and Stretcher Theory Test. Oh these are only the theory tests, there are practical tests too

Went to Johore Bahru last weekend. Had a family gathering there. We ate seafood by the sea. The place is really cool. I took the picture above with my handphone from my seat. See, how close were we to the sea. The restaurant is actually built on the sea. At first, I was reluctant to go because it clashes with the Quater-Finals round of the 4PM Malay Debate. But I thought that it would be a good escape to relax my mind, so I decided to follow my family to JB. Stayed overnight there and went shopping on Sunday. Had a good and quality time with my family.

Congratulations to Datuk Siti Nurhaliza for winning 3 awards at the Anugerah Planet Muzik 2007 which recognise the best talents in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei Darussalam. She won Best Female Artist, Most popular Female Artist and Best Song through the song, Biarlah Rahsia. For this week, we'll list to this Best Song recognised by the judges from the 4 countries in APM 2007. Presenting... Biarlah Rahsia.

Apart from these things, let's talk about Bahas 4PM. I went to coach them after seeing their not-so-good perfoemance during the Qualifying Rounds. They have improved I must say. I hope my words of encouragement have done them good and Alhamdulillah, they qualify to the Semi-Finals. I am really excited for them. This time round, I am going to spend more time with them foe the debate. I really want to see them go to the Finals and hopefully someone from Innova JC will represent Singapore again this year. I hope the legacy that I left at Innova JC will continue for let say, another 5 years or forever.

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Sunday, June 3, 2007

Assalamualaikum. Went to watch Bahas 4PM Qualifying Rounds yesterday. Actually, went there to support Innova Junior College's team. I must say that this year's team is not as good as last year's. Not that I want to say it because I was part of last year's team, but I can tell that we have the the bonding and the semangat to give our best. Informality is one thing that Kak Guy and I do not like in a debate. Debate is not like a coffee-shop talk-cock session. It is serious talking. You can call it a discussion, but a formal one to note. You can never say things like, "See, your point of information has made me forgotten my lines..." You should never ever say that in a debate and in the first place, why are you memorising your scripts? Scripts are just guidelines but not a thing to remember hard to core and not note that you can read off just like that. If I am the judge, I will stop the debate and ask the debater to pass me their scripts and tell them this. " No thanks, I can read myself. Anyway, your reading sucks!" If you wish to read, then at least do it with some courage and do it with full of semangat and not just reading it monotonously. Haiz. Pretty disappointed with IJ team but I hope they will qualify to the quater-finals round. Cikgu Hani asked me to guide them if they manage to scrape through to the next round. Well, it is an honour to guide my own juniors.

Anyway, some people wonder why am I helping and putting a lot of effort to help that school of mine in the arena of debating while I have never ever been given a formal and proper recognition. Well, my answer is this. My conscious is clear. I am doing this because I am a responsible Debating Senior. I want to do thing with full of pride. When I left for Brunei 2 years ago, I went there not for a holiday but to learn something so that I can pass some of the knowlege gained there to my juniors. Some people asked me how come I am not awarded the CCA colours award from IJC when I have done something outstanding that made the school proud. Well, my answer to this is that my dear school Innova Junior College rather gives it to people who don't do much and irresponsible people. Well, I do not care about those awards. If I have not been recognised by my school, so be it. I have been recognised but international organisations before. So that CCA Colours Award from IJC, is practically nothing. Anyway, I have been awarded with a CCA Colour award before. Furthermore, I am doing and making my school proud not for recognition or awards but I am doing them because it is part of my responsibility as a student in that school. If I cannot excel in my studies and become the top student or complete my 2.4 k.m in less than 8 minutes, well I am sure there are many other areas that I can explore and make my mark on it. Let see if the best runner in IJ or the top student can debate as well as me! Ah... What I am trying to say here is that, remember that each and every one of us has our own unique strengths, so stop comparing with one another just with the level of achievements or ... that CCA Colour Awards. Hahaha!

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Saturday, June 2, 2007

Here are the pictures!

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Friday, June 1, 2007

Assalamualaikum. I think I am getting sick and tired to think about these NS stuffs. I am forced into this! I just want this two year be over and that is it. I want to pursue my dreams and look ahead for a greater future. For now, I will continue with my vocational course as a Medic for 6 weeks. Even though I have some reasons that make me want to discontinue this course, I just cannot be bothered anymore. They will not understand me. I will just take everything as an experience. I am tired! Anyway, I do have fun at the Medic's course. WO Christina is a nice M'dm and some of the instructors are nice too. They are funny but the lectures might be too dry but nevermind, I already survive 2 years of lectures at JC. I'll post some photos taken during the course!

I am very surprised to learn that my current weight is 48kg. Yeah, NS is great. It helps you to slim down. From 56kg last month, today I am only left with 48kg of a body. I know that some people dream to have that weight of mine, but me personally, I want to be as heavy as 60kg. Gosh! 12kg more! Long, long, long, long way to go. Anyway, just to beautify this entry, a photo of Dato' Siti Nurhaliza.

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