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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Assalamualaikum. Hmmm... Surprise and more surprise for this week! DO you know what vocation I am posted to now? I am going to be a MEDIC in 5 weeks time. Feel cheated? Hahahaha. I am nore cheated. I am asked to reject better offers so that I will be able to be a ***** but ended up in this stupid course. Well, I do not know if I want to say that I like it or hate it. Wait for the outcome 5 weeks later. Anyway, I am sure there is a hikmah to this. Blessings in disguise, I hope. Medic pun medic lah.

Oh ya, congratulations to Miss Japan for being crowned the Miss Universe of the year 2007. Another ASIAN success!

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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Assalamualaikum. Went out with my parents and Aisy and Night Safari. It was actually an even organised by the Community Centre. Most of them were old people as in the pakcik-makcik, auntu-uncle thingy. I was like so lost there. The kind of things that they talk about interest me in no way. There are funny sometimes. One of the joke was this uncle in his 60s could not see really well in the dark. Unfortunately, there weren't sufficient lamp-posts at the Night Safari and he said that he got lost in the middle of the trail and nearly got into the tiger's shed (kandang harimau). Hahahahaha... It might not be funny now but the way he said it, so dramatic and full of emotion. Gosh! Very the DRAMA PAPA! Aisy wasn't feeling really well yesterday and most of the time, I had to carry him around. He enjoys going to the zoo for whatever reason.

I wonder too, when I was a kid not long time ago (hahahha), I like animals too. I am sure many of us are like that when we were small kids but now when we grow up, we become a foe to them. Some even turn up being animal abusers. Serial cat killer! Dog-eater! Laboratory rats! Gosh! Where is the inexorable humanity in us when we were kids? People love maturity! Sadly, maturity comes when we grow older but why are these things happening. I just read the newspaper and one of the news is about a guy who killed his own 70 yaer-old mum. For goodness sake, he is already 33 years old. Why did he kill his mum? Why? Why? The reason is ... His mum did not buy for him food. My goodness. you are already 33 years old, you have your legs, you have your eyes to lead you the way to the stall to buy your own food. You should be the one taking care of your mum. Goodness! This is not the first time such things are happening. What is happening to the world? What is happening? A 3 months old kid suffering from heart cancer? A seven years old kid taking his 'A' Level Chemistry? What is happening to the balance and normality? Arghh...

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Friday, May 25, 2007

Assalamualaikum. I think it is time for a change...

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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Assalamualaikum. Double Happiness! First of all, today, I had my Passing Out Parade in the morning. Started with my 10km route march followed by the Standard Obstacle Course then with a solitude marching parade led by my own OC, Captain Segar G. Sad, but happy too because I am no longer a recruit. Some of the NCOs said that the most memorable part of their NS life is being a recruit. Well, I am not sure if I will miss that part of my life. Hahaha, the push-ups and torture. I am also touched by my Captain Segar for trusting me to be one of his admin members. Initially, there were 4 people who are fighting for this position. And finally, the position goes to me. Alhamdulillah. I do not really care if the camp is far from my place because I really want that job. The OPs Room wanted me to do the scheduling with them but I choose to stay in Charlie Company to be an admin clerk. I am thankful to Encik Onn, CPL Maurius, CPL Timothy, CPL Lionel and LTA Asyraf for believing in me. I hope I will not let them down in a way or another. I am pretty scared actually after hearing this and that from the current NCOs and Clerks but I have to take it in my stride. Every vocation has its pros and cons. Let whatever that is sour be the cons. After 11 weeks in BRTC, I think my patience level has gone up(hopefully still escalating). So, I think that will help me bear the nagging and scolding from my superior. Anyway, next week will not be a busy week as the new recruits will be enlisted in 2 weeks time. So, I will get ample time to adjust myself working in my Captain's office before the the new recruits come. Hopefully by then, I will have a longer hair!

Another happiness is a letter from National University of Singapore. I am really happy that I am accepted into NUS but the faculty offered is my 5th choice. I can't believe why I am rejected by NUS Faculty of Arts and Social Science when it is the least stringent faculty to be offered to potential students. It was my first choice and I am offered my 6th choice which is Civil Engineering. I shall just accept the offer and try to apply again next year. This time round I am going to apply to all three universities in Singapore. Anyway, I should be happy that I am accepted by one of the best faculty in NUS and ranked 10th in the world. Some of the people whom I know got rejected by Faculty Engineering are accepted by Faculty of Arts and Social Science. Went for the introduction lecture last week and I find that the subject is interesting but my biggest worry is that this thing that I am going to do in 2009 involves PHYSICS which I hate so so so so so so much. Eh, but people say that if you hate something, most likely it will be something that you love most at the end of the day. Do you think it is true?
---By PTE Izwan

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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Assalamualaikum. It has been a tragic week for me. A lot of things happen in camp, some to me individually, and some to the rest of my platoonmates. I booked in on last Sunday at 8.30p.m as usual. Never thought that such thing could happen to me. Gosh!

On Tuesday evening, someone was caught smoking. Unfortunately, that guy is from my platoon. Shiish! Ring! A call for punishment. We had a changing parade. Luckily, we nly had to change twice because we manage to change into the requested attire within the time limit. Tiring. This is the 3rd time of which my platoonmates are caught smoking. What a luck!

On Wednesday, we had Wheel Stretcher practical. Unfortunately, I was chosen to be the first four rescuer. It sucks! Of all people, I was chosen. The four of us have to rescue the our platoonmates. Once rescued, they will help us. Stupidly, I continued to save till the last men while the other first three rescuer were already sitting on the bench, resting. Thank you to those who creditted for my good rescue and thank you for commending for my vocation as a MEDIC. Not bad, but after hearing the gory stories from my platoon commander regarding medic's job scope, I am actually taken aback. Oh ya, also to my platoon commander, thank you for the special mention at the end of the lesson of being the most hardworking rescuer. Though tiring, it was enjoyable actually.

On Thursday, it was the worst of all. After lunch, when I came back from the cookhouse, Dennise called for me..."Hey Izwan! Hurry up, check your locker for anything missing! It was pried open" What? Pried open? At that moment when I saw my dented locker door, I roughly knew that something is missing because the dent was really bad. It was in a state where you can actually see inside my locker and take anything from it. Panic! Panic! My handphone was there but my wallet was missing. Checked again! Yes, it was stolen. Confirmed. Nawawi called the platoon sergeant. My heart was thumping real fast. Luckily, the handphone I brought to camp was an old one and not my new W880i. Soon, my company Captain came and asked me what happened. I think, in that same day, I have to repeat telling people what happened for more that 10 times. Captain Segar asked me to inform my platoon commander as soon as possible. They had to check everyone's lockers in my platoon. I have to check like 40 lockers in total and it feels bad to take out everything from my platoonmates locker and search for my missing wallet. Ooh, some of the lockers stink! Disgusting. Then went up to storey 5 to check PES BP's locker. I got a lecture from their platton commander and one of ther instructor. It is not as if I want my stuffs to get missing and it was not my mistake for the unlock bunk's door. i wasn't the last one to leave the bunk and on top of all, I wasn't the bunk I.C. I just cannot be bothered by that sucky PC and that fat, ugly instructor. After dinner, I was called to the Captain's office. He apologised for the case. I was just thinking, "Why must it be mine?" The he suggested to check thouroughly at the basement as well as the other parts of the block to see if that stupid culprit threw away my wallet after squandering that haram money. Some of my platoonmates offered to help. Thank you so much to Allan, Dennise, Aminuddin, Hafiz, Melvyn, Lutfi, Lestaluhu and Wei Jie. We combed through the whole block and luckily, Allan found it at the Dry Rising Hose Outlet. It was behind the door that hides the water hose. I was still at the basement at that point of time and when Dennise informed me about this good news, I just ran up and that was the first time I ran up the stairs with all my might and was the first to reach the 3rd floor. The investigation is still being carried on. I really hope the culprit will be caught one day. I am so relieved that it could be retrieved because my driving license, EZ-Link card, POSB Card and other important and stuffs with sentimental value was inside my wallet. On top of all, it was my wallet, my DKNY wallet. My platoonmates were worried over my DKNY wallet and not its content. Me too guys. Thank you so much to my platoon commander, LTA Asyraf as well as my OC, Captain Segar. I am so sorry for all the trouble. Actually there's more to be told, but I'll just save it as a personal memory. Biarlah Rahsia.

Here, I would also like to congaratulate my company for emerging champions in 2 out of 3 games tournament. Basketball and Soccer. Just like what I thought earlier and told my platoonmates before the games started, you will see that the company will be separated intow two. The Malays will go to the soccer field while the Chinese will go to the basketball court. True enough, it really happened. Hahahahaha... Strange!

Other than this, I would like to wish all the best to my companymates and myself for the footdrill competition this Friday. This is what that has been keeping me busy this weekend. So sorry to my mum, can't really celebrate Mother's Day with her, but I will clean the house and let you rest today.

Happy Mother's Day. It has been a while since I post an entry in Malay. So in conjunction with Mother's Day, I would like to do so.

Dengan serendah-rendahnya diri yang bernama anak ini, ingin mengambil kesempatan untuk mengucapkan Selamat Hari Ibu kepada semua insan yang bernama ibu. Memang patut hari ini kita raikan bersama kerana ianya adalah suatu peringatan kepada pengorbanan ibu yang tiada berbelah bagi buat kita yang bergelar anak. Mungkin ramai di antara kita yang menyayangi teman-teman kita ataupun teman istimewa yang sering menemani. Mereka perlu dihargai tetapi tidak sehebet mana penghargaan yang perlu kita berikan buat ibu kita. Hanya satu insan di dunia ini yang layak digelar ibu kita. Dia, yang bersabung nyawa ketika melahirkan kita di dunia ini. Merana tidak terkata selama sembilan bulan lamanya, hanya untuk mengandungkan kita. Jadi, sesamalah kita ingat jasa mereka dan hargailah mereka selagi kita diizinkan oleh Tuhan untuk berbuat demikian. Sempena Hari Ibu ini, saya ingin mengambil kesempatan ini untuk memperindahkan lagi hari ini dengan berkongsi dengan anda lagu kegemaran saya yang secara kebetulan menceritakan tentang pengorbanan seorang ibu.

Aku hanya menduga
Tidak mampu merasa
Sebenar-benar perasaanmu
Pengorbanan yang kau lakukan
Untuk dewasakan
Hanya bisa ditanggung hati IBU

Telah kau telan lara
Dan terima segala
Dugaan dan badai yang melanda
Duhai ibu

Airmata Ibu, Datuk Siti Nurhaliza, E.M.A.S

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Sunday, May 6, 2007

Assalamualaikum. There are so many things that I am worried about. Gosh! Tonight, will be booking in again. Another week of burden! I really want this week to be over as soon as possible, after which, there will be only another 2 weeks of hell in BRTC. I want the passing out parade to be over as soon as possible. I do not want to live another month of a recruit's life. No freedom. I want to be at home everyday and go back at 6 p.m everyday.

On another note, I overheard this song somewhere. I Belong To Me by Jessica Simpson. Frankly, I am no fan of hers but after listening to her voice, I thought it was not bad. I like the lyrics. Very meaningful and inspirational. Another one, I came across this website about the new films in Malaysia and many more films are coming up. One of which that I really want to watch is Waris Jari Hantu. It was directed and produced by the director of Pontianak Harun Sundal Malam. Another ghost story. Hahaha. Now, I want to watch DUKUN, Jangan Pandang Belakang and Waris Jari Hantu.

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Saturday, May 5, 2007

Assalamualaikum. I am very worried! Some of my friends already received their letter of acceptance from the universities and I have received none. I should have applied to Nanyang Technological University and Singapore Management University just to try my luck. Never mind, I will try again next year. Hope I will get my letter as soon as possible.

Went out with my family today. First, sent my mum and dad to a wedding ceremony. My mum asked me to follow them but I was pretty reluctant because I wore something slacky but I thought again, I was hungry at that point of time and it has been a long time since I ate Nasi Minyak. So, I went out of the car and ran to catch up with my parents and nephew ( dramatic huh?). We went to Bottle Tree Park after that and my nephew wanted to go fishing but since there were too many people, we decided to leave the place. Anyway, it is a very nice place to be at when your mind is kinked wire. After that went to Woodlands and there is a funfair going on at Causeway Point and passed through Innova Junior College. Gosh! I miss studying! Ate at Rasa-rasa Eating Place. The food there were pretty delicious and the drinks they serve there were special! I drank Mango Shake Snow. Nice! After that sent my parents to another wedding ceremony. This time round I followed them but didn't eat. I brought my nephew to a pet shop and bought him a Barney VCD. Then, Home Sweet Home.

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Friday, May 4, 2007

Assalamualaikum. This week at BRTC was a short one, a memorable one instead. We went to Mandai Training Village where we learnt about shoring and tunnelling. We have to dig holes to make a tunnel where all of us in the platoon can pass through. A lot of digging and unfortunately, it was raining. Mud all over. We have to pass through the bare tunnel and we all got ourselves a "mud bath" . Then, the instructors asked some of us including me, to go twice because we were too "clean". When I came out of the tunnel, somebody said,"Eh dia ni dah masuk dua kali pun masih bersih juga" Upon hearing that, I replied, "Aku masuk tertib bukan macam korang, macam BADAK!" That tunnel is quite small and the reason why I can be so clean is that I am pretty slim and can pass through that tunnel quite easily. Gosh! Soon after that, our dear instructor asked us to take a bath with our uniforms on so that we won't be dirty when we enter the bus that brought us back to BRTC. It was super cold and the driver blast the air-con! Our boots are filled with water and our pouch are full of mud!

Had preparation for the footdrill competition last night. We did our fancy drill. Sergeant Nizar is a brilliant and creative man. He chose a great song for the fancy drill section. Well done! Quite dissapointed to learn that the footdrill competition is being postponed to 18th May 2007. I just want to get done and over with it! Next thing to worry, OC Night. It is something like Dance and Dinner Night. The Dance I.C asked me to dance. Gosh! I just do not know what to say. I will contemplate and see what his choice of song for the dance first. I am not going to do some Lady Marmalade or S.O.S in front of our Captain. I kind of like our Platoon T-Shirt. The scorpion is so nice. Fadhil is a very good designer.

I missed my phone while I was in camp during the weekdays. I am scared to bring my new phone to the camp because I heard of some people having LONG hands. Even though there is a padlock to each locker, I realise that my key always fall off from my pants when I sleep at night. So, I better leave it at home.

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