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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Assalamualaikum. Had 6 days break! But it was a disastrous one. I do not think if it fits to be seen as a "break". Tiring man. I am so looking forward to another break, hopefully, let it be a peaceful one. I just got a message that I have to take my IPPT on the 29th November 2007 morning. Shit! I will be working on the 28th and I am sure I will be darn tired to run my 2.4 km and do my pull-ups. Gosh! And the worst thing is that I have not been running for such a long time. Let's see if I can pass!

I am left with tomorrow to train for it as I will be working on Tuesday and Wednesday. So last minute... That is so ****( dude, it is not bad word!)

Gosh, let me think what should I do for the next leave? Shopping? Movies? Dating? Hahhahaha... Let it be a secret... Biarlah Rahsia.

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Assalamualaikum. It had been a week and a half since I had my 2 blocks leave and now I am having another block leave. I was asked to clear my leave and for now, I am just waiting for the December roster. There are a lot of plans that will be held in December but I still have not given my friends the final say if I am joining them or not. I hate this! A roster that determines my life. Isn't that irritating. Have been chatting with some of the paramedics lately, some of their comment was, "Izwan, you are being too nice... Izwan, you need to be more outspoken... Izwan, you must be more relax" Gosh!

For the first comment, I never take it as a turning point or a thing that I must change. This is not the first time I've heard that sort of comment given to me but I am taking it in stride. I am not going to change it. I believe it is not sinful to be too nice! Even though at times, people will step on our heads when we are too nice but I think that it is fine with me. Step my head for all you can as long at my integrity, my pride, my family's pride are not at stake. I also belive that "YOU GET WHAT YOU GIVE". What Goes Around Comes Around right pal?

For the second comment. I know what they meant. They want me to be more mat, call out more bad words and goes to clubs and pubs with them. Well, that is something I am not going to do and be. I am not going to change for those people. In that circle, I felt out because I had 'A' levels and none of them had. And the problem is that these people think that I look down on them and because of that I sense a certain degree of hostility towards me. Well, I regret this. To be frank, I have never have a thought like that and furthermore I respect them so much, all as elderly. Even the one who is younger than me. Anyway, I do not want to change that manner, certainly no to this but yes to a more mature and sensible man. Furthermore, why must I change for them, I am not going to be in the circle for long. After these 2 years, I am off! In the university, I believe that I will mee better people but certainly there are bad people there as well, at least this kind of problems will not rise.

Anyway, had a few interesting cases after I came back from the long leave. I had my first collapse case(the most emergency case). Collapse is when someone has stop breathing and has no more pulse. What we will do is do CPR and attached the AED pads on them to shock them so that we might be able to revive them. There are super many things that we have to do and imagine how tired are we when we have to do one man CPR from scene all the way to the hospital! Just my luck, I had my first collapse when there is an auditor with me. Gosh! Dup...dap...dup...dap. But thankfully after the whole thing, the auditor did praise me. Thank goodness! Alhamdulillah. Another one was, on Friday. It was my first time going home early. We end our duty around 9 p.m. Usually, I will leave the station, the earliest will be 9.15 p.m. But on that day I decided to leave early to buy my dinner. I left at 8.50 p.m. On my way home I witnessed an accident. Was terrified but I do not know where I got my guards from, I ran as fast as I could to the casualty. To my surprise, it was my own platoonmate. Gosh, asked someone to call the ambulance while I handle the casualty. Moved him to the side of the road and checked on him while waiting for the ambulance. A few minutes later, an ambulance came and it was from my station. Helped them to immobilise his leg and load him up into the ambulance. Wah, so glad that I can be of some use.

Changed the song on my blog again. This is one of the most soothing song I have heard before. It is the OST of the movie Kayangan. Ballroom themed and well suited with Datin Seri Nurhaliza's beautiful voice. Hehehe.

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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Assalamualaikum. Last Wednesday marked my last Hari Raya visiting for the year 2007. Bashirah, Fitria, Siti and I went to Cikgu Ali's place. Again, to one house only. We reached his house at 8.25p.m and left at 11.55 p.m. Had a long chat with him and of course great laughs! ML 'A', a history that I shall never forget. Being someone who used to be in love with Malay so much, I was actually thrilled when I was given ML 'A' as one of my subject for my A levels. Imagine, when I was in primary school, even I scored A for my Malay Language, my Malay teacher in primary school never give me a chance to even hop in for one of her Higher Malay class. Never mind. Later in secondary school, can't blame my Malay teacher because no Higer Malay was offered in Northbrooks Secondary School. So when I made it to JC, I never want to miss the chance of learning this favourite subject of mine with greater depth. In the course of doing so, I also met a few Malay teachers that really widen my view scope regarding certain things that are "Malay-borne" like its people, culture, language and religion. Gosh I miss Innova JC like haven. Maybe no the school, but some of the friends, teachers and of course the life there. To my juniors, please use the time in JC wisely and do take photos and write a diary of your daily JC experience as I regret for not doing it.

Anyway, now I am still in a state of confusion. I do not know what I like exactly. Malay Studies ya, but how far will it take me? Civil Engineering, I must say that I do like Physics but I think the teachers made me hate it... Oh not Mr. Jimmy Teo but my secondary school Physics teacher. Gosh, hate him. Maybe the Physics lecturer in NUS will make me love it like the way Miss Ng makes me love C Maths. I hope I will be able to make a final decision by the last day of University Application next year.

Haizzz. Back to the ambulance tomorrow. Will be working after my 10 days break. Do not really like this break. It is too long I guess and I have no plan to fill it. WOnder who will be my paramedic for tomorrow and what kind of cases will I attend to!

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Monday, November 5, 2007

Assalamualaikum. It is nearing to the end of Syawal. Gosh! So fast... Never, the faster the better and this means my ORD date is getting nearer. Hahahaha. 493 Days to the day of FREEDOM! Anyway, since Syawal is drawing to its end soon, I shall stop playing Hari Raya Songs. Since Deepavali is coming, I shall play this song by Udit Narayan and Lata Mageshkar. I am sure this song will not fail to move your body! A bit cheesy I know, but just for this Deepavali period!

I have been taking quite a number of photos this week. I realise that I have red eyes in almost all the pictures taken with my camera and if the problem lies with the camera, why does my friends who are also in the picture do not have red eyes. Gosh, I think the problem lies with my eyes. Oh and if you are thinking that I am lying because all the pictures that feature me in it in this blog do not show me having red eye, this is because I have already editted the eye.

Apart from the red eye, I find there is another problem with me. Un-fat-able! Why is it so hard for me to get fat or at least look lean. The more I try to eat more than I usually do, the more people said that I look thinner. Oh crap! I miss the chubby me when I was in primary school. Strange, I was fatter in the past but I could run better then than presently when I am thin. Ironic huh? Thinner -> Lighter -> Able to run faster? Is that a mismatch? Doesn't it work this way? I need to get fitter. Told Fitria, Munirah and Siti that I wish I had a body like Rain! A voice like Anuar Zain's. A face like, well I am contented with my looks. Alhamdulillah.

Another thing, don't I look like a Singaporean? I realise that when strangers approach me to ask something or do a survey, the very first question they ask me is, "Are you a Singaporean?"

Anyway, now Siti Nurhaliza is no longer a Datuk. Used to call her Datin but a year after her marriage she got herself a Datuk and now, a year later, she is called Datin Seri Siti Nurhaliza. Gosh! I wonder what will she be called next year!

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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Assalamualaikum. Had a great day today. Love it, love it, love it. Apart from the food, I got to get back and update myself with news from my fellow friends from the ML 'A' class in Innova Junior College. Oh not only friends but also from the teachers. Wah! Had a great time reminiscing when we talked about the memories in IJC. Malay 'A'... A History That I Will Never Forget.

Yesterday went to on Mdm Hani's place but today we went to a lot of houses. First was Siti's place, then Ismail's, mine, followed by Mr. Azahar's, Fitria's, Rafidah and last but not least was Mdm Suhana's. From Siti's place in Boon Lay, we took an SMRT's MPV taxi to Ismail's in Yishun. Then it was bus, bus, bus and bus. After Rafidah, we called for the same SMRT's MPV taxi to fetch us to Mdm Suhana's place.

Let me see if I remember all the food served yesterday and today. Mdm Hani served us Spaghetti, Chicken Curry, Beef Curry, Tauhu Sumbat and Fried Chicken.Today, at Siti's place, it was Fried BeeHoon and Chicken Curry with Bread. Ismail served tasty Nasi Briyani "accompanied" with lots of other dishes like Acha Timun, Beef Rendang, Sambal Prawn, Chicken Masak Merah, Sweet and Sour Fish and Dalca. At Mr. Azahar's house was Nasi Lemak with other side dishes like Sambal Prawn, Fried Chicken, Nuggets, Fishballs, Eggs, and etc. At Fitria's house, it was BBQ Mee. Hahaha. It was actually Fried BeeHoon but she called it so because it was usually served during barbeque sessions. Over to Rafidah's place, we are served with Brownies. Gosh I love this! Then lastly, we were served with Satay, Fried Rice, BBQ Chicken and other stuffs that I did not take notice since I was already super full, at Mdm Suhana's beautiful house.

After that we went to hangout at MacDonalds. We had Milkshakes! Gosh! Love this too! I had Vanilla! The best to me. We talked, bitched, gosipped, and confessed! Hahahaha, but we never hina people, we were just stating facts...Not mengumpat-ing. Then I met Syaza. Oh gosh! I miss this girl and the other 2 like crazy. Miss those fun debating times. Oh ya, Mdm Hani wants me to mentor next year IJC Debate team. oh well, I wil try my best again...

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Friday, November 2, 2007

Assalamualaikum. Met Saddiqi at the mosque just now. It has been quite a long time since I met him. The last time was before the fasting month. Had a nice chat with him as usual. After they prayers, we went to the coffeeshop nearby to have our lunch. I ate Nasi Lemak and Saddiqi had Rojak Mama. After that, we went to a pet shop, Saddiqi need to buy some feeder-fish and terrapin food. I told him of my idea of having a mini bowl-tank with some guppies in it. Aren't they soothing to the eye? Seeing them swim among the plants engender serenity! And Saddiqi taught me how to do it, that's what friends are for. I have Saddiq who knows about plants and food nutrition, Kenneth who knows about good food, Ismail who knows fashion, Saddiqi who knows about keeping pets, and they know me who knows about Datuk Siti Nurhaliza. I am the useless one I guess, hahahaha. Oh ya, I know how to save people! Not so bad.

Anyway, heard a few of Waheeda's and Suhaimi's songs yesterday. Wah, I am mesmerized their songs and soothing voices. Oklah, cannot beat Datuk Siti's voice but still, their voices are special. There are no Western singers who sings like them. I salute them man, more and more singers are trying to sing like Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Marc Anthony and Celine Dion but they are still standing strong in their own stand in having their own stream of songs and no copycats like other singers in Malaysia. Currently listening to Aku...Ana, Sindiran, Di Penjara Zaman, Seteguh Cinta, Pesona Zulaikha, Manusia Lupa and Zapin Zikir. Nice songs... Now, patiently waiting for Datuk Siti Nurhaliza's next album.

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