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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Assalamualaikum. Haji season is here again, Alhamdulillah. Most of the Singaporean pilgrims have made their way to Madina or Mecca. I pray a safe journey to and fro for all pilgrims who are going to be Allah's guest this year, insyaAllah. I hope my turn will come soon. I also pray for Thailand's pilgrims who are stucked in Bangkok International Airport. Hopefully, their journey will be made easy and get to Madina and Mecca as soon as possible. I am really jealous of those who are in Madina and Mecca to study as I get to know from a source that some of them get to perform their pilgrimage as schools are on holiday this season. How cool can that be! Apart from this, they get to perform their solat in Masjidil Nabawi and Masjidil Haram respectively. For those whose family members are going, please dont be sad, I know it is inevitable as tears will definitely roll down our cheeks, but just remember they are going for a good!

Kepada semua para jemaah haji 1429 Hj, saya ingin mengucapkan selamat menunaikan rukun Islam yang ke lima ini. Bagi mereka yang terkandas perjalanannya di Lapangan Terbang Internasional Bangkok untuk ke Tanah Suci, saya berdoa agar perjalanan mereka diteruskan dan dipermudahkan, insyaAllah. Ya Allah, betapa kagumnya saya pada para jemaah ini semua kerana insyaAllah mereka akan menjadi para tetamu Allah di masjid teragung di dunia iaitu Masjidil Haram. Dari padang Arafah lalu ke Muzdalifah, bermalam di Mina untuk melontor tiga jumrah. Padang Arafah... Padang Masyar, tempat kita semua berhimpun nanti. Saya berdoa agar diberikan kesempatan, keimanan, rezeki, kesihatan dan keluangan waktu untuk menunaikan fardhu Haji ini. Saya ada target yang tersendiri, Alhamdulillah, kalau nak kata seru tu sudah ada, tetapi fulusnya masih belum kecukupan lagi. InsyaAllah, tidak lama lagi.

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Monday, November 24, 2008

Assalamualaikum. Watched the film "SEPI" last night with my parents and I must say this is the best movie I've ever watched this year. Better than Kite Runner, better than Sex and The City and even Ayat-Ayat Cinta. Finally a Malaysian movie touched me. Before this, it was Ayat-ayat Cinta from Indonesia. Kudos to Director Kabir Bhatia, Producer Ahmad Puad Onah, Script Writer Zie Cinta and Music Director Pacai for such a great movie. Out of 10, I will give it a 8.5.
The story binds 3 chapters of the lives of Adam, Sufi and Imaan. The moments of loneliness but amidst of it, they realise that God is Great as He bless us human beings with one great thing called LOVE and the best part is Love do not only come once in our life, Cinta tak datang hanya sekali . Apart from the great movie, it also got a great OST sang by KrisDayanti's sister, Yuni Shara. Following, are my favourite lines in the movie...

Sufi: Saya lari ... tak boleh berhenti
Marya: Awak ni lari meninggalkan sesuatu atau awak lari kepada sesuatu?

Sufi: Dulu saya sangka, cinta datang sekali dalam hidup, tapi saya dianugerahkan cinta kedua.
Takdir menentukan kita tak dapat bersama hari ini, tapi saya percaya kita akan bersama
suatu hari nanti

Ean: Bisikku pada bulan
Tanpa dia, malam menemanku
Sepi memelukku
Bulan jangan biar siang
Biar alam ini kelam
Biar ia sepi sepertiku...

Adam: Suzy, dengar cakap saya. Saya tak boleh mengahwini awak.
Suzy: Huh?
Adam: Saya tak mencintai awak. Dan saya rasa kita perlu mengahwini orang yang kita cintai sebelum dia hilang buat selamanya. Saya nak habiskan setiap saat hidup saya bersama orang yang saya kahwin

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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Assalamualaikum. It has been quite sometime since I last blogged about my dear idola Dato' Hajjah Siti Nurhaliza. Recently, she is ranked number 2 after Jay Chou as Asia's Best Musical Artist by MTV Asia. Am really proud of her. For the time being, she is busy with the production of her latest album and up to date, she has recorded 6 out of 13 songs and scheduled to do her photography shots for the album cover next week. I am really anticipating that this is going be a great Traditional Album as the songs are composed by great composer such as Katon Bagaskara, M Nasir, Pak Ngah and S. Atan.
On a sidenote, guys, you can now contact me via my hp. I am still retaining my old number.

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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Assalamualaikum. Before this, I didn't know that we have quite a sum of Islamic portal in Singapore. We have like,, and many more. I love these portals as they are very informative and I am glad that even though in a country so advanced like Singapore, some are still using the technology to outbring and explore the chances in bringing and informing the people about religious knowledge. Great... In Singapore, we do see mats, minahs rep and more often than not, we see them as the typical Malay or even more sadly typical Muslim but I beg to differ. They are certainly not the typical Malay or Muslim.Well, cant really blame the mass as the media potrays the Malay socuiety that way. Haiz, sad right? Once Wardina who herself is an actress said, "I don't understand why the actors and actresses want to dress sexy-maxi-sexy-taxi and all while what they are suppose to do is to be part of media which reflects the society itself". So to what extent does the saying, "The media is the reflection of the society" is true? I think Singapore Malay media is too wayward reflecting the peccancy of the Malay society in Singapore. How I wish suria or sensasi produce something like Ayat-Ayat Cinta or Tain 3T. Not Gelora or even Anak Metropolitan.

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Aku semakin jauh hanyut ke dasar kesesatan
Aku ingin pulang ke jalan yang benar
Mampukah aku yang bernoda dan bernista ini...
Terus dilimpahi berkahnya
Dasar aku manusia yang tidak tahu bersyukur ke atas nikmatNya
Ya Pemilik Alam, aku mohon...
Berilah aku pelita agar aku dapat menerangi kegelitaan
Jalan menuju keredhaanMu
Permudahkanlah ia...
Aku ingin pulang

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Monday, November 10, 2008

Assalamualaikum. Finally got my November leave. How I wish I can bring forward my leaves to next year and "ORD" around 2 months earlier. Anyway, enjoying my leave for now. Went for Diwali Party hosted by Monisha and family. Fabulous food were served and one of them is white Chenna! Played "The Wolf, The Murderer" coordinated by Max. I don't know why I am always killed innocently by the villagers. They said I have that kind of cunning eyes? Do I? Hahahha... And sorry Moon, we had to leave early. Nevertheless, had lots of fun with Monisha and Family and Friends, Ismail, Fazlan and SASHA Fierce.

Just got a call from a paramedic. We talked regarding certain things. I am glad that whatever I felt about this something all this while, she finally realise the difficulty that I have been facing. And now many people are seeing via my perspective. I do not have to complain all the way up to my OC, but I belive one day, people will see and know how I feel. Just do your work, dont let this little nitty gritty stuffs let you off your grip! Hold tight to your faith and be sincere!

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