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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Take it DIVA! She is so GORGEOUS!

photo courstesy of Minaq_Jinggo

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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Assalamualaikum. Finally, I gladly say that I've started revising. There is no turning back at this point of time. It's been 8 long months that I am in Innova Junior College. Exactly 1 year to my 'A' level. I really need to study hard. I am not aiming for good grades this time round. I will just be satisfied in getting promoted to J2. That's the ultimate aim of the Mid-Course Exam. Hope I can scrape through this time round. I am practically putting everything aside and just concentrate on my revision for Mid-Course Exams as it suppose to be my super top priority. Do not want any ceiling hindering me back. Will try my best to fly as high as I could. Wish no regrets.

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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Assalamualaikum. Wow! I must say there is a culture shock when I came back. What? I know, many will say that I was only in Brunei for 8 days but how come I came back with a culture shock welcoming me? Yes, I have to say that the Bruneians treated me extremely well and I am so amazed how the people there treasure our Malay tradition. Such a pity, less and lesser Singaporeans Malay find that our tradition should be uphold forever. BOOM! When I return back to school on Wednesday, Ist period Malay Lesson, Madm hani says, " okay, get ready for your Peribahasa test!" What? Peribahasa Test? Gosh! I just tried my best to do it and I had to resit for the test on the following morning. She also announced,"... Okay memorise all the 80 peribahasa because we will be having a mock full paper 2 on this coming Wednesday..." She continued, "...the Literature srudents, your tests will be on the 4 dramas on this Monday" GOSH! Later during PW lesson, Mr. Teo announced to the class that everybody has handed their 2nd draft of EoM and some even handed in the 3rd one. What? Another big blow to me. I still haven't got hold of my 1st draft as yet. Promos will be in just 2 weeks time and yet, i still haven't prepared a single thing. Gosh! I am so upset about it. I have to peak up. I do not even want to dream me staying back and not promoted to J2 next year. Help me GOD!

I just miss them so much; Hamid(diva from Brunei), Faisal, Hussein, Hanisah and of course the friendly Kamarudzaman. Met with Anita, Syahidah, Kak Guy, (opps i forgot her name) and Khairul. It was so nice to meet Syahidah and Anita after we came back from Brunei. It would be better if Hannah could join us yesterday. Haissh... Syahidah will be leaving on the 30th Sept for London. She will be doing her Honours in BioChem there at Imperial University for 4 long years. Gonna miss her like hell! So lucky of her to get a scholarship from PSC (or PSA?). I am so proud of her. GO Syahidah! You are one of my IDOLS! Anita,Hannah,Siti Nurhaliza you as well.

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Monday, September 19, 2005

Assalamualaikum. I am finally back from Brunei, a beautiful country. I am pretty sad that I have to miss my lovely Bruneian friends. They are very very very nice people. Had a great and wonderful time back there in Brunei. Alright, let me roughly tell you guys about my schedule there:

Day 1: Left Singapore at 9.15 am and reached Brunei at 11.20a.m. We were very-well received. They gave us a warm welcome from them, the Bruneians. They played kompang when we reached the hotel and the media were following us. Had a photoshoot session after they gave us our room keys. Anita had the room all to by herself and I shared a room with Khairul at Room 340. We were divided into 2 teams, one the opposition and proposition. Fortunately, Cikgu Abdoh was my supervising teacher. There was a briefing by the producers and had a welcome dinner at a restaurant. Had a sumptious one that night. Lukman who used to host in Selamat Pagi Singapura was the host for the night.

Day 2: We went sightseeing to Perkampungan Ayer, a Bruneian version of ITE, museums and had a buffet lunch at another restaurant. Sat with Yusnita, Hanisah and the Singaporean debaters. Discussion starts around 7 p.m after dinner.

Day 3: We had discussions and played bowling at 7.30p.m till 9.30p.m. Had dinner at JOLLIBEAN and then headed to the Night Market. WOW! Food Glorious Food! Went to catch a movie soon after that and some ghost story happened to us that night. SCARY! Guess what movie we watched? We still have the audacity to watch the MAID! Brilliant! Promised with the rest that we will shout together but in the end I only shouted once, right Hannah? Hahaha... Slept at that morning and woke up at 8a.m.

Day 4: The Singapore debaters had some problem with JengJengJeng... Hahaha... We were very angry. And more problems seem yet to come. One by one. Luckily, we managed to handle it well, I guess. Yusnita told us that afternoon that we have to sing the inaugural Titian Minda theme song during the recording. The lyrics sounds corny but the tune were just well. Love the song. At night we went to Hanisah's cousin's acara berbedak. A grand event and for your information it is only 1/5 of the whole marriage process. Ya, it is only ONE FIFTH.

Day 5: We had more and more discussions. We decided the allocation of points to each speaker. I was given the task of a 5th speaker and GOSH! It was so much easier to be a debater than the last speaker who have to give comments on the debate and the flaws of the opponent team and stuffs. So DIFFICULT! We were given the title as Ketua Kumpulan a.k.a Team Leader. Hahaha!Then, the guys went to the mosque for the friday prayers. Gosh! The mosque left me in awe. It's so beautiful, gorgeous, breathtaking and scintillating. My goodness.

Day 6: We woke up at 7 a.m and got ready for the recording of Bridging Minds (an English Debate) and University Forum. As for Bridging Minds, Amoz is just SO good! We Singaporeans are so proud of him. Congratulations! He bagged the Best Speaker of the 9th Bridging Minds. We return to the hotel and continue with the discussions and continued on till 3 a.m.

Day 7: We had our recording that day. We had to be at the Radio Television of Brunei Studio at 7.30a.m. Dry-runs again and again all the way till we have our lunch and make-up and hair-do.The recording started at 2p.m and ended at 5p.m. Anita should win the best debater but still, Hamid is not bad. Alhamdulillah, thank God, my team won. Hamid, thanks for the title 'DIVA' you gave me and had a great time on stage with you singing the song Titian Minda with a popular singer there, Fakhrul Razi. Yahoo! At night, we had a grand gala dinner at a 5* hotel with Mr. Yatiman Yusoff and the General Secretary of Brunei(if I am not wrong). After that we went to Jerudong Park Playground. Hahahaha! Had a great, great, great time there. Played the water log 5 times consecutively. Anita, Faisal, Kamarudzaman and me played in the rain and had a long run to the carpark for the bus with no shoes on. Goodness gracious! Had a fun time of my life there. Spent the night there till around 2 a.m.

Day 8: We had breakfast at 9a.m and checked out at 10a.m. What a sad, heart-moving moment we had when we were at the airport. Tears are overwhere. Emotions are in the air. Gonna miss them so much; Hussein, Faisal, Hamid, Kamarudzaman and Hanisah. Our flight was at 12.15p.m and reached Singapore at 2.30p.m. It is just so great to be back here in the sunny Singapore. Had lunch with the Singaporeans debaters at SWENSENS till 6.00p.m Love them so much. Syahidah and Anita are so much like my big sister and Hannah is like my twin sister. Long-lost one, maybe. hahaha! I wonder how we got so close to each other within the span of 8 days only.

Thanks Yusnita, Mak Bedah(our L.O), Hazlinda, Cikgu Abdoh, Lukman, Ezra, Bruneians, English debaters, forumnists and etc who made my presence there a memorable one.

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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Assalamualaikum. I am currently in Brunei right now. hahaha... Brunei is a very very very beatiful place. i love it so so so much. I am staying at Gudong Centrepoint Hotel. Hope you guys are doing well. Missing you people. Went to some places. Oh my gosH! The food here are apparently heaven! Muahh! We are like hot superstars! Everywhere we go, the media is there. Camera flashes are everywhere. Even, our pictures are in the Bruneian newspapers! See you later!

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Monday, September 12, 2005

Assalamualaikum. I will be leaving in 5 hours time. Goodbye guys. Will be seeing you people in a week time. Miss u all and pray for me ya. Should I have internet access at Brunei Darussalam, I'll blog again from there. See you soon.

Kenangku Dalam Doamu...

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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Assalamualaikum. Went to collect the blazer at Peninsula Shopping Centre and met a couple at Azman's Collection. They seem to come from one of the elite families in Singapore. They wish me good luck and wah! I felt so good. Thank you so much. The man asked Mr. Azman how much does my blazer cost and wow! To my amazement, it costs over 300 bucks. Gosh! Thanx SURIA and those who nominate me to represent Singapore in Titian Minda. Later, went shopping around City Hall are. Also, drop by at the Esplanade and they've changed the decorations at the entry grandstand. It's decorated now with scintillating and colourful lanterns all over on the ceilings. Like it, but prefer the glass jigsaw puzzle more than this one.

Read my horoscope today. Although, I never believe in it but undeniable that there are some truth in it. It says "... rest assured you wouldn't have been given this opportunity if you weren't ready..." I guess it has something got to do with Titian Minda. Kak Guy Ghazali won't recommend me to SURIA if I ain't ready. But, am I really ready to take the BIG challenge in representing Singapore? I need YOUR guidance...

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Friday, September 9, 2005

Assalamualaikum. Had band practice from 9a.m till 12p.m in school today. Played a new piece by Eric Satie entitled 1st Gymnopedie. The band will be performing on the 16th September night in conjunction with the Mid-Autumn Festival. Too bad, I'll not be performing with them because I'll be away in Brunei. After band, Fazlan, Ismail and me went to Masjid Darul Makmur fot the weekly Friday prayers and then we headed to Northpoint. We window-shopped till 3.50p.m. Ismail bought a pant and two shirts from O.P and we went to Royal Sports House to see the latest design of shoes and bags. Once I reached home, played with Aisy. Gosh! I do not know how I'll live without Aisy, Cutie, Junior and family by my side for one week. Gonna miss my family and friends and she...

Nita from SURIA called me to inform me that there'll be no briefing before we leave next Monday. Our flight will be at 9a.m and have to be there at 7a.m. Madeleine told me that what if they send me off and come to school late. I have no problem with that but do not want you guys to get into trouble. Never mind. It is the thought that counts right? Have to collect my blazer at Penisula Plaza at 1p.m tomorrow and I think I'll need to do some last-minute shopping tomorrow.

Gosh! Just got to know that Siti Nurhaliza will be performing at Anugerah Era '05 with Hip n Funky concept this year. I'll be missing it too. Sitizone peeps, record her performance and share with me okay?

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Thursday, September 8, 2005

Assalamualaikum. It's been quite some time that I never put Siti Nurhaliza pictures on my blog. Miss it, so here is one. Anyway, Happy Belated Birthday to Khai Siang. After band practice at 12p.m, went to celebrate his birthday at his house yesterday. Hope he really likes the present we gave him. Must wear it ya! We went off at 5p.m and met Touty at Bukit Panjang Plaza and had dinner there till 6p.m. Reached home at 6.45p.m and went swimming following that. Went home at around 10p.m and had a conference with Bashirah, Lily, Idhzuan and Gerald till 2.00 A.M. The rest having Economics Test today, so can't really stay up late.

Till now, I still do not know what's the schedule be like in Brunei. We were only told the motion last week and thought that it was very relevant to the living context of today's society. Still not aware if I belong to the proposition or opposition team yet. Guess there'll be a briefing before we leave next week. Somebody asked me, what if I don't get to go as in they cancelled my name off the list? My answer was "I am very sure that I am okay with it". It is already my pleasure to be invited to represent Singapore in such an event with pure granduer. Anyway, I myself could not believe it when SURIA contacted me and break these news to me because I am truly new in this profession of debating. Should I be debating in the 10th Titian Minda, it will be my second time. Compare to the other debaters, they've already been debating for so many times. Also, on top of that, they have the experience of debating in front of a large crowd under the pressure of strong lightings as well as cameras on a grand stage in Radio Television Brunei Studio. But me, certainly it was a no, no, no situation. Never before!

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Tuesday, September 6, 2005

Assalamualaikum. Had Physics extra class yesterday and head for lunch at Pizza Hut, Causeway Point with my CGmates. Touty, Mervin, Saunders, Shawn and I shared a lunch set. At 1.30p.m, I left alone and went to my sister's workplace at the Bank of China Building, Raffles Place. I love the working environment there. I have to think twice; should I choose to become a psychologist, counsellor, teacher or an engineer? My future career is still an obscure one.

Met the Malay 'A' students and Mdm Hani as well as Mdm Suhana at Clementi MRT Control Station at 11.30a.m just now. We set our way to the National University of Singapore and proceeded to the Malay Studies Department at AS level 5. We were introduced to the Head of Department, Ass. Proffessor Shahruddin and he brought us to one of the tutorial room. He gave us and overall view on Malay Studies that is currently offered at NUS. Got to know that Malay Studies is a subject not about Malay languages but the Social Science of the Malays and the Studies of the Malays as People. At 2p.m, we were brought to one of the lectures at LT12. The lecture was about the Modernisation of Feudalism in the Malay Studies, if I remembered correctly. Gosh! It was so much more interesting than the Physics and Maths lectures. I must say that it is a subject that is close to my heart. Nevertheless, I am still not sure if I should pursue it at NUS of University of Malaya. Time will tell.

This week will be a busy one. It is a "holiday" for me. Not sure what holiday it is because it doesn't seem to be a school holiday to me. On every single day, I'll be in school or somewhere with my teachers. Tomorrow and Friday, I'll be having Band Practices with Innova Symphonic Band. The band will be performing on the Mid-Autumn Festival Night Celebration at Innova Junior College. Was informed that all the performing arts group will be performing that night. Gonna miss all of these. I'll be away in Brunei till the 19th... Sadly, I'll be missing Anugerah Era 2005 too. Hope Siti Nurhaliza will garner all the awards for the categories she's nominated for.

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Sunday, September 4, 2005

Spent the whole of last night outside with the other 4PM's volunteers for the Night Cycling Event organised by Mendaki cum 4PM. Had fun. At first, I felt so out of place but later, I was just okay. Know none of the other volunteers and most of them are ITE students. Not bad. I am actually very delighted to see the ITE students taking the initiative to come to the front and wish to make a difference in other people's lives. Hope to see them again. The cyclist were kids who are "out of the right path" and they had to cycle the whole night from Pasir Ris to Changi Beach and all the way to the end point at East Coast Park. Attitude problems were everywhere. Some were simply rude. However, I felt that this kids have a whole lot of potential to do something great and contribute to the society. Hope they will be guided through the darkest light and the tempest storm of life. This is a reality that sadly, we have to face. If this just continue, I wonder what will the next generation be like. Came home at 9 this morning amd went to the hospital to visit my aunt at Tan Tock Seng Hospital. I slept 0 hour last night and my head is spinning and waiting to burst. Gosh! Hope all this tire will be wash away when I'm able to apply the experience I got from last night's Cycling Event.

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Friday, September 2, 2005

Today is the last of Term 3. Time flies stunningly fast. Hard to believe that I've gone through 8 long trying months in Innova Junior College. Had to deal with tonnes and tonnes of problems, ones with teachers, friends and even with my innerself. Hope so, in due 16 months, I'll be leaving Innova Junior College.

Follow my dear friend to support him at the auditiom for the Chinese Karaoke Competition in conjunction with the Mid-Autumn Festival. He sang a song by Jay Chou. Ms. Amy Choo and Mr. Kyris Ang were the judges of the day. At the end of audition, the other supporters told Ms. Choo that I know how to sing a Chinese song. Ms. Choo asked me to sing, thinking that it was just for fun, I agreed. I sang Yue Liang Dai Biao Woh De Shing by Teresa Teng. Love the song. Intoduced to it by Siti Nurhaliza, the Asian kept-secret songbird. After listening to me, the judges asked me to join the competition but my response to the offer is NO! So sorry judges, I really do appreciate your kind gestures but what a pity, I'll be away on the competition day itself.

Went to send Mirna off at Changi Airport but before that, we had lunch cum dinner at Far Est Plaza but went to the airport via a different day. Mirna, Bashirah, Idhzuan and I took a bus there while Touty, Gerald, Madeleine and Lily took the MRT. The same thing happened again when it is time to head for "Home Sweet Home". Took 858 home with Bashirah and Idhzuan. Hope Mirna will enjoy every secong in her homeland, Indonesia with the presence of her beloved family members. Take care and stay cute ya, my dear friend.

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