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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Assalamualaikum. Watched 'Step Up II' and 'The Leap Years' recently. Step Up II was not as inspirational as I thought it would be. As for 'The Leap Years', just one word to describe the story : Impragmatic! How can you be deeply in love with someone and cancel your proposed marriage with someone that you only met only for 3 times over the 16 years. true enough, people can say that the chemistry and bonding they felt during the maiden date was overpowering but still, in this millenium and not in the match-making era, are you still going to commit your life to someone that you only met 3 times over 16 long years?

Anyway, the indulgence in the Diva cakes with Kenneth, was more memorable than the movie. Chatted with Kenneth like there's no ending to our stories. But it is indeed that I can talk to him about anything under the sun and share with him with what I thought about something that we never share with anybody else. Looking forward to my next outing with him and my other Brooksians! As for my Innovians friends, hmmm only my band friends are in contact albeit not all. Hmmm, my primary school friends, we'll meet again during Hari Raya ok?

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Monday, March 24, 2008

**************************************not suitable for Siti Nurhaliza haters**************************************

Assalamualaikum. OOOOOOh amazing! Alhamdulillah, I am so thankful that I went for her concert at the Espalanade. I wish I had bought a more espensive ticket but it is ok, I can still see and listen to her clearly from where I sat. She premiered the concert in a different manner this time round; with an upbeat song which is Lagu Rindu and Nirmala followed by Siti Situ Sana Sini. Her showmanship got lot better this time round. Maybe her 13 years of her experience engender this. The concert continued with Mulanya Cinta which is composed by Singapore's Dick Lee who is also the composer of my school song(which I never remember how it sounds like).

Then, my favourite moment took place, she sang an English song by Beyonce Knowles. A very meaningful song. "I don't why you love me... And that's why I love you.. You catch me when I fall... Accept me flaws and all..." I love the song so much and I thought her live version was better than Beyonce's live performance but I love both. Datin Seri Siti's voice was so soothing that day. Hahaha, she is one conservative singer indeed. She changed a part of the lyrics, instead of I'm a bitch in the afternoon, she changed to I'm a pain in the afternoon. Then she sang another song from Indonesia, Wulan Merindu. Enjoyed this song... "Bawalah diriku sayang, ku ingin selalu bersamamu..." . Sutramaya came next. Finally I know what is the meaning of sutramaya. It means aura.Very powerful rocky song! And then she went back stage to change.

A very nice black green busana, she called it Ahmad Albab's clothes. Hehehehe. She started the second segment of the concert with her latest song Cintamu. Continued with another Enlish Song, Love You Inside and Out by BeeGees. She told a story and sand Biarlah Rahsia, a very moving song. She kept us moving with her next song, Destinasi Cinta the acoustic version. Then, it was the sad part. Siti introduced one of her fans, who is actually BLIND. Imagine people, many of us start hating her when she put on weight, but this lady! She sincerely loves Siti because of none other than her talent! Talent! I am really moved. Someone who is blind can appreciate someone like Siti, that tells a lot about her voice! I do not understand the society, they hate Siti because she married Datuk Seri Khalid, they hate Siti because she is fatter now, they hate Siti because Siti is covering her hair! Whatever! I STILL LOVE HER! I admire her strong stand, after 13 years of stardom, she never act DIVA-ish once when she should after making the Malay society proud. The first Malay Singer to make a concert at the prestigious Royal Albert Hall, the first Malay Singer to sing at the Golden Horse Awards, the first Malay Singer to sing with a Hollywood Singer, the first Malay Singer who got the title Dato' at such a young age. Even Anita Sarawak whom we declared a Diva never achieved all this! Despte all these great achievements, she is still so down-to-earth and humble. I admire her, I like her, I RESPECT her! Anyway, she wanted to go down to Kak Zarina, her fan who is blind but there was no stairs down the stage so she said something like "Alamak, macam mana eh nak turun. Nanti jadi batman karang..." Batman! Hahaha, she said this because she was wearing a "mega-butterfly" top! Something like a batman "veil". She moved us with Rafeah Buang's Bisikan Hati. She then made tribute to Singapore born singer who is now a big superstar in Malaysia, M. Nasir. She sang the M. Nasir's medley. Made us dance and groove with her Royal Albert Hall's version of Cindai! The she slowed down with Melawan Kesepian. Ended the concert with Ku Mahu!

The concert was a dream come true for me. After 13 years of idolising her, this is my first time making an apperance at her concert. I have my own reason for that. It was superb, and Esplande's theatre hall is great! The sound system and the lighting just set the mood right for Asia's Celine Dion(well not acclaimed by me but by London's papers) concert!

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Friday, March 14, 2008

Assalamualaikum. Went shopping with Nasri yesterday. Isetan Scotts had a private sale yesterday. Thanks to Nasri to invite me to this private sale. Initially, I thought it was only a department that is having a sale, but to my surprise, it was the whole building of Isetan scotts having sale! OOoh great but didn't buy anything eventually. From 10 a.m to 3 p.m we shop in Isetan with a lunch break at Ayam Bakar Ojolali at Lucky Plaza. Then we went all the way to Tampines to have a haircut! We had our first haircut together at KiMage Hair Studio. PM Adrian recommeded us to that place. Nice haircut but with gel, wax or clay! Anyway, I gtg people... Off to Malacca!

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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Assalamualaikum. Haizzz. I just do not understand some people. Never encountered this kind of people before. Seriously, I think the politics at work are driving me more crazy and it is indeed more stressful than to study for my 'A' levels. Their attitude and the way they work things out irk me a lot. One is a sweet talker and a big, big, big idiot. After what he had done to you, you still goes to him and be his pet? He is no one and not even your superior and I must say that he is controlling you. After giving you attitude and doing something childish to you, you still want to be predominated by him. You keep saying that I am forgetting you and he can also said that I forget about you already. Bull shit! You think I want to be like you is it? After what you have done to me, you think I still want to suck up to you? Hey, you are no one! I still remember back then when people ignore and talk bad about you, talking about how childish and how idiotic you are, now I think that what they said about you are nothing but the truth! Now, I can see how you guys are playing the "game" and to my surprise, not only me who realises it but other people and even some of the pms know about the game you guys are playing. God is fair guys, life is nothing but a wheel, one day you are at the peak and on another day, you will be at its nadir. Face it! Play the game like a MAN!

Anyway, I would like to congratulate my 3 dearest juniors, Nadiah, Syaza and Fizah for doing well for your 'A' levels. Proud of you guys! Muah!!!

I will be going to Datin Seri Hajjah Siti Nurhaliza's concert at the Esplanade. Can't wait for it! 13 more days! February 2008 had been a bad month for me. With her concert, with my new clique, with my short trip to Malacca to visit my relatives there, I hope things will be better for me in March and onwards...

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