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Friday, June 30, 2006

Assalamualaikum. There is some technical problem with my handphone. So, to those who really need to contact me, do call my home number. I promise this complication will end soon enough! Gosh I am still up and later I'll be having my Physics Paper 1 at 8.a.m! Gosh! Another blow to me, I just got to know that I'll be having 'A' Level Mother Tongue Oral Exam later a 2.00p.m! Just my luck huh!

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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Assalamualaikum. Just like Siti Nurhaliza, we never expect some things to turn out this way! I mean I never expect things that involve me to end up like this and as for Siti Nurhaliza, just one sentence that she said to the media, "I am in love!", the media spur up things and worst for now!

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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Assalamualaikum. Good luck to all my friends for the Preliminary Exams 1 for those in Innova Junior College and Mid-Year Exams for those in other institutions. I am ready to flunk some of the papers!

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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Assalamualaikum. Problem...Problem...Problem! I just found out that Siti Nurhaliza is heavier than me and she's shorter than me. I thought she look great and walah! Great! But there's a problem to it! If that's the case of she being shorter yet heavier than me, I am in great trouble. I need to gain weight. At least 5kg more, then I'll be in a good shape. Not now... Haizzz... It is hard though with the loads of stuff that I need to study for the Prelim Exam 1.

By the way, I went to Woodlands Regional Library. Thought of studying there but that place is just too occupied. Can't stand people keep walking around. Worst, there's too many Innovians! Then, I just walked off and went back home. I travelled all the way to Woodlands for nothing.

Oh ya, I would like to wish all Dads in the world, a Happy Fathers' Day!

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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Assalamualaikum. Finally, I got rid off my fever, runny nose and sore throat. Alhamdulillah. Met Ismail and Saddiqi at the mosque on Friday. Haizzz but not Saddiq. The last time I saw Saddiq, Saddiqi couldn't be there and now when I met Saddiqi, Saddiq could not make it. Confusing huh? Ok let's forget about it.

Now, I have started on my revision. Finally. No big deal huh? Yup, I knew it. I should have started earlier on but I am sick and stucked with Bahas and other commitments. Now, I am going on a full swing revision. But still, I am on medication and this stupid medicine will cause me terrible drowsiness and force me to sleep. Imagine, I need to take it 3 times a day and everytime I took it, I'll fall to sleep. So, besides the 8 hours of sleep at night, I still sleep like 5 hours or so during the day. Sounds like a pig though but one different is that I don't eat a lot.

I have to forget about getting any 'A's for my Prelim Exams 1. Sad but it is a fact, looking at my hectic, last-minute revision schedule. Last minute work will not suffice and guarantee a pass in any 'A' Level examinations. Hope I'll not flung it and get a total fail.

Life is just so complex. God is just so Great as in to create this world. Though He created people and things that I hate but these are the factors that make me stand strong till today. Actually I love the people I hate. They are the one that make me see the other side of the world and refrain me from being like them. I owe them a big time for this. Great! Thank you yah. Actually I never hate the people themself but just the things that they do and say. To the people who hate me, I am so sorry for whatever I have done or said. Really, deeply from the bottom of my heart, sorry!

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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Assalamualaikum. I am totally shagged and experiencing the bahas-withdrawal symptoms. I am sick now. Having a bad sore throat now and a terrible runny nose. I just hope it will not escalate to a fever. I think it is because of the few hours of sleep and rest that I get from the camp. Just imagine, in 3 days, I slept less than the required number of sleep per day. I am just so energy-less (if there's such a word) now.

Now, everything is back to normal. I need to get back to my academic stuffs and start my revision for my Prelims exam 1. I want to do well but will be able to do so seeing the number of hours I spend to revise and study. Gosh! I am only left with 2 weeks of holiday and now I am sick. I must really crack my head and pray well.

I will try my best to just stay at home and rest to enjoy this much left of the holidays.

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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Assalamualaikum. Bahas...Debate...Bahas...Debate... Some asked me why I like debate so much. Some even think that I like it because I am good at it. Sorry, I beg to differ. It is not the case. I like and love it because of the process of preoaration and research that I learn a lot. Just within a few days of preparation, I learn a lot and the best thing is that I learn more in that few days than in 2 months of GP class be it lectures or tutorials.

Bahas 4PM 2006 which took place at the Temasek Hall, National University of Singapore has really open my eyes wide. This year, we managed to go up to the semi-finals and stopped there. Well, we were agaianst Madrasah Wak Tanjong which is last year's Champion. What amazed me most is that i am in a team of great and crazy people. you would not want to know what we've learnt from each other and what we did up to 3-4 a.m every night during the camp. I love my team that comprises Shaza, Fizah and Nadia. They were reall fun to hang out with. Different personalities that blend into one great one. I do not wish to say out the results of the debates that we took part in. Let it be a secret until the day comes and someone annnouced it to the school. The school put an aim for us and which is the semis. Well, we made it to the semi-finals. Hopefully, next year it will be the final. Good luck to Madrasah Wak Tanjong and Temasek Junior College for the finals! Oh ya, special thanks to Hilwa and Bashirah for being the only 2 friends that support me during the debates. Also to Mdm Hani who have been superbly great in helping us.

Hahaha... I did not know what is so cool aboyut me that I won the Most 'Cool' Special Award. Mardhiah from Madrasah Al-Ma'rif is so cute and she is naturally like that. Like her voice and she got the Sizuka's Voice Award. Anyway, Madrasah Al-Ma'rif left the greatest impression in me for being and leaving up to the expectation of a madrasah girl. Well done. I like debating with them. They played a 'clean' game with us.

Well, this is my last year as a debater in Bahas 4PM and I am glad that the girls made it a spectacular and a memorable one. I just love Bahas 4PM to bits. I will bring it to greater heights. Now let's the pictures tell the story...

More pictures will be coming up!

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Monday, June 12, 2006

Before I wish to blog about the Bahas experience, I would like to post the pictures that I took when Bashirah, Hilwa and I went to watch X-Men III at Suntec City.

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Assalamualaikum. I am just back from Bahas 4PM 2006 and I am very tired now... All I can say for now is that I am in LOVE!

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Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Assalamualaikum. Gosh! I am really sad because I missed this year's Gentarasa. But never mind. I'll watch it next year! Had to go to school just now for the Campus Forum by Radio Singapore International. The ocassion was graced by Mr. Hawazi Daipi. I thought it is something that should be done more often as in the sense it involves the J1s and J2s. It is really sad seeing the J1s and J2s not really close. They should be really good friends. I am glad myself that Mdm Hani got me involved in this year's Bahas 4PM ( Debate ) not for good holistic report that I'll get by the end of the year but because it involves 3 other J1 students. Really felt happy because the 3 other members are fine and nice to get along with. Had a great laugh with them during our meeting just now. It turns out to be a laughing session but I thought it was okay. Once in a while it is good to digress and build the rapport between the group members.

Walked around the school just now and I am only left 148 days before the launch of my 'A' levels and leave the school. Not sure if I'll miss it or not but definitely I'll miss those beautiful moments I had in Innova Junior College. The friends there too...

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Monday, June 5, 2006

Assalamualaikum. My feelings right now is just concocted with happiness and sadness. Firstly, I am sad because I am sick now. Gosh, had migraine last night. I can actually feel a vein of mine buldging and I can feel the undulating pumping of my blood. Urrgghhh! It may sounds scary, but once you feel the pain, you'll just ignore it. Hahahaha... Sad too that we lose to Millenia Institute in the debate.

But, but, but, but I am also happy. Although we lose, our total marks still qualify us to the next round which is the Quarter Finals. Also, Kak Guy came to me and told me that I put a good show. Alhamdulillah. Also, I managed to clinch the Best Debater Award. Although I was really scared in the beginning as people will surely have a high expectation of me and what if I do not manage to put up a good show... But I think I did! Thank God!

Now, I am looking forward to the Quarter Finals. Gosh! Like the previous round, we are facing another problems. All the 3 other debaters are involved in the Liteature Camp part of the MLEP until the 10th June and on the 10th June itself, we'll be having the Quarter Finals. And I have to travel to and fro to Nacli Campsite to train with them. Gosh! That'll be tiring but I guess it is a commitment that I have to give. It is a responsibility that I have to shoulder, no matter how hard it is, it is my RESPONSIBILITY!

Sometimes I wonder how some people can just ignore the responsibility that are left on their shoulder and making other people's life miserable. And my life is one of them. It is already miserable enough and I know how unbearable the pain is and I do not wish to let other people feel the same way I did by not being responsible.

Gosh, I am so sick! Do you know ho long I take to complete this entry? Just to share with you guys... It is 2 hours! After typing a few sentences, I will close my eyes and rest for a while before I continue typing... The worst thing is that I still have not sudied for my Prelim Exam 1.

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Saturday, June 3, 2006

Assalamualaikum. Holiday? Gosh, it is not for me. I think it even more hectic for me. This week, I went out everyday without fail. Next week, I already have plans up to the 3rd week's Monday. Fully booked! Every single day! Gosh, when will I have time for myself?

Actually, I want to write about something but I forget already... Gosh! I will be debating tomorrow. Guys, pray for me... Spare some luck for me!

By the way, the World Cup will be taking the world by storm in just 6 more days! Good luck to England, my favourite team... Although I am not a great fan of soccer but still, I do watch the world cup. It is only the group of matches that I watch. Presenting to you the current icon of Soccer. Hope I can be an icon one day...for something good!

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Thursday, June 1, 2006

Assalamualaikum. Had a great, great, great time just now with a group of my classmates. After the Physics lecture on Physics of Fluids, we went to celebrate Zul's birthday. Then, we left for Swensens. Another cake for us but this time round, we had ice cream cake. Hahhaa... One of the staff there asked us who's birthday is it that we are celebrating, since Saunders birthday is the nearest from now, we decided to give it to him. What a surprise when the guy started to clap his hands and singing a birthday song. Without much hesitation, we joined him too. So paiseh!

After so much discussion made, we decided to go to K BOX for a stress-releasing session. For this one, I really had a great time. We sang a lot of songs. When we reached there, we were a bit shy and nobody dares to sing but then Madeleine and Ying Ying decided to start the ball rolling. They sang a few Chinese songs and then, I had a duet with Saunders for the song That's what Friends are For. Then Shawn took the centre stage with some Chinese song. Then, it's Calvins's turn. He sang Better Man. Hahhaa... Then Saunders, Clavin and I sang Can't Take My Eyes off You, I Believe I Can Fly, My Baby You and our best piece for the day, Unbreak My Heart. Then, the girls took it back with another round of Chinese song. Some of the songs that we sang When You Believe, Breathe Easy, Hai Pa, Tong Hua, Me and Mrs. Jones, Bukan Cinta Biasa, Gu Dan Be Ban Qiu, Back at One and etc. Finally, Calvin, Shawn and I left at 6p.m. Madeleine and Ying Ying continue to sing till 7 p.m I think. Wow, some of my classmates can really sing! Looking forward to another session! hahahaha, no I am not hooked!Anyway, thank you guys for brightening up my day!

Gosh! The debate is this Sunday and I am still not quite prepared. Gosh! I am scared. Spare my some luck guys!

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