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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Assalamualaikum. I am so busy nowadays. Contradictory isn't it. It is holiday and yet I am down with so many things. Oh ya! To my band friends I am so so so sorry because I can't join you guys for the movie - X Men : The Last Stand this Friday. I have something on which is none other than Bahas (Debate Practice) at school. Would love to go to the Grand Cathay with you guys but too bad isn't it. Anyway, I got a free ticket to the movie screening at Suntec City. It is given by the JobFactory a.k.a BrightSparks!.

I have not study a single thing yet. Worried for my Prelims! Oh sheessh! I am not feeling well too. Can't focus on anything that I try to do. Bad day huh!

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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Assalamualaikum. It is just great! I went to the briefing for this year Bahas 4PM. I get to meet some Bahas icons like Kak Guy Ghazali, Kak Rahayu Mahzam and the other bahas peeps I got to know last year, Shibly, Khairul, Azri, Siti Fairuz, Suhaila and Syifa'. Great. Got to know the j1s in my team a lot better now. They are nice people. Thought that I will have a difficult time talking to them but voila! It just turn out to be amazing. I don't know if it's me or them. Oh ya, we already got the dates and the motion for the debate, so do check it out at the Prasasti Nova blog ya. The people were like asking me, wouldn't I be stress with debate, exams and all but I just smile. Don't really know how to reply, so just present them with a sincere smile. Now, my concern is that two of my team mates will be involved with the Pre-University Seminar which is held from 29th May 2006 until 2nd June 2006. Then on 4th June, I'll be having the debate. Don't know how we going to pull through.

Lately, I am so crazily into this song, Bad Day by Daniel Powter.

Well you need a blue sky holiday
The point is they laugh at what you say
And I don't need no carryin' on

You had a bad day
You're taking one down
You sing a sad song just to turn it around
You say you don't know
You tell me don't lie
You work at a smile and you go for a ride
You had a bad day
The camera don't lie
You're coming back down and you really don't mind
You had a bad day

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Friday, May 26, 2006

Assalamualaikum. Gosh, need to rush to sleep. Tomorrow I need to go to Eunos Community Centre for the briefing of this year Bahas 4PM Inter- JC Debating Competition. Gosh I am really anxious about that and tomorrow, we will know the motion for our debate and the opposing team. Really scared and hope I can work well with the other team mates that I've never talked to or even debated with. Wish me luck and pray fo me!

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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Assalamualaikum. Have been going home late since Tuesday. Had the investiture practice on Tuesday and yesterday, band practice. The investiture yesterday went well. I thought the spotlight was on Mrs. Naidu when she gave a speech. I thought her speech was better than anyone else that did during the Investiture, Ignesco 2006. It was impactful and touching. There were some councillors whom I don't even know they are one. That goes to show how much they have contributed to the school as the concillor who heads the IJC Parliament. I just hope the burning passion of those promising leaders will not die out until they step down next year. Oh, Ian also gave an interesting speech but was no better than Mrs. Naidu's. Right after the Investiture, I went to the Music Studio for band practice. Gosh, I still can't play the running notes in Doraemon. I just feel giving up on Band but never. I feel that, as a senior, I need to show a good example to my juniors. Don't wish to be like some reckless senior... No matter how great the torment will be, I will still stand strong as ever. So far, praises have never been the one that have kept me alive and torment have never called my life to its end. Never! The one that is still keeping me alive is Him. Why should I bother how other people thinks about me but not how He thinks about me. Something for me to reflect.

Anyway, had the most productive and fun Physics lesson with Mr. Jimmy Teo yesterday. He's a great teacher. He used a drama concept to teach us Quantum Physics. He wants us to be all rounded and wants to integrate aesthetic values into the teaching and understanding of Physics. Interesting! Will post some photos that I took during the drama directed by Lily and I later.

General Paper Exam is tomorrow. I am still unprepared and will try to prepare for it tonight. I though it is really a rush. I felt that they should push it to next term too. If now, our mood is geared to the examination mood, it might die out soon by next term or vice versa. Might as well put it at one go. Gosh! I am really scared for the Prelim Exams 1.

Oh ya, Ms. Yeo came to talk to us today during the PCCG period. It is so nice of her to drop by to check on us and still bother about us even though she is still on medical leave. I am very dissapointed with some of the students. It is indeed a nice gesture by Ms. Yeo to come and talk to us, hence, we are "obligated" to show her some respect while she is talking. However, some rude and childish people choose to ignore her and start a new conversation among themselves. Dissapointing! Sincerely, I am touched by Ms. Yeo's action and will bear her in my mind and take her as one of my motivation to study hard!

Gosh! Still have Bahas 4PM (4PM Debate) to think about after my General Paper tomorrow. When will all this stop! When my life reach its expiry date, I guess! Now, I don't even have the time to listen to Siti Nurhaliza's songs to distressed. I am just jaded! Miss her songs! Never mind, I need to reprioritise my life! Siti Nurhaliza songs now relegated to the few backseats. I will not proliferate this stress level of mind and allow it to perpetuate in my life. Will rid it off my life soon!

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Monday, May 22, 2006

Assalamualaikum. I found out something about myself yesterday... My STRESS-reliever. As you all know, each and everyone of us has a unique way to relieve the pressure that are pressing our emotions down. Ahahaha... And my way is to ... Listen to Hari Raya songs! I know you all might think that I am crazy but no, this just work its way for me! Well, when I heard one yesterday, a sudden trepidation of joy that rush up into my nerves and smiles are all over my face... I love it so much! Ok, I'll showcase on video clip and if you have the time, do watch it. Once you have watch it, do tag me and tell if it helps you calm down and does plunge your stress level or not. Also, Lisha, this video clip features your favourite comedian, Saiful Apek. Do enjoy it! Oh shesssh! Now, I am thinking about Hari Raya. How will this 18th Hari Raya of mine will be? Only You will know.

Had a tiring day at school today. The same banal cycle! When I walk pass through the LIBRARIA and look back at the campus, I suddenly feel the love and sense of belonging to Innova Junior College. Do not know why doe this feeling comes only now... I must learn to accept the school the way it is as how I expect people to accept me. Oh ya, the school now has a panel outside the General Office that shows the countdown to our 'A' Level.


To my classmates, I really regret that things would turn out this way. I really miss the old S27 but what can we do... Things have happened. Now, we must look forward and seize every chance and opportunity that pass through us. Don't let the problems that we are facing now to hinder us from seizing the golden opportunity that will only knock once. Time will not wait for me and do make the best of the short remaining time left for us to be together as a class. Just one reminder that I would like to put as the paramount matter now, Never go to the perilous tracks created by the DEVIL who will left his/her detritus and have you guys to settle it and clean the mess up by yourself. Don't let the Devil ruin or mess up your life. Look forward for a better day. Whenever you have problems, do come to me and never ever think that you guys are disturbing me or bothering me. Don't you think the responsibilty of a friend is to lend a helping hand and listen to your problems. If you see me as a responsible men, do come to me. In the dictionary of friendship, there are no terms such as 'SORRY' and 'THANK'. Dear 05S71, look at the pictures above and reminisce back those moments we are happily together. Don't you miss it? Don't you wish things aren't complicated as it is now? Save the relationship please!

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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Assalamualaikum. Had a great time last night. Went to Lower Seletar Resevoir to celebrate Kelly's Farewell party. There was like a jetty facing the sea and the lights from Malaysia(I think). It was like a kampung. You will not get to see the kampung unless you go down from the walkway. Very secluded. It was a very good escape. Love the view. Very scenic. Oh ya, I would like to bid farewell to Kelly and wish you the best in your future endeavours in Melbourne. Once you reach there, dont forget me and the others ya! I'll try my best to keep the day free to send you off at the Changi Airport. You are very lucky and I wish that I can be like her. Leave Singapore and travel to other countries. You will be in Monash University and after 3 years, you will be off to work while I'll be still serving my NS. Haizzz... Sweet Melbourne! But never mind. I will work first and then go overseas for a year or two...Maybe to Dubai or Switzerland. Not to Paris cause I'll reserve that lovely land for one special occasion. It has been a long time since I met Kenneth, Melvin, Robin, Siew Feng, Grace and Siew Jun. Had a great time!

Oh ya, met my long-lost best friend, Shuhada with her boyfriend. Wow, can't believe that she's still with her boyfriend that she had first started the relationship since Sec.1. Wow, 5 years already. True love! Strucked by another love cupid... AHahahha... Another love song, I mean. This time, a Japanese song, Koibitoyo (My Love).

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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Assalamualaikum. I think that I have drifted too much from my genesis(origin). I am not a human that I am supposed to be. Someone who has been given a chance to live in this world. Sometimes I do regret for meeting with some people. Ah... I shall not regret. I know whatever happen, happens for a reason. Don't cry because it happen but be happy because it has been engraved in the history of my life. Whatever happens, I'll just take it as a trial from God and I am very sure that God will never test the human with problems that are beyond his/her ability to handle it. I am just tired... I want to put DOA-Siti Nurhaliza video by YouTube to remind me constantly of Him.

Dalam termangu
Aku terdiam
Mengimbau masa lampauku
Andai aku bisa mengulang semula
Takkan kubiarkan kisahku ini bernoda parah
Hampa, aku tidak mampu berbuat apa
Kecuali mengharapkan hari-hari indah
Yang bakal menjelma
Di suatu kala

Ketika cahaya menjadi penyangga ceria!

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Friday, May 19, 2006

Assalamualaikum. Had Sports Day just now in school and congratulation to Rasalas for being the Champion House for the Track and Field Events. Also, Congratulation to the Cheerleaders of Taurus House for emerging as the Champion Cheerleader group for 2 consecutive years. Special credit to my litlle cute friend, Genevieve, who has been practising so hard and even injured her leg during the pratices and even could not sleep well due to over-excitedness (is there such a a word?). Hahahahahaha... You did a great job girl!

Heard this song, Ingin Mencintai dan Dicintai which means Wish To Be In Love And Be Loved. Although it is of a contemporary rock genre, the song is still packed with meanings. True meaning of love. One just want be in love for his/her own happiness. He/she wish upon happiness for his/her partner when they are in love. Nothing more, just happiness. I am not sure why this few days I am affected by love songs. Eh..People, I am not in love yeah but maybe the people around me who are in love just affected me. Love is contagious!

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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Assalamualaikum. Just finished reading about the Greek Mythology and the Gods. Interesting, I must say. I only read about the Olympian Gods and not the Titans Gods. Mayble later or soon, I'll read them. The Gods of the Olympian are the popular ones. That includes Poseidon, Zeus and Apollo. I can say Zeus is the almighty one there. Almost every God in the Olympians family are linked to him. Wow, he can even outrun his own Dad, Cronus. Hahhaa... Tomorrow is the Innova Junior College 2nd Annual Sports Day. Looking forward to it. May Taurus rules the house!

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Assalamualaikum. How I wish sometimes that I can tell the one that I heart for that I love them so much. Yup, that is only if I can. It is really heart-breaking to see the one you love walking pass you without acknowledging you. If you are lucky enough, they will just smile. Oh my love, love, love... Oh, I guess I better stop it because it sounds a bit mushy. Looking at some of my secondary and primary school friends whom I've grown up with, now have a loving companion, although I've never expected them to find a partner so soon. Haizz...

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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Some people think that when they take 4 'A' level subjects, they are clever enough to show attitude and be rude to those whom they thought they are able to undermine, the 3 'A' level students. I am not referring to all 4 'A' level students but just to some BIG-HEADED ones! Anyway thank you, because you have motivated me more to underscore you! I never expected that my happiness that's with me since last Monday to end today by the bloody, idiotic, rude 4 'A' level students... Maybe you have scored well in your Maths, Sciences and Languages but you have certainly failed your Moral Education test! Shame on you!

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Assalamualaikum. It is Wednesday today. 9 more days to the General Paper Prelim Exams 1. Gosh! I need o revise for GP! Why? Because I've forgot how to answer to Application Questions. Gosh! Now waiting for band to start! Today will be my second last band practice in JC. My feelings are a bit mixed up, concocted with sadness(will miss the band) and happiness(finally I can go home eraly on Wednesdays and Fridays like my other friends).

Charged Particles look easy to me when Mr. Phang gave us the lecture on it, but when I tried doing the tutorial, it wasn't easy as I thought. Now, I have to revise on it. Mr. Teo talked to us regarding our revision routine. The "model" revision routine as being described by him is pretty hectic. I know I should not be saying this but I just have so many commitments now and cannot follow his routine. Maybe I'll start doing that after my Band, Debate, Forum are over!

I am motivated now but it is just that I did not have sufficient rest and slept late almost everyday. Also, I do not have the time to really revise for the Prelim Exams 1. Give me until next week and I will start my engine and run full swing once the holidays come.

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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Assalamualaikum. Shissh! I thoygh I would only need to stay back latest till 7.30p.m but have to slog at school up to 8.45p.m and reached home at 9.30p.m. Just nice and on time to watch the last episode of DIA. Yesterday, the ineterview went well. A bit overwhelmed with the response from some of the Juniors but it is in a positive way. I can forsee that the band will continue to prosper under the helm of theirs. I really hope that we will be passing on and leaving the band in good and safe hands. I cannot deny the fact that I will miss band. Band alone has really taught me alot. It is one of the major things that I'll remember forever whenever I think back about Innova Junior College once I have left the college. Back to the interview. The interview actually clear some doubts and can say that most of the Juniors are speaking from the bottom of their hearts and thank you so much for being truthful! Anyway, Good Luck for the Results during the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Moving on, had a great P.E lesson today. Glad that my timing for my 2.4 k.m run has improved. Alhamdulillah. I don't intend to complete NAPHA befor the holidays. I would like to train during the holidays. Hopefully by then, I'll be more ready and able to produce better results. I am actually quite happy for my Physics and Maths. Oh ya! My maths tutor told us that some students asked her the difference between the students in Innova and Hwa Chong and she shared her answer with us. She said, " It is not that they are more clever than you people but they are more efficient. Sometimes they also never do their tutorials because they are also busy with CCAs and other stuffs but whenever we(teachers) give them time to do their tutorial during lesson time, they really use the time to complete it" Then she said that one of the students in Innova Junior College who are like the students there is me. I am not being big-headed or something. I am just so thankful to her. She did the same thing what my Sec. 2 Maths teacher did which is to boost my confidence through their gestures and I am really thankful for that. I don't take what Ms. Ng said as a praise but more of a motivation. Now, I am really motivated to do well in my studies. Thank you Ms. Ng. Hwa Chong student? If Hwa Chong Institution students can do it, I do not understand why that of Innova Junior College can't.

Happy with Physics too. Now, I understand Analogue Electronics which seems so vague to me when the lectures on it ended. I think, I cannot focus during Lectures. Therefore, I need to utilise the time during tutorials to clear my doubt and learn. Looking forward for tomorow's Physics' Tutorial on Charge Particles.

Another 05S71 Class gathering this Friday after the Sports Day... Watching The Da Vinci Code... But I want to watch poseidon first! Hmm... Will see how.. Will ask around and check the review of it!

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Monday, May 15, 2006

Assalamualaikum. I am currently in school now. Waiting for 6.30p.m to come for the J1s Band Exco Members. Firstly, I want to wish all the J1s good luck for the interview.

Well, yesterday was a very happy-happy day for me. Although it is a day not for me because I am not a mother, I still felt appreciated by the mothers around me. Even at the brink of the night, they still remind me of education and wish me the best for my exams. I am so touched. Actually, my aunts and cousins want me to be a Doctor. I am sorry to turn them down. I will not become a doctor since I do not take Biology at 'A' level and it is apparent that I will not take it at the University. Never mind. I will not be a doctor but I will work hard to get the salutation as doctor as in I will study till I clinched a Doctorate. Hahhahaha... I will be known as "Dr. Muhammad Izwan"... Or Professor? Hahaha... Just wishing! Anyway, any success begins with a dream! Dream Big Dreams!

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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's Day to all Mothers in the world and specially to my mother, grandma and sister who have been great mothers to their children.

Children are seen as gift and blessings from God to a couple. However, I think it is a blessing from God that we have you, Mothers who guide us through all our way. Never made known to the world how we can ever pay back whatever you beautiful souls have done for us; the sleepless nights that you have spent by our sides, the pain you bear during delivering us to this world. Never, ever can be done.

On the birthday of Prophet Muhammad, came one of his friends to him wishing him a Happy Birthday. Instead of being happy and elated, he became sad. Why? It was because he did not want people to remind him the pain that his mum bear during his birth into this world of reality. The pain that can never be outrun by anything except DEATH.

Mum, you are the greatest Creation on Earth!

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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Assalamualaikum. Went to Geylang Serai yesterday. Ate 3 different kinds of Malay desserts and Mee Maidin. Mee Maidin was just so-so but the 3 desserts were excellent. There are Badak Berendam, Bubur Suji and Bubur Somsom ... Love Malay desserts. Guys, you must try one. After Geylang Serai, we headed to EXPO for the Wedding Exhibitions organised by MegaExpress and the METRO Expo Sale! Shopping! Shopping! Shopping! Yesterday was more of relaxation day! Today, I guess it will be more tiring because I'll be travelling till night to shop again. Hahahaha!

Watched the trailer for 'Poseidon'. Love it. Poseidon, The Goddess of the Sea. Wow! A bit tragic. Nothing psuedoistic about this film. Looks REAL! I think this movie has alot more to offer than Titanic. It is like Titanic but I think Titanic + Tsunami = Poseidon. Yeah! I think I'll catch this movie soon. Another movie in mind is the "VOICE". Another Korean movie but it looks great. Scary! A bit thrilling. Mission Impossible is seriously a NO to me. Not because that it is action-packed but I just don't like such aimless movie that contains no message at all. Seriously, no offence.

Enough about movies! Now, about my plans for the last day of my break this week. Hmm... I guess I'll just rot at home and finish all my assignemnts. Especially GP. Talking about GP, I've watched the JC Student Saga at the Youtube! It is a video taken at Raffles Junior College that animate a teacher scolding her student. Over the board, but I thing she's putting effort! She wants her student to wake up as 'A' Levels are drawing near. You know, it's strange that such scenes happen in a top JC but rarely in such mediocre ones like Innova Junior College, it never happens. It is hard to accept and you mist feel distraught when you are being shamed on front of everybody in the class but remember, when you've achieved a good result, who actually do you have to thank to? Isn't it your teacher? Different teachers have different approach in making and knocking some sense into the students. As for this teacher, she scolds like mad and it is for the benefit of the student. Think again, why is she wasting her time and energy on the student when he is nothing to her. He's not going to determine her pay; a rise or shrinkage of it, he's not going to determine her future; he's not her child who's going to take care of her when she grows old. What intrigues her to do this? It is her RESPONSIBILITY. She is indeed a responsible teacher. A teacher who takes pride in her students well-being and performance in studies. It is not like she's being unreasonable or what when she scolds her student or finds joy in doing it. Sometimes, I do wish for a teacher like her.

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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Assalamualaikum. Choosing the new exo members for the Band is really tough! I just do not know how to do so. Whatever it is, we will decide by next week.

I've regretted once coming to Innova Junior College. However, I'd like to take those words back. I do not regret at all. Everything happen, happens for a reason. In me coming to Innova Junior College, I am sure there are blessings in disgusise. One of them is that I got to represent Singapore with the help from the college. Also, I've learned alot from the college, not only from the teachers... I've learnt things on friendships, love, stress, different kinds of people in the world and etc. Actually I am glad that I am here in Innova Junior College. I am just so thankful!

Now, I want to make my last few months in Innova Junior College more worthwhile. I just can't be bothered with what other people want to think of ME. This is the real me. Like it or hate it, so be it. This is me. I can't change myself just for you unless you are someone who is special to me.

Finally the holiday and weekend are here and time for CELEBRATION! Oppsss... Rest, I mean.

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Tuesday, May 9, 2006

Assalamualaikum. During P.E today I did my 2.4 km run. I thought it was so much than the past trials. Maybe, all thanks to my new beloved Adidas pair of shoes. I must say that the traing after that led by Ms Chua was really tiring but I am happy. At least I am training and trying.

Went to Sembawang Park yesterday with my family members. Wow! I love that place so much. Maybe one day, I shall go there alone and do a thorough self-reflection. Also to relax this hectic mind of mind. I miss the tranquility and serenity that there was once in me. Sadly, now... It is gone. I will try to invoke that beautiful moment... May it come again!

Didn't watch DIA last night because I was very determined to finish my Maths Tutorial 34 however, I didn't get to finish them all. I am still left with 2 questions undone. During Maths lesson just now, I started doing my Maths Tutorial 35A. Next up, I want to redo my Physics Tutorial on Alternating Current beacuse it looks untidy. Maybe I'll do it during this long weekend. Now, I am going to do my Analogue tutorial. I really hope that I can do well this time round. Prelim Exam 1 is coming real soon and I still have not started revising. Need to buck up!

Well, today during the Civics period, the school has invited a group of speakers from the Thumbs!Up to talk to the J2s regarding stress and how to deal with them. Pretty useful but the "knowing myself" part wasn't that effective. They asked us to choose 8 words from 16 words that are subdivided into 4 main categories. I had two groups 3 words that come from the same category and I didn't know which one I belong to. Not really true about myself. Just like Emergenetics, this things just can't tell about my true self. Only me, Muhammad Izwan, can tell and define the real me!

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Monday, May 8, 2006

Assalamualaikum. I am just thankful for everything. Alhamdulillah. I just do not know why but I am feeling satisfied and happy nowadays but I am aware that this will sooner or later lead to sadness. I know. Life is just like none other than the tyre that will always rotate. At once, you are very happy and contented but at another, you'll just feel as if you are at the nadir of the world. I just hope I will be able to perpetuate this current feeling on mine forever. Haizz... I just have to be thankful for everything He showed and gave me! Alhamdulillah. I want this happiness of mine be eternity but in restrospect, I still desire sorrow that will definitely make me a better person.

Hidup penuh bicara
Ada benar ada dusta
Langkah demi langkah
Ada tenang ada resah
Umpama roda
Berputar masa
Begitu juga yang tak kusangka

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Sunday, May 7, 2006

Assalamualaikum. Yersterday was a reflection day for me. I tthought and still think that I should be happy with what I have now. If I had improve the situation and things, I am sure that everything would have been so much better now. However, I know well enough that there is no use of regretting. Whatever happen, happens for a reason. I believe that all these that happen are part of God's plan for me.

Yesterday marked the end of the Elections and I congratulate to all those who have clinched victory. May Singapore be a better country in the future, but less stress please!

Now, I got the dates for Bahas 4PM and the National Youth Forum. They do not clash and that means, I can go for both the extravagant events. At first I thought, the NYF is only a one day event but it spreads through the period between June to September. Just to share with you guys the highlight of this year NYF is that the participants of the NYF will be having a TEA Session with the President at the ISTANA. Argghhh!!! I love this but don't be duped by this. There are more gruelling tasks that we will have to do. Also, this year's NYF will end a t high note of DANCE & PARTY. Wow! Having party with the elites Singaporean. Interesting. I must take up this challenge. Izwan, remember that you will be having your PRELIMS in September... Gosh! That is really got to be a peak period for me! Nevertheless, the things that don't kill me, will only make me better - Chanel.

Also, finally, Tranksripsi has been officially launched and I am very happy for my idol. Even if she's going to be married to an old man, that is all fate. I don't care whoever she's going to be married to as long as she is happy. Whatever her decision will be, I will be supportive of it. Yesterday, MTV ASIA AWARDS has stormed through Bangkok city at the SIAM Paragon. Congartulation to Taufik Batisah for garnering The Most Favourite Singapore Artist! Yeah, I've voted for you...It is my victory too!

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Friday, May 5, 2006

Assalamualaikum. I am tired but things just have to go on as per normal. I have no power to retard the activities that are happening around me. It is really, really, really alarming that I have not started revising for my Prelim 1 Exams that will be coming so soon. I really want to start now but there are so many other things and commitment that I have to deal with. I know, studies is my main priority but at the same time, I can never neglect my other priorities too including family, friends and most importantly religion. Now, I received an invitation from 4PM who wants me to represent them in the National Youth Forum. I am still comtemplating whether should I go or not. I am aware that I must not let go this kind of golden opportunity but at the same time I am aware too that if I go for this forum, I have to commit myself and do some preparations. I know that my school, Innova Junior College will never give me this kind of chance as this will only go to the councillors who are "good"... I tink I must grab this opportunity... Should I? Should I not? Remember, me in a NATIONAL Youth Forum?

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Thursday, May 4, 2006

Assalamualaikum. I am just so sick. Flu, ulcers, fever and sore throat... But still that P.E teacher of me asked me to run 2.4 k.m. Alhamdulillah, I still survive. Had a terrible night yesterday. Could not sleep because of my blocked nose; can't breath the normal way. No choice but to breath through my mouth, uncomfortable but I just had no choice. I just do not kinow how longer can I keep up with the flu and fever. I am okay with the sore throat... at most I have no voice to talk, but the flu and fever just make me feel so weak...

To a friend: Don't ever regret whatever you've done and things that have happened, happen fo a reason. Sooner or later, you will realise the reason. All these are blessings in disguise. Don't ever give up in life. Don't be stupid to cry day and night for someone like ***. *** does not deserve your tears... There are more other men out there who are thirsty for your love, care and attention. Brace yourself up and face the world with greater strides! One advice to you, listen to your elders, be it your grandparents, aunties or uncles and most importantly, your parent. If *** needs attention, go to hell. Every single human being in this world needs attention, regardless of its degree. *** is just being selfish and unfair towards you! If he think he needs attention, what makes him think that you don't. I hope you will come to realise that *** is evil and so crappy! Petty little ***

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Wednesday, May 3, 2006

This is another lyrics that accentuate the story of mine ... I am hurt but there are no agenda for any revenge! Sincerely, truthfully, I am hurt!

Lautan Yang Berapi
Daratan Yang Berduri
Bagiku Bukan Musibah
Malahan Hikmah Berharga

Katalah Apa Saja
Yang Jelik Penuh Dusta
Kau Bebas Warnai Diriku
Di Minda Yang Kelabu

Siapa Diri Ini
Tuhan Yang Memahami
Amarah Dan Kecewa
Hanyalah Bara Membakar Jiwa

Sungguh Pun Ku Terkilan
Terguris Perasaan
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Monday, May 1, 2006

Assalamualaikum. I am really tired now. Yesterday's BBQ was the best and most successful class gathering ever. 21 out of 23 people from our class came for the gathering. Also, Faiz came with Zul. So sweet of her to come and help out. We started the barbeque at 4.45p.m untill 11.00p.m. Zaheerah brought her delicious Mee Siam and Shawn brought the tantalising Almond Jelly with Longan. I love it so much that I ate 3 cups of it. Thank you so much to Gerald, his mum and his maid for ordering for us the Otahs, marinating the chicken, buying the sweet potatoes, potatoes, corn, hotdogs and crab meat. Touty too, for buying the nutella, bananas and apples for the bbq. Thanks also to Idhzuan and mum for making the Satay for us and the most important one, Khai Siang for booking the pit at his condominium. I am really happy that it went through smoothly although we ran out of charcoal. At night, Gerald decided to play the water game. One picks a number and then if another person guess it correctly, he or she will be splashed by a cup of water. Well, I did not know how come I became so "CLEVER" to guess all the numbers correctly. I was totally drenched last night. Luckily, I did not catch a cold but I think I am having sore throat now.

Not enough with the barbeque, the class felt that we need further bonding and we did. We went to stay overnight. Ying Ying, Bashirah, Lily, Touty, Mirna, Shawn, Jun Jie, Idhzuan, Zulkiflee, Tian Chong, Saunders, Gerald, Khai Siang and I decided to watch a midnight movie which is The Art of Seduction. I must say that we learn quite a bit on how to seduce our partners. I love the show so much. Kept laughing all the way and the actress is so pretty! The movie ended at 3.45 a.m. After that we decided to walk from Cineplex all the way to the Esplanade. Enjoyed the night walk. I must say that the walk really help us to be more close and strengthen the bond among us. I was totally crazy last night. We did duck walk, sprint and dance along the way to keep us awake. Laugh, laugh and laugh. I love it. Night life is a total alien to me. I don't spend my night outside especially in town. Learnt a lot about Singapore's night life; general knowledge. We reached the Esplanade at 5.00 a.m and we thought of going to the Merlion but saw a group of drunk men fighting near there. So we decided to just laze around near the Stage by the Bay and gaze the beautiful stars. At 6.00 a.m we went to the bust stop. The fist 857 bus is at 6.38a.m and Ying Ying and I decided to take 171 instead with Gerald, Zulkiflee, Mirna and Touty. Finally, I reached home at 7.20 a.m. Slept from 7.30a.m to 2.30p.m.

Tired but still, I am happy and satisfied over the memorable and successful gathering yesterday and this morning. I hope the class has benefitted from the gathering. Go 05S71 and soar to greater height as a class!

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