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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Assalamualaikum. Gosh! Tried to play Amporito Roca at band practice just now and gosh... it was so difficult. The introduction was like 25 running notes and all are made up of different notes...some suppose to be sharp and flat. Gosh! My mouth is aching right now. This is a challenge for me...I'll take it! By the way, congratulation to my dear friend, Ismail for... for me and him to know and for you to find out. Adios...

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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Assalamualaikum. A personal "Thank You" to Saddiqi for sending me most of the photos that we took in the past and those taken during the chalet. Gosh! I can see distinct difference in those pictures that shot me many years ago and that of recently. 3 years ago, my wish was to grow fatter but instead, I grew slimmer 3 years later. Now my wish is also to grow "meater" and hope I will not grow slimmer in future. Hahaha... I realise that the slimmer I got, the uglier I am. So, have to grow FAT before next year. Wish I can come to school next year with brand new image, brand new personality (for the better) and the brand new attitude. Will that be a challenge? A great one it will be. Haizz, with my current appetite, the task will definitely be more gruelling. Take for yesterday, my first meal was at 5.00p.m. Goodness gracious.

Discovered a Korean singer. Wow! He can dance really well. The voice was okaylah. Not as good as Siti Nurhaliza, I must say. Hahahaha! You people gonna kill me soon if I keep relating and comparing all the singers with Siti Nurhaliza. Hahaha... Obsessed! Back to the Korean singer. His name is Rain. Rain? His dance moves were superb. Michael Jackson of the new era. If anyone got his music videos, care to share with me ya. Especially the one entittled "It's Raining"

Went to Orchard Road last week. Wow! The lightings were awesome. Especially the one near to Plaza Singapura. It is like raining lights. You get what I mean? There were strands of light bulbs hanged onto the tree branches. Love it. Forgot to snap some photos of it but I'll go there soon.

Got to go and read the music notes and get ready for tomorrow band practice. Mr. Lim is going to go through our mega performance pieces. Oh, I got this one. Amparito Roca, a Spanish number. Shisshhh! I got the "Howls Moving Castle", a Japanese piece and tenor saxophone got a solo part. 1/3 of it will beTenor Saxophone's solo part. After hearing that, I was like..." Oh so what! There'll surely be other Tenor Saxophone players in my band that will be performing at Esplanade" Oh and there goes Mr. Lim again, "Oh ya Izwan, you are the one and only Tenor Saxophone player in the band..." and I go " What! Are u kidding?" Gosh! This WASBE thing is already giving me jitters and what is more with this kind of confession. 1/3 of the song? Mind you! And it will be performed at Esplanade Concert Hall and people will be paying $11 for this and guess what's expected from me? Gosh! Perfect solo part! In addition, the sound quality is superb there in the Esplanade Concert Hall and they will hear clearly each and every note that we will be playing and what's more the soloist. Gosh! I am gonna be mad over this.

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Monday, November 28, 2005

Assalamualaikum. Alright! 4 of my agendas are finally over. Fiesta Aidilfitri, Band Exchange, Innova JC Open House and last but not least, The Chalet. Hahahaha. Had Band Exchange with Christchurch Secondary School last week. They were pretty good. I miss being in a big band which I used to be in when I was still studying at Northbrooks Secondary School. Hahaha... The kids were funny. Childish but cute in a way. We played Blue Ridge Sage, Bravura, Eye of the Tiger and finally the Cold Winter's Night. We sounded good with the Christchurch Band. Actually, we wanted to play Doraemon but due to time constraint, we were not able to do so. They got 2 Malay Saxophone players. Wow! That's great. I've yearned for playmates who are Malay. Not being racist or what, but I just want to see my fellow Malay peeps in the same league as me.

Next was IJC Open House. Had 3 booths to look out for. The Malay Language Elective Program's, Symphonic Band's and Malay Cultural Society's booth. Had fun running up and down to attend to these booths although it was super tiring. Hahahaha... Malay Cultural Society got the most popular booth and we got a Swensens Voucher worth of $100. Got my share but gave it to someone esle. I am just sick of Swensens food and ice-cream. Had a lot before that so did some charity by passing it on to someone else. Hahaha...

The Chalet was a BIG Boom. Had a great, wonderful time with the Brooksian peeps. Unfortunately, I forgot to bring my cameras. Took a lot of never-done-before pose photos. Melvin, Cassandra and Saddiqi, please send me the photographs as soon as possible yah! It's been a long, long, long time since I've met some of that. Some was during the release of the O-Level results. Really long. Ismail, Kenneth, Saddiq, Saddiqi, Cassandra, Alaina, Kelly, Kai Long, Melvin, Robbin, Siew Feng, Xiu Jun and Darric. Miss you all! Went to Wild Wild Wet on the second day. Wow! I was really excited about it. The Samsung Turn up Slide was... Walah! Superb. Can't stop laughing after doing it with Kenneth. Shouted my lungs out with the rush of adrenaline. Gosh! Love the Ular-Lah to bits. The Yakult Proffesional Playground was hell fun! Love it! Did a few more stuffs there but it's for me to know and for you to find out. Now my body is aching all over and my skin is peeling soon... Just imagine, the scorching hot sun gave no mercy.

It has been quite a while since I post an entry which is philosophical. Will be working on it soon. Watch out!

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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Assaklamualaikum. Finally one of my largest agendas for this holiday is done and over with. It is none other than the Fiesta Aidilifitri. I must say it was a pretty good job done by many. I am glad, even though there were few technical glitch that can't be avoided, we still manage to run the show pretty well I must say. I was the host and my formal partner is Nina Sabrina. The other two informal one was Ricca and Ahmad. Surprisingly, I wasn't quite nervous at first until the part where I have to sang with Munirah. Gosh! Many came and dress their best. Wish that I could give all these people presents for their great effort but unfortunately, there was only two presents were out for grabs. The Raya mood was so high that I felt it was 1st Syawal. The food was nice too. For the sake of those who missed this great thing that took place in Innova Junior College's Hall on Tuesday,22nd November 2005, Munirah was my singing partner and we sang Satu Hari Di Hari Raya, Iswan sang Anugerah Aidilfitri with Ricca, and Den did a great job with his Balik Kampung. The Musician Club boys and Aleeya sang Dendand Perantau, Seberapa Pantas, Mungkin Nanti and Selamat Hari Raya. The Malay Dancers dance to a Javanese number entitked 'Joy'. Oh ya, and I wore 3 pairs of Baju Kurung... Gosh! Now I know that it is difficult to run the host's costumes closet. No results for the competition were not given to us but I still have to announce it here. Den is the winner for the singing competition and Maisarah & Yamin won the best dress for the two categories. After the event, headed to K Pool with Yamin, Ismail, Fazlan, Nabil, Izyan and Hafiz. Although, it was my first time, I thought I did quite well, right Mr. Yamin (my teacher) ? Fazlan, Ismail, Izyan, Hafiz and Yamin were the pros and Nabil and I were the newbies... We looked great in Baju Kurung playing pool isn't it? Hahahaha... Oh ya, by the way, thanks for all the praises and all. Let's not talk more...and let the pictures tell it all!

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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Assalamualaikum. It has been awhile since I last blogged. Wow! The last was on last Tuesday. Hope everyone out there are doing perfectly fine. Holiday has officially started but it seems that I am not going to have any. I am "booked" on almost every single day. This holiday, I have so many agendas lined up for me.

This week was horrible. There wasn't even a single day that I reach home earlier than 10p.m. Worst, yesterday or rather this morning, I came home at 3 a.m. On Monday, went out to school and then got something on. On Tuesday, went to school at 7.00 a.m and then went to 4PM but got lost. I ended up in Marine Parade instead of Eunos and reached home at 10.30 p.m. The next day, left home at 7.00 a.m and straight after school went to 4PM till 11.30p.m to settle some logistic matters for Saturday's Community Leaders' Foum Exhibition that was held at Singapore Expo Hall 2B. Same thing happens on Thursday. On Friday, it was the P.O.P talent showcase. Gerald won 1st place and The Trios (Yassin, Zul and Idzuan) won 3rd place. It was dominated by 05S71. Great! I am sure that Mr. Teo is very proud of us. Later after that, ate at SWENSENs. The winners treated us $5 each. There were Madeleine, Tian Chong, Melissa, Calvin, Khai Siang, Gerald, Zulkiflee, Idhzuan, Yassin, Touty and Bash. After that, headed back to school for rehearsals with the hosts for Fiesta Aidilfitri. Soon after that, left school for Singapore Expo Hall 2B to prepare for the exhibition. Went home at 11.45p.m. I was all alone at home. Everybody was out of town. Slept at 3.00 am and then woke up at 8.00 a.m. Went to school for Band practice and then left to Singapore Expo...

The Community Leaders' Forum Exhibition was all okay although it was a abit alien to me. I've never approach people whome I do not know but I did it at the exhibition. I make a lot of new friends. There were the 4 finalists of Anugerah and Adi Rahman as well as Shah Ibrahim being the hosts for the day. It was very tiring. Had to stand from 3p.m all the way up till 6.00p.m and I ate for my first meal of the day at only 10.00 p.m but I wasn't hungry at all. Ate Cheese Roti John with BBQ Sauce and Bandung with the rest of 4PM peeps. Gosh! Perfect. Had fun and laughed a lot after the supper. Sorry guys, I cannot be a good Daddy. Hahaha! Don't know how to act like a gangster. Hhahahah...

After that went to Saddiq/i's Open House. Gosh, eat again. They served me tonnes and tonnes of food. Had a lot to catch up with the twins and that was why I would not want to miss that chance. Dragged myself to their house and stayed up till 3.00 a.m. Cik Maria and husband being the good hosts, prepared different kinds of food and drinks. Yummylicious! They were so sweet to send me home untill the *th floor. Initially, they wanted to send me to the doorstep but I kindly told them that it was perfectly okay and good enough to send me to the *th. Thank you so much Saddiq/i and family for the warm welcome and comfort. Hope to see the both of you at the chale next week.

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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Why am I still holding back my tears?
In this loneliness there's nothing left to fear
Every chord still seems a wonder
How we could be together
Everytime I ask if this would be the last

Why am I still talking to myself?
Hoping you will have the keys to my cell
Every song might calm the weather
But it just draws me deeper
How do i get out of this
I think... I never will

Endless Road
Lin Jun Jie

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Monday, November 14, 2005

Assalamualaikum. I am just lazing around in school now. Got nothing better to do. I am just stucked in school and got nowhere to go. Band’s banner making session is at 2.30p.m later and the Fiesta Aidilfitri's rehearsal will be at 3.45p.m later. Gosh! I never thought that I could be busier than this after the Mid-Course Exams and the grueling Project Work. Haizzz... What a reality that I have to face. Wanted to follow my family goes to my grandma's village in Malacca but I have the Community Leader's Forum to attend to at the Singapore Expo Hall. So sad. I badly want to go far away from this hectic life of mine to some hideaways where I can reflect and calm myself down before the next rip-roaring chapter of my future starts. I just hope that I’ll be able to do so before the curtains are opened for the brand new year of 2006. Met one of my cousins yesterday and she asked me if I will be able to teach her daughter. I'd love to teach that beautiful relative of mine and I just can't help it but to refuse it. I am just super busy and longed for a special time for myself and my loved ones. When will that time come?

I've been reading so many happy lovely stories but unfortunately, they don't belong to me. I think it is time that I should focus on myself rather than to do so on other people. Hack care about them. "Don't look around but just focus to keep yourself safe and sound". Create and as well as relish my experience. I am so excited and scared too to wait for the day to come. Will the same thing be happening again on that day this year? Anxious. I want it to happen so much but at the same time, I wish it has never happen. What a contradiction... Haizzz...

On another note, I think that I've changed. I am no longer the demure Izwan I used to be. The common comments that my primary and secondary school teachers penned on my reports card from year to year is "Izwan is quiet by nature... Izwan has a gentle demanour". But now? I am very sure that many won't believe that but it is the hard truth. I want to be that old 'Izwan'. I should be more reserved. I do not know what has happened to me. Need some time for my self-reflections...

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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Assalamualaikum. Left house today at 2.15p.m and met Latha at Yishun MRT Station. Went to Boon Lay to meet the rest of 05S71 at Boon Lay with her. Oh ya, on the way there, there was this Indian guy who kept looking at Latha. Maybe he likes her. Yeah, our Ms. Vasantham in her Punjabi suit. Reached there at 3.10p.m and only Touty, Mervin, Zulkiflee and Faiz was there. Had to wait for the rest and finally, we went to Zaheerah's house at 4.30p.m. Long waiting time yeah? Ate the Mee Siam prepared by her mum and chit chat till 5.30p.m. Then, head off to Zul's house. We were received by his cute brother and stayed there till 7.30p.m We ate Nasi Lemak there. Gosh, I was already full. Watched the latest Power Rangers series with his two little brothers. Then, in the midst of nowhere, Calvin suddenly asked, " Why got no advertisements huh?" Hahahaha... It was a VCD, mind you Calvin... Hahahaha... Gerald cliqued so well with Zul's 4th brother. Next, it was Yasin's house. The "TUPAC Rebirth" , that's what I called him. Ate Bee Hoon Goreng there and had Bandung drink. Gosh! My favourite! Stayed till 8.20p.m and moved on to Bashirah's parent's house. Her parents ordered pizza for us. So sweet and kind of them. Stayed till 10.00p.m and later proceeded to her grandma's house. Watched some show at MTV Channel. It features these 2 disgusting guys that did nonsensical stuffs that no one can thought off. Lastly, it was my house. My cats were the main attraction. Hahaha... My mum cooked Bee Hoon goreng but the guests were too full. Haizzz... It is oklah. Every single house, the parents have kindly prepared something special for us. So touched. We ended the whole thing at 11.50p.m. Wish they could have stayed longer at my house but I understand their situation. Some stayed at Yew Tee, Woodlands, Newton, Bukit Panjang or even as far as Boon Lay. So nice of some of the S71 peeps to spare some time off from their busy schedule to join me in the S71 Hari Raya de Tour. Should organise something like this for Christmas and Chinese New Year as well as Deepavali too.. Let's see, who'll take the initiative... My main motive of doing this whole thing is to let the non-Muslims to taste the feeling of doing Hari Raya trips and visitting Muslim houses during the festive occasion of Hari Raya. Just wanna let them see how we decorate as well as celebrate our house for Hari Raya. Oh ya, not forgetting to taste the different cookies, cakes, tarts made specially for Hari Raya. hope every single one of us who joined the S71 Hari Raya de Tour has enjoyed the whole thing and left with a special memorable moment spent with their cgmates. And to all the S71's Muslims, hope this will be the most memorable Hari Raya tour with your friends. One of the best thing about this gathering is that, we got people who never turn up for class gathering have finally show up during this class gathering and luckily, nobody throw tantrums. Thank you all! They are... Madeleine, Lily, Gerald, Latha, Zaheerah, Mirna, Bashirah, Touty, Idhzuan, Yasin, Calvin, Zulfiflee, Faiz, Mervin and Saunders .. As the organiser, I would like to apologise if there is any mistakes or wrongs that I've done or any other insatisfaction with the way I've organised the trip. looking forward to more trips...

S71 Spirit!...Keep it high!

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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Assalamualaikum. First of all I'd like to address the matter that someone has brought up. For your information, that picture wasn't take closely, it looks small and focussed because I've cropped it. Also, about the triple-size nose, I've editted it using Adobe Photoshop. Just want to have another dimension of me. Even the eyes, I've editted using Adobe Photoshop and don't think that I put on tinted contact lense! It is such a waste that after 10 years of education, that you don't have respect for your friends. Maybe, if you want to have your look more like a moon, just tell me and I'll be more than eager to make it a moon with the stars around it with the help of Adobe Photoshop. I am pretty sure that many know about photo editting but unfortunately, you are still outdated and left so far behind. For your information, many of those who read my blog asked me about you. Popular huh? YA, popular because of how rude you are and how you treat your friends without respect. I think Poly is doing you bad. After going to Polytechinc, you've seemed to be more rude. No offence.

Had my PW Oral Presentation just now. Well, things went smoothly, I guess. I thought it was pretty rude for one of the assessor to sleep during the presentation and heard that he also sleeps during other presentations too. I think he should be banned from being an OP assessors in the future. Nevertheless, Ms. Lee was good. She paid full attention and asked relevant questions. Maybe, we are not that lucky to get Ms. Fong and Ms. Goh to be our assessors. I had an audience duty at their venue and thought that they did a great job. Simply great!

Had a few words with my group members after and before the presentation and didn't know that my words were really touching that it moved someone's heart and cry. I felt like crying too. Although that I am pretty glad the PW is finally over, being the group leader, I felt that I've learnt so much. Glad that my group members appreciate my effort in keeping the morale high till the last few seconds of my presentation.

Thought I cpuld go out with the Malay Literary Association friends to go Hari Raya Tour but sadly, school impeded me to do so. Came home late and couldn't join the rest. Sorry guys!

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Sunday, November 6, 2005

Assalamualaikum. Wow. Yesterday was really an Aidilfitri de Tour. It was super tiring but enjoyed myself throughout the day. Spent meaningful and joyous moment with my relatives till the end of the tour. Although it was pretty tempting to see those yummylicious food and thirst-quenching drinks in the first-half of the tour but it was okay to me. Tempting ya, but I just don't succumb to it. I am not that weak. Discovered something yesterday. Guess what, my waist size is even smaller than my cousin's whom I thought was just as slim as me but then I came to realise that I am thinner than him. Gosh! Can anyone give me any tips to how to gain weight. I cannot take it anymore. I need to gain weight urgently!

This Thursday will be my Oral Presentation. Hope everything will be fine. Tomorrow will be going to my secretary's house to do a dry run of our OP. Things are getting more firm up now and hope by the time we present, it will be a close-to-excellent performance. Nothing can be perfect right. Oh ya, tmorrow will be having a meeting with the Community Leader's Forum at the 4PM headquaters at 7.30p.m. Hope I'll not be late again. Where shall I break my fast tomorrow yeah? Errrmmm... Oh ya, it is near to Geylang, maybe can go to Hajah Maimunah Restaurant for another feast. Let's see!

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Friday, November 4, 2005

Assalamualaikum. I would like to make an announcement to all that Fiesta Aidilfitri 2005 will be on the 22nd November, Tuesday and not 26th November 2006, Saturday. Due to inevitable circumstances, we have to change the date. Tickets are on sale. The posters will be up real soon. Do catch it on Innova Junior College's school compound.

It was super tiring yesterday. The day went pretty smoothly, fortunately. I love Hari Raya songs. They are really lovely but the new songs aren't great as the old songs such as Satu Hari Di Hari Raya, Sesuci Lebaran and etc. It was so nice to meet my beloved family members whom I've not met for months. Planned with Zulkifli just now to invite the whole of 05S71 to join us in the 05S71 Hari Raya Tour on next Friday. Hope they will be free.

School today was just another boring day. We had our 2nd last Oral Presentation rehearsal. I thought my group did better than last Wednesday. There is always room for improvement. Will make sure my group does our best we can on next Thursday, hopefully. I am listening to a jazz song. Not sure where it comes from. Hahaha... Nice... Jazz is a very pretty genre of music, I must say. It just sinks into your heart and play with your soul. Oh ya, my journey to school today was so nice with Endless Road plugged to my ear throughout the journey. The lyrics are just beautiful.

Just came back from the Singapore Management of University. Only the top 30% of the JC1 were invited. Me? Top 30%? I think they make a mistake for that. Don't think so I belong to the top 30% category. Lower 30% maybe? Hahaha... Anyway, the talk was insightful and we were even given the chance to opt to go for the Advanced Admission which is something similar to the First 3 months thingy in JC. Unfortunately, I am not interested because I have no Economics background and my Maths just sucks. Ya, only my A1 'O' Level Maths will save my face. I am disappointed with my 'C' Maths. Heard that one of my friend who is now in Meridian JC got 95 for his 'C' Maths. Strange ya, his Maths was just the same standard as mine, and sometimes I even got better marks than him for Maths. But now? What happened to my Maths? Has it gone to Heaven? Just hope I'll buck up next year. The "Maths" glory is over for me. No more A1 but a D or even worst, fail. Will the glory come back to existence once again?

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Thursday, November 3, 2005

Assalamualaikum. Had my 1st PW Oral Presentation rehearsal yesterday. I am pretty dissapointed not with my team members but rather myself. I felt that they were good and giving their best shot despite the fact the some problems surfaced a few hours before our OP. I know they did their best and I know we can put a better show on the day itself. Hope so. And I discovered a BEAUTIFUL song today. Endless Road!. I am so moved by the song. The song really tell the story of part of my life. I kept replaying the song. Sorry my PW members if I've gone crazy over the song. Hahaa!

Yeah, Hari Raya Aidilfitri is finally here. Had a hectic day yesterday. Was helping my mum at the kitchen and to prepare the house for this festive occasion. Can't bear to leave all the chores to my mum so I decided to help. I would like to take this opportunity to wish all a Selamat Hari Raya Minal Aidil Walfaizin Maaf Zahir & Batin and also to my Chinese and Indian friends, Happy Holiday and I apologise if I've done or said anything wrong. I've got to go now. Will be uploading some photos... Let it speak for itselves... Enjoy!

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