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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Assalamualaikum. Wow... Time flies really fast. From 30 days to Hari Raya on 5th October 2005, now it is only 3 days to Hari Raya. Pretty sad that I've not been able to fully grab the awarding points stored for this holy month of Ramadhan but what to do, I can never the the clock back in time. Sad. All thanks to the abundant of school work.

School is just so so so so boring. JC life can be so hectic that you don't even have a room to breath and sometimes can be so boring that you just wish to forward the time to next year. Haiz... Life is just so unpredictable.

Watched Baginda by Aziz M. Osman just now. It was a nice show. It inspires me from different aspects. Should I become a teacher one day, I must hold on to this... " No matter if I teach a winner or a loser, it is still within my responsibility to lit the torch of their passion" Success starts with a dream. So, no harm dreaming.

Just finish editting my Oral Presentation slides with the different templates, fonts and colours. Currently, got 39 slides but got to cut down to ... maybe 35. Hope everything will go on smoothly next Wednesday when we present for the first time in front of the class and both my Supervising Tutors.

Aristotle: What is a friend? A single soul dwelling in two bodies. Hey, this reminds me of the sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Love it so much. It tells so much about a life with a friend. What about my story, will it be a beautiful one?

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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Assalamualaikum. Yesterday went to catch 'Skeleton Key' with some S71 peeps... I really like the show and I'll give it 3.5 stars out of 5. Kate Hudson is amazing. Next movie on the list will be Harry Potter. Went to Geylang after that. Wow! Khai Siang acted like a foreigner. Hahaha... I think yesterday was the day when I ate the most. Let me see what I ate Kebab, Bandung, Mee Kuah, Carrot + Orange Juice, Putu Piring(gosh this is nice) that melted in my mouth and a pinch of Pappa Roti, Char Kway, Roti Naan. Heavenly Delicious! Haizz... I am such a bad eater. Wish to have appetite like... Jason maybe.

Gosh! PW is so gruesome. Miss PW in my secondary school. Asian Cuisine, Brook and the Boat Quay Projects. Fun! They were fun but this one. Only fun at some moments. I realise one thing in my group, every single time we had meeting, there'll surely be one people who lose their mood and gives disgusted looks. But me? When will be my turn to do so? Haizzz...Yeah that is a Leader; you can never lose my temper or mood. You should be the one encircling the group within our focus and try to favour everyone including the teacher and also forever trying to keep the beat up. Never mind. Only 2 more months to go and that is it.

MT 'AO' paper will be on next Monday. Not scared, not because I am confident doing it but the results determines nothing on my final 'A' Level Certificate that I’ll be getting next year. No matter how I fare for it, it has nothing got to do with my final result. Met Leonard and Jian Ming yesterday. So nice meeting them. It's been a long, long, long time since I've met them. Leonard, Wei Lun and Lester are doing well (really well I mean). When will I be getting results like them? Miss the glorious time I had in Northbrooks in the past.

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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Assalamualaikum. I was so busy the during the past few days. Let's talk about what I've did and encountered the past few days. Let me see... On Sunday, stayed at home and helped my Mum to bake cookies for Hari Raya that is coming real soon. Wow. I just enjoy the moments when my family spent together while baking the different cookies. Although this year the experience going to be different without my dear Sister and Grandma and with new presence of my dear nephew, Aisy. Yup, it is going to be new. Later at night, went terawih that I've missed for so many days. Love the feeling of serenity and peacefulness at the mosque. Although spent 2 hours praying and praying, I feel that I was blessed by God by giving me the chance to do so.

Later on Monday, what a bad day! I am so pissed off by someone who never thought that I am a human being with feelings. Should she think I am no one, me too. She's nobody to me. I am nobody to you and you are nobody to me too. I just do not wish to see her face anymore. Enough, you don't deserve any respect at all. Okay let's not talk about this and let my blood peak up its temperature. Later PW, I was pretty moody. Not angry with anyone but just simlpy moody. Did the posters for the Fiesta Aidilfitri poster. Guy and girls, give me your comments ya. I know it is not proffesionally done but I've already gave my best. Next on the list is to get the brochures done. Promised with someone to go to 4PM's headquater but she could not make it. Never mind. Met Kak Suhaila and the rest of the comittee members for the Community Leaders' Forum thingy and the meeting turned out well for me. Went home with Mahsuri(if I remember his name correctly) and he really enlightened me. Learn one thing from him, " If you make my job easy, I'll make yours so too," Yeah, that is true. Reached home at around 11.40 p.m and slept around 1.07a.m.

Today, my day went smoothly except in the morning while walking to the school when I exploded. I know I should have not say those words but it was just urghhh...the unbearable feelings inside just have to come up. I don;t think I shld not bottle up my feelings on those nitty gritty things. Should just let it out. Today, I've talked to someone that I've never done so to before and yeah I did it. Although I was pretty reluctant but for the sake of Fiesta Aidilfitri, I did so too. Yeah, finally my brother-in-law is coming back home today after 6 months away to America, China, and what country is that? So many countries he've visited. So lucky of him of getting a chance to do so. Kind of admire him. My sister surely gonna be so so so happy to meet her dear husband after so long. And Aisy, gonna see his dad finally. So cute of Aisy...

*most probably, these will be the posters you people will be seeing in school. must come for the fiesta adilfitri okay. Got food, performance, competition and etc...surely gonna be a lot of fun, only if YOU are there

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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Assalamualaikum. I am so sorry to those that I've offended with my previous entry. I really really really do not want to scold or insult anybody. It wasn't meant to beg you people for an apology but it was just the pouring of my feelings (did i put it the right way?). It was out of my mind to offend you people. No, no, not. That wasn't my intention. I was so angry and I thought my blog is a good place to express my heartfelt. That is all. No other motives.

Yesterday was Innova Junior College's 1st Annual Sports Meet. Fun, not spectating the event but talking to my friends. Had a great time chatting with Fazlan, Yamin, Calvin, Khai Siang and Tian Chong during the event. Strange huh. This is the group of people that you don't see me often talking to. Trying for some change. Changes are good for the brain you see. Don't you think so? Wah, Mr. Teo can run really fast. As for Mr. Chen, not surprise lah. He's good. Oh no, not good but REALLY good. Congratulations RASALAS for being the Champion House for the Sports Day. I wonder which house will eventually emerge as the Overall Champion House 2005. Taurus stands a good chance. I am correcting my ways and sorting things out. Whatever happened last week thought me a lot of things. Really appreciate it. Yesterday was also the date due for Written Report. Khai Siang, remember this that I don't even feel a pinch of anger with you.
"Whatever happens, happens for a reason. Don't cry but smile because it happened" This is one of my favourite quotes but forget who said it. Remember this people, everything that I did, I did it because of some reasons. Never once, I did it to offend or hurt you in any way. Never.

Had band today. Came late again. So sorry Fazlan, Maslyn and Ismail. Actually, I never promised you guys to wait for me. I even told you guys to go first because don't want you guys get scolded but still, you people are so sweet. Thank you. We made it on time when the band members were still setting up their instruments and music stands. I was so ashamed that I do not even know how to play my E flat Major scale on my Baritone Saxophone. I know how to do so on my Tenor Sax but not on the Baritone one.

Gosh, I do not know how to do a poster on the computer. Yes with crayons and drawing paper but not on the paper. I am sort of an IT idiot and I am not ashame to say so. So, do not expect a nice poster from me, just a simple one. So sorry!

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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Assalamualaikum. I am so pissed off. Hate Hate Hate Hate Hate Hate you irresponsible, irritating, heartless people! Since Monday, this week has been a very-not-so-good week for me. I am so disappointed. Have I anyway make things difficult for you guys. I tried my best on every single attempt to make you HAPPY! Yeah satisfied yeah! Why? Because you have got what you want and that responsible of yours is accomplished and other people will you as a "responsible" people. HEY! Wake up people! Have you forgot about me? You selfish *******! I really do not know what to say. Seriously, I am not that disappointed with my results but with the heartless people that surround me. So what if you are of high authority and have the power to have the last say but so what? It is because of people(or slaves?) like me who help you to get that power of yours. You certainly don't deserve that respect for being RESPONSIBLE! Hey? Can you wake up? Stop dreaming and DO YOUR PART! I really regret why push aside my other priorities of life just to complete your job and make you happy. What Mr. Lim, my band conductor say about the world which is repleted of bullshitters and irresponsible people is really, really, really true.
* I am not targetting to anyone or insult anyone but those who feel you possess the characteristics or dseciption I've stated above. Those who eat the chili will taste the spiciness. Siapa makan cili akan rasa pedas.

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Monday, October 17, 2005

Assalamualaikum. Gosh! I feel so bad that I still have not return or wrote back a testimonial for all those who have spared their time to write me one. So sorry guys but I'll try my best to drop you one as soon as possible.

So glad that everything's okay as for now. I really hope for good results as in pass for all. On Wednesday, everything will be revealed. Sad, scared, excited and oh...As for now, my feelings are made up of a concoction of disparate feelings. Went to school today and did nothing much. With Gerald, I join the arts classes for the NTU A.M.D talk instead of attending the science's lecture. Thanks so much Mr. Teo for giving us the chance to do so.

Bought Siti Nurhaliza's Royal Albert Hall, London Concert VCD yesterday and really enjoyed it so much. Never thought she could be that good. She's really improving and love Roslan Aziz's new music arrangement with an injection of soul and jazz in almost all of the songs. Debaran Cinta a.k.a Love Jitters. She's an IDOL of mine. Her voice just gave me goose bumps. The vibrations in her voice just blow the roof top off. Well done Siti Nurhaliza! You made us proud! Malays songs are heard in the majestic hall of London. Takkan Melayu Hilang Di Dunia...Hahaha!

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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Assalamualaikum. First and foremost, I'd like to thank all of you who gave your word of encouragement to me. Each and every single one of them are very meaningful to me. Hey People! You left an imprint on my heart. Never will my mind depart from the thought that I am lucky to be blessed with such a caring yet beatiful circle of friends. Thank you my dear friends.

On Friday night, went out with 05S71 for dinner but before that, we actually hunt for food. Hahaha! But before that I'd like to apologise to them for being very late (although not the latest). I cleanly forget about the post-exams dinner and luckily Bashirah called me. If not, I'll miss such a great night with you guys. Went to Marina Bay and then headed towards Suntec City. Had a Breaded Chicken Manueire and Chocolate Malt Ice Cream at Swensens and then went to the Fountain of Wealth. Yeah, we were like small kids, instead of wishing for good luck, we actually played and splashed one another with the water there. Fun, really fun. Oh ya! For the first time in my life, I saw a guy proposing to his girlfriend. I thought it was only done on tv but no men, this is the reality. Wow! That guy is really a gentlemen. The girl was so touched that she cried. Ohhh... we were touched too(don't know for what). Later, we went to the Esplanade's terrace. Gosh! Couples everywhere. Felt so out of place. Hahaha!

Yesterday, went to Bedok North Secondary for 4PM's Annual Project Ramadhan on the Wheels(Roda-roda Ramadhan). Gosh, there were like over hundreds volunteers. That's a good sign. Unfortunately, we were assigned to no groups and the we decided to left for home. I think the project is really one of a kind and has good motives. Well done 4PM despite for the fact that they were not very organized. Sad to say but what to do, they must always be the dark side of everything.

Watched University Forum yesterday. Gosh, it reminisce me of the time I spend in Brunei Darussalam. So nice! The time the Titian Minda debaters had breakfast with the University Forum panelists and gossiped about something thay you can never thought of. Hahaha... about "jengjengjeng" , "mat selenger" and etc.

Today, I am just planning to stay at home and clean my room. I am pretty sad that I still haven't got a single Terawih perfomed. Really hope I'll start to do so tomorrow night but I also do not want to miss the Portrait of Home but never mind have to give it a miss!

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Friday, October 14, 2005

Assalamualaikum. Alright, let me reveal the answer to why I was nowhere at sight during the Maths paper. It is... My Grandma passed away. At 1 p.m on Monday, I was there in Innova Junior College in Learning Studio N2-2, started to do my Malay 'A' literature component paper. At that 1 p.m also, my late grandma breathe her last. It could be a so-much better situation if the paper was on the morning but ya, forget about it. The clock can never be turned back.

I really thank God. Both my grandma and grandpa called for home in the fasting month of Ramadhan Al-Mubarak. Also, my sister did in the month of the Zulhijjah, just a day before Hari Arafah. People say that all the ROHs assemble at the Legendary Field of Arafah. What a coincidence, my parents were also performing their pilgrimage during that point of time. I always have the idea that actually, my late sister is joining my parents to wukuf at Arafah on the 9th Zulhijjah. That will always be in my mind. Please pardon me to those who don't understand this.

This year seems to be so challenging for me. I lose two of my love ones. Nevertheless, I don't deny that this makes me a stronger person. I believe with what some people would say that God will not test us beyond our ability and strength because He knows us best. The stronger you are (emotionally I guess; not physically), the more challenging problems that you beget. Mind you, these two are not the only challenges that I receive. To make it a balanced one, this year has been an awarding one too. Need Your guidance!

I am so thankful that I have Mr. Jimmy Teo as my Civics Tutor. He's been a real understanding and caring one. I've never met such a nice one before. Also, I thought I will never understand a single bit of the topic Superposition but after consulting him, I managed to get hold of it. And by the way, for you information, the consultation was also initiated by him. I am so ashamed and yet lucky that a TEACHER initiate to spare his time for my sake... Gosh! Now, I know if ever I have any problems with my Physics, he's the real solution to it. I wonder if one day I become a teacher, will I be as nice and caring as him? Hope so...

Oh ya, by the way. Thank you so much for those who took and still taking the initiative to read my blog and give comments, be it positive or negative ones. Regardless of which one, it will still help me to write and express as well as manifest my ideas in a better manner. i really, really, really appreciate it. Thanks so much pal! Dear friends, you are also a mirror to me which reflects everything about me. But to me, you are such a special one, because you are not only able to reflect me physically, but also emotionally.

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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Assalamualaikum. Firstly i would like to make an announcement that I did not turn up for the C Maths paper. So, forget about asking for Maths grade. I miss it due to certain circumstances. I never sit for the paper not because I am a coward in not being able to face the Maths paper like what some said. Actually, I don't really care what they've said. You people can say all you want. The real reason behind my absence during the Maths Paper is... Haizz... It is for me to know and for you to find out. How about that? Hahaha... I'll blog again later...

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Sunday, October 9, 2005

Assalamualaikum. I do not know where to hide my face. Behind the door? Under the table? under the bed? Inside my clothe closet? Heesh! Gosh! I do not like seeing myself in the television. Those who wonder what I am talking about, that's what I want to hear. I wish no one watch Titian Minda 2005 last night on SURIA. Gosh! I was too excited at the point of time when they announced the winner. That is so not me. I am not like that. I've always like to keep it cool! Gosh! I do not wish to be seeing myself on television again. GOSH! After watching Titian Minda last night, now I know my mistake. I should have memorise my points and need not congratulate the other debaters in my speech. I think I debated better during the 4PM's debate than during Titian Minda. I am like always trying something new. Not denying that it is something good but I won't get to expertise in one area. Also, in band I've been asked to play all the 3 saxophones. Not that I do not like it but I just want to be good on doing something which is to play my dearest Tenor Saxophone. Just like debating too. During Debate 4PM, I got to debate like what other debaters did but during Titian Minda, I did something else which was to give comments on the debate. But it is okaylah. I have to look it at the bright side and be optimistic. Now I must say, " I like to try something new" and mask a big smile on my face. Another thing, I think I should put on more weight. I think there is an imbalance between my weight and height. I must try my best to put on weight. My target is that by december 2005, my weight will be 65kg. I that is the ideal one for me but it's tough. That will be like I have to gain another 13 kg? Gosh! Easy or difficult? Only time can tell...

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Saturday, October 8, 2005

Assalamualaikum. Decided to take a rest from reading the novel, drama scripts and short stories. Gosh! Malay 'A'... Don't seem to be easy as it is. I really admire Cikgu Hani for her brilliant ideas. Just ask her any question and she can give u like what...5 different answers? And poor me who can only think of 1-2 answers. Pretty scare for my Malay 'A'. Do not want history to repeat itself. For my Summer Test, I failed the literature component and thank God, I still have my language component to push my grade up to B. Hope, I can pass my literature component this time round.

To my dear Titian Minda peeps, I'll upload all the pictures that I took at Brunei as soon as my promo end. Oh ya! We should break fast together outside soon ya!. Wow! For my 17th(or 18th) Ramadhan, I'll be having many dinner dates... Hahaha... To name some, with Titian Minda frens, 4PM friends, Debate 4PM friends, with 05S71, and Opss! The rest are meant to be kept secret hahhaha... Sorry...

This Syawal, I have to celebrate it extravagantly because next year I'll be down with my 'A' levels, the following 2 years will be doing my NS. So, this time round must celebrate it happily... Oh no! My room is so messy with papers everywhere! All thanks to the promos... Will clean it up again after promos myself.

There is something that I wanted to include here in my blog earlier on but sadly, I lose the train of thought. Shall blog later again...

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Friday, October 7, 2005

Assalamualaikum. Finally, two papers are gone. 3 more to go. Malay 'A' on Monday, Mathematics on Tuesday and finally, Physics on Thursday. It will not be a holiday for me after the promos. There are still a lot of things that I have to look forward to. Of such are like the Proposal of Prasasti Nova Magazine, Band Exchange, WASBE Band Performance at Esplanade, Project Work Oral Presentation, Roda-Roda Ramadhan, Community's Leader Forum and the list goes on. Haizz... Oh ya! How can I forget this... the launch of Siti Nurhaliza debut album produced by her own company which is Siti Nurhaliza Production. Also, not forgetting on the 10th, her SITI NURHALIZA ROYAL ALBERT HALL, LONDON Concert in VCD will be on sale on the 10th September. Can't wait to get it. Ya, this will be a treat for me after the gruelling exams. I hope the VCD is editted and done painstakingly. Ok, I should stop on this. Hahaha.

Had G.P paper just now. I must say that it is not that easy. The essay questions are simply difficult and complicated. Must really understand the question or otherwise, you go out of point. Hope so I won't. I just can't wait for everything to be done and over with. Have not been performing Solat Terawih since 3 days ago. Hope I will be able to do so soon after my promos call for an end. GOSH! I am so sick and tired of it but I must strive and hang on there. Hope the chocolate will do good to me, a chocoholic! Thanx Sis for getting me a box of chocolate from GODIVA... Hey 05S71, can't wait for our chocolate buffet at Fullerton.

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Saturday, October 1, 2005

Assalamualaikum. Gosh! I am pretty sure people will question, “This guy who'll be having promo in two days time still has the time to blog?" Hahaha. Yup, I agree to it to a certain extent but I still have some back up to turn the question off. I'll take that blogging this time is part of my preparation for my General Paper that dwell with a lot of perspective and debate in a different manner that is via writing. I realise one thing while I was doing my final timed comprehension practice which was done yesterday, that is I can express and manifest my idea better on the paper than orally. This week has been a not-so-good week for me. The clock has never seem so alive. Time is running real fast and I am trying wading through the puddle of my messy life. Things are in shambles and I am pushing myself to put it back in order. I want to see a clearer picture of my life, not an ambiguous one. I do not want to leave no stone unturned.

Yesterday, Syahidah's journey to a greater success in London really open my eyes wide open. I'll definitely miss her. She's such a dear friend to me. As I said earlier in my previous entry, she's my IDOL. I wish I can be like her but sadly, I am taking 3 'A' level subjects and this relegate me to the last line of the queue for scholarship. I am certainly not meeting the requisite, but still I'll just be contented if I manage to grab my Honours at a local university, NUS perhaps.

Leader! What is actually the role of a leader? Well, this is my stand. I think being a leader, it gives one the authority to correct his/her member but this certainly does meant to satire or to scrutinize them. Also, the leader has to be a role model to his/her fellow members. This is the grueling part. But me personally, I'll take it as a challenge and will give my very best to each slot of being a leader that is given to me. Millions of leaders are out there but sad to say, only 40-50% of these leaders are TRUE leaders. One of the criteria to be a leader is definitely "Responsible". What I can advise to those leadrer wannabes is to look in the mirror and ask yourself, "Am I ready to take the responsibility?" What responsibility do I refer to in the question? It is the responsibility to juggle the responsibility of your fellow members, to handle the problems that will surface in your group, to bind your group members together, to give equal attention (to be fair i mean) to each and everyone of your fellow members and to be the voice for your group. To be fair, this is the real challenge. As human beings, it is a norm for one to have some preference in our lives, but being a leader, you have to take it as something positive and compulsory as well as part of your nature of a Leader. One needs to see an immense spectrum of the situation and certainly not a bigotted one. Yup true, I am nobody to talk about this but I felt the need to do so to clear some doubts of people around me who do not fathoms of a Leader.

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