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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Assalamualaikum. Innova Junior College had its 2nd Cross-Country Race ayt the MacRitchie Resevoir just now. Didn't really run just now. Too bad, had stitch and I just walked mostly. Not that I do not attempt to run but just can't. Started running only 100-200m away from the finishing line. Now, I am damn tired.

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Monday, March 27, 2006

Assalamualaikum. Sometimes I just want to go straight to the teachers' face and tell them to wake up. Stop expecting something from us when you guys are screwed yourselves! Haizzz... Practice what you preach Sir and Mdm. Carefully defne your statement! We students have a lfe too! Are you teachers trying too prove to us that going through the jc route is the wrong one? Do you know why children and teenagers are no longer close to their parents and family? Relate it closely to the education syste. Compare the number of hours the pupils stay at school and that of at home. By the way, do they just slack and communicate with their parents and siblings at home once they get back from school? ...and what do the teachers expect them to do at home? Haizzzz... Seriously, no offence.

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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Assalamualaikum. I would like to inform all that there is something wrong with my handphone. It seems that it can't receive any message or call. Most probably will be sending it for repair today. So those who want to contact me or something, please send an e-mail or you can even tag it here at the tagboard. Thanks! Sorry for the inconvenience.

Biarlah Rahsia
Dalam keheningan malam
Pasti kau bermimpi
Bermimpi satu dusta yang pasti
Fantasi yang tidak mungkin menjadi realiti
Mimpi ngeri tersulam ke dalam lenaku
Namun, tiada satu seburuk realitiku

Pernahkah kau menduga perasaanku
Terpatri di dada menjadi penduka lugu
Mengiris kalbuku nan lara
Menikam tusuk telus ke dalam naluriku
Sulit buatku melahirkannya
Biarlah ia terus menjadi sebuah rahsia

Naluri yangku punya seperti insani biasa
Tiada kekuatan yang mendukungnya
Susuk perasaanku sama seperti punyamu
Zahir kelihatan penuh palsu
Ini bukan diriku
Cuma satu inginku
Menghiburkan dirimu

Usah kau biarkan satu pun lembar pemikiran
Yang diriku hanya manusia bercanda
Manusia yang tiada masalah
Bukan, itu semua dusta semata
Aku manusai biasa yang bernoda parah
Biaralah ia terus menjadi rahsia

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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Assalamualaikum. This is a video that I've just watched and would like to share with you guys. It is so lovely done. The kid is super cute. I am just so obsessed with kids including this one over here. I suggest you click on the play button but after that pause and wait till it is completely loaded and then watch the whole video. Enjoy the show. By the way, the kid is trying to immitate Anuar Zain and I think he pulled it off really well. And guys, I do not look like him neither do I sound like him. Nevertheless, if you think so, I'll take it as a complement and be happy and glad. Thanks!

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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Assalamualaikum. I am very glad that Block Test 2006 is finally over. The next major exam will be on June, so there is still some space for me to take a little breathe. I never thought that the GP department would take the 2005 NOV 'A' Level Paper 1 as our GP exam. A bit cheapskate but I felt that it has some rewarding points. You see, the student would not really do past year GP seriously, worst for paper 1. Nobody would want to take 1.5 hour away from their leisure time to come out with an essay. Malay Paper was just normal. Nothing too great, no surprises. The standard was as expected except for Qn. 9. Pretty hard. As for Physics, hahaha... Needless to say. Let's just pray for a pass! I think it is a bit too robust to do 3 papers at only 0.5 hour break in between. At one moment you are thinking in English and at the other you have to switch to Malay Language. Tough, don't you think so. Had Maths and Malay 'A' Paper II just now. To be frank, I never study for Malay 'A' at all. Not that I am negelcting it nor being too complacent. Nothing of that sort. It is just that I think that I channel more of my concentration and pander to my weak subjects. By the way, to all: Good Luck for the RESULTs!

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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Assalamualaikum. Haizzz. This term break is coming to an end soon. I am pretty happy for this time round because I fulfil my dream as in to make it worthwhile. Many things happened during this 1 short week of holiday. I have learnt an abundant of things. Be it the band, academic, university, domestic, media, hypocrites, "superstar", prospective careers, travelling and etc. Wow! Love it so much. One of the many things that I've realised is that if you are not cut out for something, you are just not up to it. Each and every of us is born with different qualities. Maybe you are good in this and that while I am just a mediocre at it or even obviously not at all. Some people are born with the talent to sing or act but you don't, hey don't forget that there is something that you can do that that superstar can't. For an example, I can debate but do you think Siti Nurhaliza can? For example Mr. Tommie Chen can run very fast but I can't. Nevertheless, I am darn sure that there is something that I can do that he can't. Therefore, I have come out a motto for my life which is :

Discover The Power Within You
Ya, believe in God's creation. There must be a purpose for God to create us. Be it a purpose to the community, country or even to the world. There must be a potential that you are born with. Be satisfied with what you are. It is certainly absurd for you trying to be someone else but no doubt that there is nothing wrong in improving yourself. For an example, I used to be stupid too in trying so hard in trying to run like *** but forget that I actually want to improve my timing. People always want to be academically as good as the teachers or peers but never thought that they want to improve on it. *** Tv! Walah! Another sterling example. They wish to produce sundry reality television shows without realising that they are copying the Western's. What is their main aim actually? They want to improve the quality of shows they producing! This is their objective and miraculously they misrecollect that and try to copycats that of the Western. Remember readers... Improving is totally disparate from copying! Ergo, stop having the mindset of the wannabes... Heck care with how good people are! Just do your best and push yourself to the limits if you want to improve yourself. The wherefores of you wanting to improve is to be better than that person and not to be just as good as that person. DESPISE COPYCATS!

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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Assalamualaikum. I just do not know why I love to put Siti's pictures on my blog. I think they beautify this blog of mine. So, I beg you guys to just pardon these beautiful pictures of Siti Nurhaliza. Once I have very nice pictures to share, I'll put them here, if not, I'll just go with Siti's pictures... I love this one, actually I love all but especially this one! By the way, the band is coming up with a Band mini Camp for the J1s. This camp serve as a catalyst to closer bond between the band members regardless of the standard or age. The objective is to get the band to be more united and sound unison. In order to let them here our story : La Nostra Storia, we need to be bonded and strong. I hope this camp will be a successful one.

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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Assalamualaikum. Regarding the picture on the left, just want to inform all that Siti Nurhaliza will be taking the city of Los Angeles by storm by making a special apperance at the OSCAR Awards 2007. Finally the holiday is here. I just do not want it to be wasted and I'll try to replete it with worthwhile things done. I want to occupy myself with fruitful doings not those that are a complete waste of time. Well, I went to the NTU and NUS Open House yesterday with Kenneth. Met a couple of Innovians at the NUS Centennial Open House but none at the NTU Open House. On the contrary, I would prefer the NUS one to that of NTU. I think NUS put a lot, lot, lot of effort in preparing for this open house and no wonder they are the best here in Singapore. Well, indeed it was a success. NTU's was just a simple one and more technical-based and not the hip-fun type. Love the School of Communication and Information. I will put that as my first choice provided that my GP is graded B3 or better. NIE's was good too. Well, they enticed me more. It was my dream as a child to be a teacher- the noble job. How noble that is, only God knows! Received an abundant of brochures, booklets and free gifts from the 2 open house. Luckily, we didn't go to SMU's... if not we are out of hands to carry the bags and stuffs. Before we went home, dropped by at Jurong Point Shopping Centre and had our dinner there. If only the shopping centre was not crowded, Kenneth and I would have gone window shopping after that. Had a great great great laugh on the way back home. Remiscing the past. Anyway, I would say that Northbrooks Secondary School leaves me with a myriad of memories - good, bad, sad, happy, mad and etc.

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Friday, March 10, 2006

Assalamualaikum. Went to Raffles JC for their annual concert, 'Play 06'. Wow! The schoool was super beautiful and big. How I wish I can turn back the clock and study really well for my 'O' level to enter such a school. The concert was splendid. I think the band did a great job. They played Tong Hua. Very nice. Love the repertoire that night. The emcees were ok and funny in a way. By the way, I realise that the emcees from the good schools such as RJC and HCI are not as slangish as to compared to that of the neighbourhood JCs. I think those slangish emcees just want to show off and by the way that it so not natural. So fake! By the way, thanks so much to the majority of the Band members for giving a birthday present to me. I really appreciate it so much. Also, Happy Belated Birthday to Mr. Chin and Genevieve and Shou Duan and Sakinah!

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Saturday, March 4, 2006

Assalamualaikum. Hahahaha... I must say that yesterday's 05S71 Class Gathering was the most successful one so far. The pioneer batch of Innova Junior College went to Suntec City for the Career Fair 2006 yesterday. I was comtemplating wether to go for the class or band gathering. Actually, after the fair, I already went out with my band members. They wanted to eat at Fish & Co. so I just followed them but later, Madeleine called me to ask me along for the class gathering at Siam Kitchen. After thinking so much, I decided to go with my classmates. So, so sorry band members. To my surprise, 19 out of 23 people from the class were there. So happy. Ate the buffet at Siam Kitchen. I actually love most of the food there. Unfortunately, they did not serve any dessert. HAizz... but overall I think it worth the money. We started eating around 6.30p.m and finally left at 8.45p.m. We left Siam kitchen and then head to the Fountain of Wealth. Oh my goosssshhhhh! I must say that this place is so so so so so suitable for lovers. The songs they play there were just so felicitous. The place was repleted with lovey dovey couples. The boys were talking together and it is the first time that I am involved in a deep conversation with Calvin. I must say that he is a great speaker. Makes a good businnessman in the future. The class finally talked as a class. I really mean it. We manage to hear from each other at the same period of time. Mirna, do send me all the photos ya! Went home with Clavin, Hafiz and Khai Siang. Can't wait for more and more class gathering.

I am pretty glad that after the break last night, I am brought back to reality. Never, never, never once since last year, I felt like a JC student. I thought I am still a secondary school. You may choose wether to believe me or not. However, when we talked as a class yesterday, I realised that it is time for me to escalate myself to another level of maturity. I am knocked with some sense last night that I can never be the guy in 4A of Northbrooks Secondary School in the year of 2004. Never. I have to see myself now as the Izwan in 05S71 of Innova Junior College.

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