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Monday, February 26, 2007

Assalamualaikum. It is no longer a rumour, no longer a myth, no longer a tale, no longer a "I think ... " but it is now a reality, a fact. This Friday is going to be the big day. GCE 'A' Level results will be released at 2.30 p.m. To be frank, I am worried and scared. I just hope that my results will be good enough to get me a seat in the local universities or better. InsyaAllah. I must really take my time to think about the next step that I am going to take after the 'A' levels. I don't care if it is going to take me years to think about it. I do not want to regret. It is going to be my future. I am keeping my options open.

It is true that passion keep you going strong in whatever you are doing but this little thing called "passion" is something ephemeral. It is not ingrained in us and one should not just think about his/her passion when it comes to make a decision for our future. Things like job prospect, stability in that career and etc are important factors. Everyone wants to be happy. And to some, doing what you like and doing things that you have passion in makes you happy. Well, I beg to differ. If you are doing what you like most and can only earn $500 per month, will you be happy. Yes, some will eagerly say that they will surely be happy because they are pursuing their passion. Hahahaha Bullshit! You can say this for like a month or two but what about after 10 months doing it? Nonsense lah. Some of you might accused me being materialistic or what, but please wake up people. Don't think by just pursuing your passion, you will be happy and satisfied. How long can that passion last? If you keep on thinking about making decisions based just on your passion, then maybe you can start studying a new subject or going back to school every time your passion reach its expiry date.

It is not that I am against the idea of the pursuit of passion thing but glorifying the fact that you are going to do something just because of your everlasting (as if) passion, I think it is stupid when you do so while putting all other factors aside. It is not as if you rule the world or that you are immortal that you can just decide on anything without thinking about any other factors beside the "mighty" passion. Time is not going to wait for anyone. Be realistic people. Think far ahead. Let it be a second, a minute, an hour, a year, a decade or whatever. Hey people, please give credit to your brain. THINK!

Well, this is just my humble opinion.

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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Assalamualaikum. First of all I want to talk about the picture here. It is not about me having an attempt to be a mat or anything like that but you know, what is the use of having a pretty long hair when you don't try other hairstyles which you cannot do with that usual short hair of mine. So I tried this hairstyle... Don't think I am a changed person now with this hairstyle because it only lasted for 20 minutes only. What do you think guys? Hahahahahahaha... A lot of people say that I look older than my actual age with this long hair. My take on this, it is okay to be old at times, get the feel of it before the real time comes. Okay, enough with the hair.

Life has been pretty cool for me this week. A lot of things happened and a lot of things learnt. Made a lot of new friends. They are great. This has certainly put more meaning to my life. I've got to see the high-class people and see how these people behave. Not that bad. Of course there are the rude ones but not so bad like what the television shows show. Or... maybe I've not seen that group yet. Hahahaha the spoilt brat huh. You know to us the general being, working hard to earn the money is a mega part of the meaning of a life but to them, not earning but spending. Finishing that huge sum of money may be a chore. (Gosh...I have no idea what to blog about...)

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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Your Brain is Green

Of all the brain types, yours has the most balance.
You are able to see all sides to most problems and are a good problem solver.
You need time to work out your thoughts, but you don't get stuck in bad thinking patterns.

You tend to spend a lot of time thinking about the future, philosophy, and relationships (both personal and intellectual).
What Color Is Your Brain?
Found this at Kenneth's blog and I think it is quite true, if not, very true... Sometimes I hate it when I don't take things easy and keep thinking about one stupid thing. I should to loosen up a bit and let nature takes it course... Rather then thinking, "Oh why this happen...If I reacted that way, this won't happen... Why am I so stupid to say that...I should have done this instead of that... and bla bla bla"

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Assalamualaikum. What do you think of this song? Hahaha... This is in conjuction with Chinese New Year. Once in a while, we listen to a "Chinese" song.

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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Assalamualaikum. Spent my V Day with my dear pupils at Northland Secondary School. They are a sweet bunch of students especially the Secondary 1 Express Malay students. I am used to teach and converse with students in English and today, when I was told to teach Malay, I was like "Oh Gosh..." But overall I enjoyed today's experience. Even though I didn't celebrate my V Day with a candle light dinner or tuning my serenade, I enjoy feeling the love from the students. Some unknown students whom I don't even teach come to me and asked me for my name and wish me "Happy V Day Cher!" Cher? Gosh, I don't really like that word but that's so much better than Oi! I nearly lost my voice when I went to one of the class. Thses kids were taking about sex and it was Civics and Moral Education. So I just told them the legal age of having sex in Singapore and telling them it is too young for them to be in a relationship like that. Oh ya, there was this boy who loves to say bad words. Almost every sentence that come from him end wih c**** or s***. I decided to punish him. Punish? Hahahaha... I felt so wrong doing this. I did not want to be a tyrant or wicked teacher so I decided to give him a light one which is to make him confess what is he going to do during Valentine's Day. Is that light enough? Gosh, I didn't know that the whole class already knew his answer. He bought a pendant for his girlfriend. Oh my, he is only in Secondary 1. 13 years old! I am already 19 and to be frank, I've never given anything like that to a girl before in my life. Gosh! What's happening to the new era kids.

I felt the students' love. They gave me stars and heart shape made out of straws and some offered me chocolates but I have to turn it down. It is my students' and I should be the one offering to them chocolates but gosh I came unprepared. We were discussing about whether we should celebrate this day and suddenly this student said, "Hey Teacher, you should join the ARENA" Arena? Hahahaha, you just do not know who I am. Hahaha. I just grin when I hear that.

You know, it is strange when the canteen stall vendors greet you and say, "Terima Kasih Cikgu (teacher) " and "What do you want to have Sir" I feel honoured upon hearing that and when students coming to you just to greet you and ask you for your name. I feel appreciated and wanted when these unknown students complain to me and seek my opinion on certain issues. However, I do not know if I should pursue this profession. Being a teacher has been my childhood ambition but the degree of this burning passion has certainly gone down upon seeing the students of the new ERA. If this happen, I will soon be known as Cikgu Izwan. Funny huh? Maybe I should just opt to teach in JC as the students there are more tolerable. The teachers at JCs should be thankful that they don't have to deal with the incorrigible bunch of students. Are they thankful enough?

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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Love isn't blind; it just only sees what matters.
William Curry

Kadang-kadang orang yang paling kita sayang adalah orang yang paling susah untuk kita sayangi
Quoted from the Film "Cinta"

A Friend's Love says:" If you ever need anything,I'll be there."
True Love says:" You'll never need anything;I'll be there."
Jimi Hollemans

Cinta itu ibarat lilin, selagi sumbunya ada... Ia akan terus menyala
Pendita Pujangga

The way to love anything is to realize that it might be lost
G.K. Chesterton


In a world without you
I would always hunger
All I need is your love to make me stronger

And baby
Every time you touch me
I become a hero
I'll make you safe
No matter where you are
And bring you
Everything you ask for
Nothing is above me
I'm shining like a candle in the dark
When you tell me that you love me
When You Tell Me That You Love Me, Diana Ross

Cinta tegarkan hatiku
Tak mahu sesuatu merenggut engkau
Naluriku berkata
Tak ingin terulang lagi
Kehilangan cinta hati
Bagai raga tak bernyawa

Aku junjung petuamu
Cintai dia yang mencintaiku
Hati yang dulu belayar
Kini telah menepi
Bukankah hidup kita
Akhirnya harus bahagia

Biar saja ada
Yang terjadi biar saja terjadi
Bagai manapun hidup
Memang hanya cerita
Cerita tentang meninggalkan dengan ditinggalkan
Cinta, Melly Goeslow feat. Kris Dayanti


Assalamualaikum. Happy Valtentine's Day! Some said that we are not allowed to celebrate this day. Hey people, let's look it in this manner. It is just like any other day but the extra bit is only that the couples take extra initiative to appreciate their loved ones today. I specially dedicate this post to all my friends who are in love. I have a confession to make... I am NOT in love people! I am celebrating 19 years of singlehood! Yeah!

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Monday, February 12, 2007

Assalamualaikum. Went swimming today and I thought of running too but changed my mind because will be having dinner with my mum and dad at Chong Pang. So, I decided to walk instead. I walked around 5km today, I guess. Walked to the swimming pool then to Northpoint then to the library then back home. No bus, all on my feet. Went to the library. I thought it would be a wasted trip to the library if I don't borrow any book. So I walked around for half an hour and found this two books entitled "Hari-hari Terakhir Seorang Seniman" by Anwar Ridhwan and "Pedoman Hidup Untuk Remaja Islam" by Roslin Hj. Samsuri. Yes I need that pedoman (guidance).

I know that everyone's scared about their 'A' level results. I am no exception. Some of the teachers siad that it is going to be this Thursday and some said after Chinese New Year and some worst, 3rd March 2007. Whichever the day is, I hope I will get the results that are good enough to bring me to the university or even better to my dream course or even better that I can apply scholarship with. Gosh... I don't know what is stored next for me. I am left with exactly 1 month before I go into the National Service. I really want to spend this remaining time worthwhile. I think I've wasted enough time on the computer.

I think I will post something special on V Day.

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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Assalamualaikum. Gosh! Today is the first funfair ever held at Innova Junior College. Met Bashirah, Madeleine, Calvin, Gerald, Tian Chong, Melissa and Mervin at 8.40 a.m today. We ordered breakfast at Burger King and brought over to Innova JC's canteen to eat there as it has been a long time since we ate at the canteen. We sat and the first one that we met was Cikgu Ali and the new Malay teacher, Cikgu Zul. Then when we went to the canteen we met Mr. Kelvin Sim and Mr. Daniel Yip. The school changed a lot huh... Air-conditioned hall, a new glass wall at the foyer, paintings outside the Libraria and more plants! Hahaha... We were not that fortunate when we came to Innova JC 2 years ago. Noise pollution, blocked walls, no track, only 3 small lecture theatres, mosquitoes, no library and so many more defficiency. Never mind. I am still happy that I got to experience this kind of situation that not many others got to. Okay, back to the i@FUN. Mdm Chan came to our table promoting fresh-baked muffins. Hahaha, she is very cute. Soon after we finish our breakfast, we went to walk around the track and met Ying Ying who's helping out at the Alumni's stall. Not bad! At least there is a representative from the 2005 batch.

Then Ying Ying joined us and we went to the haunted house. Ooooooh. While waiting for our turn, we went to the haunted CAFE. Gerald was so funny. He's more scary than the "ghosts" there! He even made them laugh! Hahaha... Then our turn came. Bashirah, Madeleine, Melissa and Ying Ying went in first as the regulation was as to only allow 4 people to go in at a time. Oh gosh! Bashirah is still the best screamer in my list. We can even hear her shouting from outside. It was located at LT3. The place where I had my first Maths Lecture. Memories... While hearing the shoutings and laughters, suddenly Gerald got a phone call! Oh, it is time for our dear SuperHost to host the event at the Grandstand(is that the way how you spell it?). So we postpone our Haunted House trip. Went down to support Gerald. 7 SuperStars were there. Gerald, Mr. Kris Ang and etc(actually I don't know their names). Oh ya then I met Ismail and get our doorgifts. Hmmm. Not bad. A lot of stuffs and $88 worth of vouchers. Good job Innova JC. A lot of improvement. When I reached at 9 a.m I thought it was a boring funfair but later at 1p.m, the environment gets better. Can see that people are enjoying themselves apart from the scorching hot sun!

Met a lot of botak guys there. All of them serving NS already. Hahaha. Jason looks funny in that hair. The guys played the Dunking Game. Mr. Kumar was their victim. Poor him! And then we met Ms. Ng and chatted with her and she kindly gave us something. So nice of her! Hope she like the ballon and rose that we gave her. Thank you Mervin for kindly accompanying me to buy her gifts! Her Ice Kachang is the most popular there. The queue was forever long. And the service is fast too.

Then we moved on to the Haunted House again. Like FINALLY... We have to wait for so long before we could go in due to popular demand. It is $8 anyway. We went in and first of all, we were told a ghost story. Good introduction to a Haunted House. Well done. it is YOU! Owww... Then we move on. When we walked down the stairs at LT3, the "ghosts" were crawling and touching our legs. I heard there are some people who kicked the ghosts when they were terrified! Poor ghosts. Then we were brought to met a little girl's ghost who are crying for her teddy bear. Her teddy bear was stolen by a guy who was there also. Mervin, being a gentleman, snatch the bear from him and passed it back to her and even said " Nah, here is your teddy bear. Stop crying..." Hahahaha... Then we met the "Twin Sister". Hahaha... They were wearing Woodlands Ring Secondary School's uniform. Hahaha... And they are the most scary ones there. Well done girls. They keep asking for the shoe and keep shouting. I didn't know there will be a head coming out of one of the boxes. We shouted just to retalliate the ghosts and didn't know one of this guy is actually really scared! Didn't think that he would be that scared. The person is ... biarlah rahsia. The Ring segment was cool too! Anyway well done to Hafizah's class which did that. Well done! Worth the $8.

The Gladiator turn. Hahahaha. Calvin, Gerald, Mervin, Tian Chong, Suhairy and I played the game. My opponent was Calvin. It is super obvious who win the game. Oooohhh, my hand still hurts from the Calvin's hit with the stick. Hey Calvin, winning me still give you another free game. But your next opponent was tough and you still win the game. Well done! Hey, I cheered for you too!

Then Calvin and I queued for the waffle ice-cream. Long queue but I think due to the slow service. Hey, it is not them who are slow but the preparation takes up a lot of the time. All the waffles are freshly baked. So, I thought it was worth the wait. We sat at the canteen. The rests were having a second serving of Ms. Ng's Ice Kacang. After that we were deciding where to go after the funfair. I moved over to Ismail's table and chatted with him and his sister and Shafiq's sister. Yup, had fun chatting about my secondary school's teachers.

Met Ismail, Maslyn, Monisha, Nabil, Genevieve, Li Xian, Jennifer, Qing Yun, Mr. Azahar and Mr Chin from the band. Met Calvin, Bashirah, Mervin, Madeleine, Gerald, Melissa, Tian Chong, Ying Ying, Jason and Latha, Mr. Teo, Ms. Ng, Mr. Sim from 05S71. Met Fitria, Munirah, Rafidah, Filzah(she didn't see me I think) and Cikgu Ali from the Malay class. Met Ye Sheng, Alex, Sze Hao and brother and Izuddin from Northbrooks Secondary School. Met Nadiah, Shaza, Rosiati and Farhana from Bahas 4PM. The rest...I shall not list it here... From 9 a.m to 5 p.m at the funfair is really tiring. My leg is aching now. Gosh! Anyway, I enjoy myself today and happy getting to meet my classmates and friends...

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Friday, February 9, 2007

Assalamualaikum. I hope she will be waering something great while walking down the red carpet at the Grammy Awards this year. This is just the beginning...

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Thursday, February 8, 2007

Assalamualaikum. While waiting for Let It Shine at MediaCorp Channel 8 to start, I shall blog. I was watching Sayang Di Sayang at RTM 1 and Tyra Bank Show at MediaCorp Channel 5. Let's talk about the Sayang Di Sayang show. It was about a lady who lived in the rural part of Kuantan. She is Sarimah. She is very poor. Started working and supporting her family at the age of 15. 15 guys! Imagine. ONE FIVE! Ask me what I was doing when I was 15. Basically schooling, enjoying life, performing in school concerts, chat with my friends through sms, started my friendster account, bought Dato' Siti Nurhaliza's original Prasasti Seni album... Gosh! This poor lady could not even afford to buy a cup of rice grains. At the age of 15, her parents died. Later at the age of 20, her eldest brother and 3rd brother died due to an accident and serious asthma respectively. Bang! She is tested again with another downfall. She is diagnosed with a funny disease and suffered from severe backaches. Her youngest brother stopped school at Primary 3 and started going out to the sea to fish. He became a nelayan. She did not eat when her brother's away. Sometimes up till 3 days long. 3 days, mind you people. And some of you still have the cheek to complain when you have to fast for just half a day? My heart was thumping real fast and trying my best to hold back my tears because my mum was also there watching the show. Gosh! I hope this remorse feeling will continue to be in me forever. Astagfirullah!

At the Tyra Bank Show, she was interviewing this man. This pathetic man lost 5 children at a split second. Plus a wife. He lost 6 beloved ones at an occassion. He is still going strong and live through an emotional torment. We scold bad words and blow off our tops when we loss our money, loss our marks in examinations, loss our unfaithful girlfriend, loss our PEN...But he did not utter a single complain when he lost 5 sons and a wife at one stupid occassion. They drowned. I don't how will I face that situation if I am in his shoes.

Gosh! I complained when my computer lacks, I complained when my handphone was not working, I complained when the rice is hard... Did I imagine what are other people complaining about?

* I have to stop here...Let It Shine has started!

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Assalamualaikum. Killing? Murder? It is a big offence indeed. Killing a man is seen as incorrigible, abominable and the list goes on. Do you realise that whatever we do from day to day actually are measured by the receiver of our action. Take murder for an example. Killing a poor, old man in a very secluded village and compare to killing a rich minister from a rich country, these two actions are seen as of different degree and to the extent of the murderer getting different sets of punishments albeit committing the same crime. If you say that the murderer need to punished because he killed and in a way taking away people's life, then why must the two murder cases be seen differently. Both are being killed and lives taken away. Oh, so it is different because one life is more precious than the other? Precious? How precious is that. Haizzz... This is life huh? Money separates all. Why do lives have to be judged this way? Money is reforming an angle into a beast, an innocent child into a snotnosed kid. Gosh, the power of money. Back to killing, without we even knowing and noticing, we are actually committing the crime almost every day. We kill: the flies, the cockroach, the grass(by stepping on it) and etc. Aren't we punished? Yes, we will be. Some how. Some day. Some way.

"Every breath leads us to our end"

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Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Assalamualaikum. I went to to just check out certain things and guess what I found out. The secrets of the month I am born in. I think this is the most accurate one so far. Here it is (in malay):

* Bercita-cita tinggi dan orangnya serius, suka mendidik dan dididik.
* Sangat mudah melihat kelemahan orang dan suka mengkritik.
* Rajin dan setiap yang dibuat nampak keuntungan.
* Suka pada kecantikan, kekemasan dan teratur.
* Bersifat sensitif dan berfikiran mendalam.
* Pandai mengambil hati orang lain.
* Pendiam kecuali telah dirangsang.
* Agak pemalu dan mempunyai daya tumpuan yang sangat tinggi.
* Mudah mendisiplinkan diri sendiri.
* Badannya sihat tetapi mudah diserang selsema.
* Bersikap romantik tetapi tidak pandai memperlihatkannya.
* Cukup sayang pada kanak-kanak.
* Suka duduk di rumah.
* Setia pada segala-galanya.
* Perlu belajar kemahiran bersosial.
* Sifat cemburu yang sangat tinggi

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Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Assalamualaikum. Finally, I got to be a relief teacher. I must say that this was the job I was aiming for since last December. Maybe it is because I want to contribute back to Northbrooks Secondary School. It is an ad-hoc position. Well, I must say that the pay is good and worth it. I quite like the job. The Secondary 4 students (even the N.T) are a pleasant joy to be with but not the Secondary 1s and 2s. Well, my favourite class is 2T. Not that they are quiet but they are friendly except 2 girls. However, the rest are good. You know, I am so used to very small classes in Innova Junior College, when I go to Northbrooks, the average number of students per class is 30. There was even a class that has 38 students. I wonder how the teachers cope. I am sure they are used to this. Being a teacher is not bad. Maybe I will pursue it. The first time when I stepped into my first class and suddenly the class chairman shouted, "Class stand!" oooh I am so not used to this. "Good morning Mr. Izwan!" Gosh! Hahahaha... Apart from the rude and incorrigible students, the rest were okay. Met Othneil..oops Mr. Othneil, Mr. Tan Ye Sheng and Mr. Joshua yesterday. It is so funny when you have to see them as your colleague. It was only 3 years ago when we were friends and wearing uniform. People were guessing my age and the range was 17-32. Hahahaha. 32? Did I look that old yesterday? Gosh... But it was only this girl who guessed that age. Majority said I was 18. I am looking forward to another day of relief teaching.

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Monday, February 5, 2007

Assalamualaikum. First of all, I want to say congratulation to Dato' Siti Nurhaliza for winning The Most Popular Malaysian Female Singer for 10 years consecutively. Haiz... I came back from Mersing yesterday. I didn't know driving would be this hard. All this while, there's the instructor by my side and he will guide me all the way but when I am out there alone in the car... dup dap dup dap... It was a convoy. 7 cars in total. I am always the 6th. Scared! Nervous too. It is not that I do not dare to speed up but the fact is that the roads at Malaysia are so horrible. Holes here and there and you can hardly find straight roads over there. At the highways, it was great but not at the city area. Too many cars for my liking. You know, the more car there is around me, the more nervous I get. I really hope that it would be my last convoy because I hate to follow the speed of other people. Not that I do not wish to compromise but I think I am still struggling to drive and therefore it is indeed hard for me to level myself up as high as those who have been driving for years. It is not even 2 months since I passed my driving license. Hey, but still I manage to speed up as fast as 140 km/h. OOOooh.

Enough about driving and let's talk about Mersing. The seafood there rocks. We get to eat fresh prawns (those which are still alive like 3 hours before the barbeque). They are so sweet ( not the sugary-sweet but you the prawny-sweet). Lame. The otahs are so fat. We stayed at a chalet and the best part is that the sea was just 2 doors away from my room. We can even hear the sea waves from our room. Lovely. The scenery is really beautiful and the best part to it is : I FORGET TO BRING MY CAMERA! Gosh!Aisy and Kamilia are so cute together. You know, I was like playing with them with the sand by the beach while the rest are playing volleyball. Only later, I joined them. For my first time playing volleyball, I must say that I kind of like the game. The shoutings, cheerings and laughing from dear family members really ease the pain and fatigue away.

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Thursday, February 1, 2007

Dear People, if you need to communicate with me, please don't sms or call me because my handphone has gone crazy at the moment. So, if you need to contact me, please tag me or e-mail me. Thank you. Sorry for any inconvenice.

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