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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Di Ambang 2005

Assalamualaikum. Berbeza dengan versi Inggerisnya, versi Melayu ini dihasilkan dalam bentuk coretan - luahan hati. Isinya juga samasekali berbeda. Ianya akan merangkumi segala detik-detik bahagia mahupun duka yang terjadi dalam pusat tahun 2005.


Dalam beberapa jam lagi, kita akan melangkah ke takwim yang baru. Ianya seakan memberi sinar yang baru buat kita semua. Begitu hendaknya. Terpatri seribu satu janji dalam kalam Illahi dimana satu demi satu rahsia bakal kita jejaki. Yang baik mahupun yang tidak, segalanya bakal dialami. Hanya satu yang dapat dijadikan senjata diri bagi menempuhi rintangan duniawi - hati yang suci lagi murni. Dari jiwa yang nurani akan naik ke akal insani. Segala langkah yang bakal diambil, pasti digerakkan oleh kalbu yang jauh tersemadi di dalam diri kami. Mujur, dengan iman yang mulus - segalanya pasti akan dapat diatasi.

Dalam perjalanan ke lemabaran yang baru, tahun 2005 pasti termetri di hati. Segala yang terjadi menjadi sejarah untuk ratapan hati nurani. Jika pernah langkah yang diambil itu sumbang rupanya, pasti ianya dijauhi agar tidak terluka kaki yang bakal melangkah lagi. Di saat hati melonjak tanpa diberkas secebis rasa iri, telah termetri menjadi sebuah memori nan abadi.

Satu persatu falsafah dicipta bagi mengukuh pendirian diri sejati. Bagi 2006, impian tidak mungkin lagi tinggal di kalangan awangan tapi bakal menjadi realiti bagi tatapan mata hati. Janji dulu akan tetap dikotai biar sampai di akhir nafas nanti. Izwan inginkan sesuatu yang baru untuk tahun yang akan diusuli tidak lama lagi. Biar apa mulut murai ingin katakan bagi memuaskan hasad dengki diri, biar caci menodai niat ini, Izwan akan tetap mengikut kata hati. Jatuh bangun, Izwan yang cipta sendiri. Di kala Izwan tersungkur jatuh menyembah bumi, ngilaian syaitan menjadi penyambut kejadian bersaksi. Di kala berada di mercu kejayaan, hati iri menawan keadaan lagi membimbangkan. Walaupun mata sering dibasahi butiran airmata, ianya bukan tanda kelemahan jati diri.

Menjadi satu kepastian, iman menjadi pilihan bagi menentukan jalan. Jangan pernah tercipta satu saat di manaku terlupa diri yang kerdil di mata Illahi hingga menyeksa batinku ini. Ingin kudekatkan diri pada Illahi, agar tiada yang menghalangi niat hati waja ini.

Ingin Izwan tawan banyak lagi kejayaan yang belum lagi menjadi kenyataan. Illusi tidak akanku cuba dekati. Fatamorgana menjadi perhiasan di kala sunyi tapi akanku cuba jauhi. Teman yang ingin merapati akan tetapku hargai namun bagi yang sebaliknya, tidak usahku jejaki. Percaya bahawa diri ini bukan bahan yang boleh diperlekehkan lagi.

Kini, biarku akhiri warkah kali ini dengan rasa ringan hati. Seikhlas budi diulungi pekerti.

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On the Brim of 2005

Assalamualaikum. Here's the special edition entry that summaries my life in 2005. I'll be rehashing those past accounts of mine in the year of 2005 and will be doing it in a form of interview (sort of interiew myself...hehehe). Not being ludicrous or what but I just want to make it interesting and kind of well-ordered.

What was your resolution for 2005?
My resolution back then was to have a happy and a fruitful whereby I'd learn many and many thing and not forgetting garnering more experiences. Through these, I hoped that I'd be a better person both physically and mentally as in I'd be a wiser, stronger(emotionally) and mature person.

So, do you think that that resolution of yours for 2005, has been achieved?
Well, to a large extent maybe. I can't possibly deny the fact that I've learn new things and gain many experience in the course of this year. Atlas, I must say that I am stronger(emotionally) now and wiser in making decision. Howevery, for maturity... Hahahaha... That is still something for me to ponder about. I would not say that I am not mature now, but not mature enough maybe.

What is the most sensational thing that you faced this year?
Errr... I guess it is the Intervarsity Debate whereby I was one of the 5 Singaporean debaters. It is like you know still being talked about till today. People are asking me about it the moment they see me and some were at ridiculous timing - at my uncle's house when my grandma passed away.

What is the most heartwrenching moment in 2005?
Oh my gosh! When my dear 2nd sister passed away. I just do not know how I've gone through this, couldn't imagine how. Oh dear 2nd sister- I miss you so much... We'll meet again one day!

What is the most silly thing that you've done this year?
Scolding someone Fat Pig! Hahahaha! I was truly angry at that point of time. Burning inside.

What is the most touching thing that someone has done to you throughout this year?
Nurul, my dear friend. She knew that my parents were not in Singapore during Hari Raya Aidiladha this year and she made a memorable move which to send me some delicious food on the morning of Aidiladha. She helped me a lot in moving on with life during this period of time. True friends are not like dew, present during chilling morning (great time) and gone by the time the scorching hot sun appear and sadly this is the time when the leaves need the dew to cool it!

Since you've been blogging for a period of time, which is your best entry?
I'll choose the one dated 28th August 2005. I think it is something worth wiriting and reading. Unlike the other entries, they just narrate what I've done for the day in a chronicle manner but this entry do so but in a more enthralling way I must say.

Since you love music so much, what is for you, the Song of the Year?
Endless Road by Lin Jun Jie. Just let me listen to it at any time, it'll just soothe me without fail. The lyrics tell part of my story.

Album of the year?
Siti Nurhaliza Live in Royal Albert Hall, London

What about Artist of the Year?
Needless to say, Siti Nurhaliza

Describe 2 great events that you'd never believe you have done it?
First is to be able to represent my country in a prestigious debating competition where a group of Malay elites from Brunei and Singapore come together and debate and enmesh in a serious discussion. It is something that I wish I can do every year but impossible. Must give others chance. Going to Brunei on my own without my family members is something that excites and scares me at first but later in the plane, got to know other debaters well and we conversed as if we've known each other for ages. We exchange our views and certainly, I've learn a lot from it. Getting to know Bruneians is something that is wonderful. Although we are Malay as in race, but we (Singaporean's Malays vs Bruneian's Malays) look things differently and difference is great, isn't it. There's a lot more I want to say but I'll just save my breath.
Secondly is to be given the golden chance or opportunity to perform in Esplanade with the other best musicians from other junior colleges and work with different conductors. Rejuvenating! I've learnt tonnes and tonnes of new things about music as in both theory and practical wise. I've never imagine that I'll be performing at a majestic hall after just 3 practices. Amused. Got to know colleagues from other junior colleges and they (not all but almost all) turned out to be just as nice. Also, I've never thought that I can play 5 songs or rather 33 minutes straight. Esplanade! Another wonderful point to take note. I am sure thousands out there wish to be able to perform at Esplanade.

If you are given a chance to turn back time, what are the things that you would like to change for the better?
I think, only to be more attentive during the lectures. The rest, no. I do not want to change it. I believe that everything that happen, happens for a reason. That past of mine has blossomed this present Izwan. If I change something in the past, I may not be the Izwan today. Let's say. i choose to go to another junior college. Do you thing I'll be able to represent Singapore in the Inter-varsity Debate Championship or perform at Esplanade?

So how would you like to wrap up the year of 2005?
I hope to end it on a high note. I do not want to be sad or what. I just want to enjoy the last moment of this memorable year of 2005.

To end this off, what is your resolution for the upcoming year of 2006?
I want it be a year that I'll remember well just like this year. As for me, I want to be more mature and attained great results within my academic areas as well as that of CCA's. I want to be more responsible and quiet. Guess that I've been talking too much lately. Hahahaha! I wish to attempt things that I've never done or even thought doing before. Wish to be on my highest peak during my 'A' levels.

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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Assalamualaikum. A friend asked me just now, "Izwan, what's you new year resolution? " I was dumbstruck then. New year is just a few days away and I've still not think of my new year resolution. Oh Gosh! How can that be! Okok...I'll start pondering on it and give you and answer soon. Thank you to that friend of mine for reminding me to so something that I should have done days ago...

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Assalamualaikum. Sorry guys, I've deleted the pictures that I've posted earlier on because it wasn't neatly done. I'll post them back as soon as possible. Lately, I've been so busy. To those who really wants to talk to me, I am so sorry because I do not have the time to spend with you guys. Oh ya! I would to wish all a Merry Christmas. Although it is already 4 days late but I am pretty sure most are still in the festive mood.

The year 2005 is soon drawing near to its end. Will be posting a 'Special Edition' summary of my life in 2005. Up and down are all recorded there. Will be doing it both in Malay and English. Most probably, the English version will be ready first.

Now, let me share with you guys my experience when I was in Malaysia the past few days. Wow! The nature part of Malaysia is just beautiful. Can't deny that we can't find them here in Singapore because most of them here are indeed man-made. On Wednesday, I left Singapore at 8.00 p.m. Before that I had Band BBQ and overnight stay at Jacelyn's place. My family went up to Malacca and then to Kuala Lumpur. After that, we met the rest of my extended family members and went up straight to Alor Setar and then to Kuala Kedah. The plan was actually to board the ferry from Kuala Perlis but it was a flooded there. Oppsss... I think the rest is for me to know and for you to find out!

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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Assalamualaikum. Hello everybody! I am finally back here in this sunny island of Singapore. Reached home at 7.15 a.m yesterday. Fall sick once I got back. Keep vomitting and soon after, I got diarrhoea. Gosh! Today, everything got better. The Malaysia de Tour was fun. Love it so much!

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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

You're yellow, the color of joy and energy — two things you definitely bring to everyone around you. It's hard for anyone to be sad or lonely in your presence; your sunny disposition and cheery outlook just won't allow it. The warmth of your personality shines through in the kindness you show friends and family (and strangers, too). Always ready with a lighthearted joke or heartfelt compliment, you know how to make people feel good about themselves, so they can't get enough of you. Yellow is a warm and inviting color for a warm and inviting person — you!

my results for a quiz at

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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Assalamualaikum. Went to Hwa Chong Institution to watch Noel '05 Band Performance. It was put up by best players from Hwa Chong Institution itself and Anderson Junior College. The sum raised from the sales of tickets goes to some Spastic School. That's good, doing some charity. There were 7 of us from Innova Junior College; Mr. Azahar, Ismail, Maslyn, Lixian, Genevieve, Nabil and me. Mr. Azahar drove us there. Thank you. The concert ended at 9.15p.m and Nabil, Maslyn, Ismail and I went to have supper at Adam Road FoodCourt. The food there were delicious, although not all but mostly. We went back at 11p.m and poor Nabil, the last bus was at 11.30p.m and we reach at Yishun Bus Interchange at 11.35p.m. We accompanied him to the nearest bus-stop to board the bus 969. When he reached Tampines, there were no more bus. He then took MRT to Pasir Ris and walked home. So sorry if we held you back last night. Maslyn, Ismail and I chatted till 12.10 a.m because our bus are full all the time. Had a great time with the band people, as usual.

I went back to school on Friday to collect my 2nd novel for Malay 'A'. Gosh! It is so thick and I have to read all the 574 pages of the novel by the first Malay 'A' lesson when everybody attends the class. To make it worst, I am going for a holiday next week and when will i be able to complete reading this noval. There would not be ample time for me to read the book and do a research on A. Samad Said as requested by Mdm. Suhana. On top of that, I still have my Maths, Physics assignments that I've not touched a single one as yet. I hope I can finish one Physics practice paper before 18th December 2005 call for its quit.

Tomorrow, I'll be going to MeidaCorp Studios again to support Gerald. All the best to Gerald. Whatever happens, believe that you have given your best shot! I'll vote for you...

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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Assalamualaikum. Went to school yesterday for band. We did stock checking and then went for a pizza feast kindly sponsored by Mr. Azahar. Thank you Mr. Azahar. Now, I love the band so much. I think they are like my closest friend at the moment until next year. It is unpredictable, once all of us get back to our civics group next year, some will not even bother about the band any longer. I just hope that the band will be the most united CCA in Innova Junior College next year and forever more. After my studies, band is next on my priority list. Most of the band members are professional and communicate sensibly and the most important of all, there is no clique in the band. We respect one another on top of our hillarious jokes. Had a great, wonderful and fruitful time yesterday. We spend 3 hours at the food court and organised our 1st gathering. We are done with the planning process, invitation, price checking, menu for the barbeque and all settled. Just need to wait the day itself. Efficient indeed unlike some groups that I've worked with that take years and years to plan but t the end, nothing good came out from it. Haizzz...

As much as I want to be a different, the used-to-be quiet Izwan, I also want to have fun during band. While I was in the bus to school yesterday, I was super determined to be quiet during the band meeting yesterday but once I stepped onto the 3rd floor of the school and met my dearest band member, I've become the crazy old Izwan. Hahahaha! I just love them to bits and pieces. I hope it will stay as a fact forever. I must say that I've never imagine myself being the crazy, joker Izwan. Never. I ws used to be known as someone who is mature, quiet with gentle demeanour but now, my good reputation is tarnished but I would not say that my reputation is that bad to the extent that I am seen as someone who is rude, recalcitrant, stupid, trecherous and sortHowever, this does not change my principles a single bit. I want to have fun in the last year of my JC year. Love Band! Band Rawks!

Although, I've not done a single bit of my holiday assignment, I can't wait to start school back. I am just wishing that I am blessed the whole year throughout. I wonder who are my tutors for all the subject. So far, I only know 2. Mdm Suhana will be taking me for Malay A and Mr. Teo, for Physics.

Now, Ihave to agree that when you are more mature, you easily get closer to your pals. Just take the band members for an example. We have only know each other for like 5 months or so, but we are very close. Much more closer than the friends that I've known for years ago. I am so enthusiastic about band now. Not sure why but all thanks to the WASBE BandFusion! JC Band Festival 2005.

Smith Band will be having another gathering on the 31st December 2005. I want to spend this New Year's Eve with my family and enjoy myself before school starts on the 2nd January 2006 but I also would not want to miss meeting and having fun with my new Smithsonians friends from other JCs.

Music gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything.

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Monday, December 12, 2005

Assalamualaikum. WOWOWOWOOWOW! I am super happy! I've managed to step on the Esplanade Concert Hall prestigious stage and performed there for 33 minutes. Wow! The feeling is so ... The feeling is just far beyond words to be explained. I will never ever forget this golden experience. So great!

I came late for the sound check but luckily I was just on time when the Smith band was just about to go on stage for the sound check. I got my Artist Pass but my name was spelled wrongly. Sad, but never mind. At 5.30p.m, we had our lunch at the Artist Lounge. The Muslim players got Nasi Lemak for dinner. Quite nice. After dinner, I went back to my dressing room and dress up (i mean put wax on hair and wear the tie and look good!) Hahahaha... I love the dressing room. 1st class! That was the first time that I wore my school tie and people were admiring it except that it does not goes with our uniform. Afterwhich, I went to find my other Innovian peeps and took some photos. Only met Maslyn, Jacelyn, Yong Ting(my SAX partner) and Qing Yun.

At 7.30p.m, all Smith Band members were supposed to be in the dressing room with their instruments all tuned. I was not that nervous due to the fact that I am going to be alone performing. I was all ready to perform by then.

The time that I was waiting for had finally came. We said "Good Luck" to one another. I walked confidently to the stage and was all set to perform. Gosh! the lighting was damn bright. I could not even see the audience clearly. All thanks to the blaring light. We started off the performance with American Elegy. I must applaud the guy from Tampines Junior College to be audacious enough to go up on the 3rd floor to play the solo part there alone. He played the solo part excellently. Oh ya, I played my solo part also for the first time. it was because during all the rehearsals, I never play my solo part until the performance day itself. Luckily, I did not screwed it up. Then we move on to In the Persian Market. Love this piece with the piccolo solo and the oboe solely. Mr. Tay left the stage and gave it all to Mr. Lim. He raised his baton and we started playing the energetic piece of Emperata Overture. Continued with the soothing Howl's Moving Castle Theme Song and lastly ended our performance with the upbeat Amparito Roca.

Wow! I played most of the part and managed to do some of the running notes. Hahaha... Subjugated! Went back to the dressing room and kept my dear tenor saxophone into the casing and left to Lixian's room. We went to the stage entrance from the backstage and watched the other performance.

Everything ended at 10.50p.m. For some who wondered why I never say anything about the incident that happened after the show, I just do not want to insult some people. Hahaha...

We went to have a drink at the MakanSutra. Maslyn, Ismail, Jacelyn and I took the same cab home to Yishun. I reached home at 1.05a.m. Hahahahah... The day was superb! This whole thing left a big print in my heart and it will never be erased away!

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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Assalamualaikum. When I got home from NIE yesterday at 7.30p.m, I quickly have my dinner and left home at 8.00p.m and headed to Taman Warisan at Bugis. It was already 9.15p.m when I reached there. By then, the place was super gloomy. Scary. Worst, the front entry door was already locked and I have to walk through another dark lane to get to another entry. I went there for a Story Writing Competition. The competition was stretch over 11 hours and 24 hours. There were 3 sections. 1st being 11 hours from 9 a.m to 8 p.m and the 2nd one from 10p.m to 9a.m the next morning. The 3rd one is 24 hours long from 9 a.m. We were given a single word theme which happens to be a very chim word Fatamorgana. Luckily, I roughly know the meaning but just to be sure, I asked Hilwa, Ismail and Saddiq to check for me but only Hilwa got the meaning. Thank you Hilwa! Every 2 hours, the contestants will be given a key word and we need to use all the word creatively in order to get 20% of the total marks.

Guess how many words do we have to write? 5000 words! Goodness gracious. Making it worst, I've to write because I do not own a laptop and we are supposed to count the number of words we wrote. After completing a page, I count and lastly, I'd sum up all. I completed the story at 9.15 am. Got a new experience. I’ll tell you guys what my story is about soon ya.

Oh ya, 4PM needs usher for the Iklas TAA Suria show. So, I volunteered and guess what? Siti Nurhaliza was one of the artist there besides Taufik Batisah from Singapore Idol, Khairul from Anugerah, Kelvin from Superstar and Shabir from Vasantham Star. Yes, I saw Siti Nurhaliza live for the 2nd time and the best part was that I got to see the rehearsals, seeing the artist without makeup and wax or gel up on their hair. Ewww… Some of them look horrendous! Siti Nurhaliza do look good though without makeup. I thought that she looked younger without makeup. When the show started, the ushers were asked to be seated at the empty seats and gosh, I got to sit at the $100 seats. I was sitting on the 3rd row. Siti Nurhaliza was so B.E.A.Utiful! Took some pictures and here there are… Enjoy!

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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Assalamualaikum. 3 days have gone so fast and now we'll just have to wait for the big day on Monday, 12th December 2005. The 3 days experience is something that will never fade away from my mind.

On the first day, when I stepped into the Tutorial Room at the NIE, reserved for the Smith Band. I wondered who Mr. Tay Jun Ngiap was but felt relieved to know later that he was Northbrooks Secondary School 3rd conductor after Dr. Matthew Lim. Although I left band when took charge, at least I've heard about him. My second conductor is none other than my own Innova Junior College conductor, Mr. Lim Tee Heong. I am pretty happy to know that I am in a band that is under the baton of 2 nice conductors. 'American Elegy' was slow but nice. It was written by Frank Tichelli in the remembrance of the Columbine Tragedy and those who survived. I got a solo part. Very scared at first but manage to get hold of it. 'In a Persian Market' by Albert W. Ketelbey was refreshing. It got an Arabic Music influence. Mr. Tay got us to imagine a scenario in a market near the Sahara where people travel on camels and on an auspicious event, a pretty princess came to the market and there were a few of armed soldiers securing her safety. Therefore, we played better the 2nd time. 'Emperata Overture' by Claude T. Smith was so much faster than I thought. It happens to be a majestic piece with the solid intro by the Timpani. I love the melody in this piece. 'Howl's Moving Castle' theme song by Joe Hisaishi and Yumi Kimura was splendid. Beatiful. If you really put your heart and soul in listening to the melody, it will move you to tears. I am sure that the movie must be nice and of course, sad. Last but not least, it was 'Amporito Roca', my greatest fear. There were so many running notes. Just imagine, I have to run 25 different notes in 14 seconds. Luckily, there was another tenor saxophone player from Raffles Junior College who can play so well to cover me. This piece by Jaime Texidor was of a Spanish dance genre.

The games organised by the WASBE volunteers were pretty stupid and sucks. All they can do is shout and shout. Darn it! It is a shame to musicians. Musicians supposed to be respectful and of gentle demeanour unless you play the drum set and those rock music. Luckily, my chaperons were nice people unlike some other rude ones.

I got to know more people from other Junior Colleges and the best part I got to talk with students from Raffles Junior College for the first time. Before this, I've talked to students from all JC except Raffles'. Pathetic, isn't it!

The sectional practices were not bad though. Mr. Lim took my woodwinds section. He asked us to play so many different scales. Some I’ve not heard before and oh ya, the musical terms such as pantomic, ditomic and etc. (if I remember clearly) Imagine, Concert G Major Scale is written in A and Concert Bb is written in C and etc.

Oh ya, the Malay guys went to Friday prayers in a car. No big deal? It is until you hear this. There were 10 people including the driver and we squeezed into a 1.6 car. Hahahaha! We went to the mosque just adjacent to the cemetery. Through this trip to the mosque, the Malay guys got closer. I only manage to remember some; Faidhi, Hadi, Khairul, Khairuddin, Nabil and …

On the Innova Junior College Band side, we got closer through this. So much close I must say. There were 9 of us; Lixian and Izwan from Smith Band, Maslyn, Jacelyn and Yong Ting from Barnes Band, Xin Yi and Qing Yun from Reed Band and last but not least Nabil and Jennifer from Sparke Band. We had lunch together everyday and gossiped about the conductors and students from other JCs. I left home at 7.00 am and reached home at 7.30 p.m daily from Thursday to Saturday. Gosh!

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Tuesday, December 6, 2005

Assalamualaikum. Went to Esplanade last Sunday to catch the Philharmonic Wind Goes POP Concert that cost me $12 ( if i remebered correctly ). Before that we went had dinner at Lau Pa Sat where we run into Mr. Lim with his wife. What a coincident, there was also a performance by Temasek Secondary School's Symphonic Band. Their conductor looks familiar. Love the latest decorations at Esplanade. I wonder, how will they decorate the place for Christmas. They performed brilliantly with the splendid choice of pieces such as Yue Liang Tai Biao Wo De Xin(my favourite Chinese song), Disney's Fantasy, Can't Take my Eyes Off You and etc. The Conductor said that the tittle of the Lauryn Hill's hit supposed to be Can't Take My Eyes Off of You. That was true though, but it sounds funny. Hahahaha... Had a great time with Ismail, Maslyn, Yong Ting, Nabil, Genevieve, Li Xuan, Jacelyn, Monisha, Qing Yun and her guy.

Yesterday, went to MediaCorp Studios to support Gerald and Mr. Kryis Ang who took part in the SuperHost Competition. Both did very well and did Innova Junior College proud of them and to all of you, do not forget to vote for my dear friend Gerald Ng Bo Rong M2. Vote for him!

It has been a long time since I've met my Titian Minda peeps. Hope to meet you guys real soon and also those in Brunei. Got the news that Faisal is coming to town this month. Hope to see him here in Singapore. To Khairul, good luck for your NS.

Vote M2 for the SuperHost! He has the talent! M2...M2...M2...all the way!

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Friday, December 2, 2005

Christmas is coming real soon. This reminisce me about 2 occasions where I performed or I I should say, "ACT". Many will not believe that I have acted before and what is more, it was at such prestigious stage of Jubilee Hall, Raffles Hotel. Hahaha! Not that prestigious though. I have to thank Ms. Sandra Lee for believing and having faith in me. The first time I associated myself with the theatrical world was when I was in Primary 5. I acted as one of Oliver's friend. Yeah, we put up the musical entitled "Oliver Twist". It was staged during one of the Christmas Concert held in Yishun Primary School. I can still remember clearly what the plot and scene was about. In the year 2000, Yishun Primary School invests in a thousand dollar project which is the musical entitled The Good Old Scrooge and Snow White which was to be put up later that year at the Jubilee Hall, Raffles Hotel. Hahaha! Guess what was my role then?

Ms. Sandra Lee asked me to try a few roles and finally chose me as the Prince who saves Snow White's life. A Prince? What? Gosh! And there was a kissing scene but I didn’t do that, there was a sound effect done and it was super loud like "Muuuuaahhhhhh..." It was a bit overwhelming for me but after the moral support given by my peers and teachers, I survived through it. Let me tell you, it was not easy as it seems. We started the practice in March. There were 2 dance instructors, Darric and forget the other one because she did not really taught me. She was in charge of the Broadway Dance. I learned the Ballroom dance and the Finale dance. Still remember, Darric asked all the actors to dance in one big circle and every minute a dancer will be eliminated due to the faults they've done and unbelievably, I was the top 2 dancers. Jie Wei who played as the Grumpy dwarf was my sole competitor then but Darric stop the game and no winner was determined at last. Jie Wei was a good dancer. God knows where he is now. Emida Natalaray, one of the MediaCorp producers was there to coach us too. Just a little bit info about her; she is the producer of one of the many seasons of the popular drama series, Growing Up. Ms. Sandra Lee is one professional director. Her assistant was Ms. Stefanie Pan who left for Australia the next year. Both of them make sure everything goes smoothly. I felt some sense of safety working under her unlike some USELESS teachers who only know how to brag and fights for the glitz of glamour limelight. Ms. Lee brought us to the Concorde to rent some clothes and yeah, they cost a BOMB. They were so beautiful. I got a purple outfit that looked so 'not my type' with the sequins and glitters on the suit. We had to stay up late for rehearsals, scene after scene. I stepped into the Jubilee hall for the first time when we did crew check and sound check. I still remember that we had 2 final dry run of the musical at the Jubilee Hall. The last was the full-dress rehearsal. Gosh! Love the props and the background done by the teachers and students of Yishun Primary School. It was so professionally done. Superb! The day finally came and we performed for 2 nights. The 1st night was for VIPs and Parents while the 2nd was for students. I must say that it was a night of GLAMOUR. Everyone looked their best. The actors and dancers had make-up artists and hairdo. Also to add on to the excitement, the performance was done during the fasting month of Ramadhan. We the Muslims got special food to break our fast. Guess where we break our fast? It was at the VIP’s Room. Gosh! The design was so classy and of high-class and we even have waiter in the toilet to serve us with towels. Hahaha. It was indeed a scintillating performance. The Principal and Vice Principal were both satisfied and proud of us.

This is the history I've yet to make. First, I stepped onto the stage of Jubilee Hall's to amuse people with my gentle moves as the charming Prince... later, at Victoria Concert Hall, I broke the deafening silence with the tantalising tune of the charmed Ed Huckeby's By the River of Babylon... I moved on to the MediaCorp Studios to flag the pride of Innova Junior College and then it was Brunei Radio and Television Perdana's Hall to hold onto Singapore's renowned debating standard... Soon, I will be soothing the hearing sense of the distinguished audiences at the prestigious stage of the Esplanade Concert Hall. More exalted places that I wish to conquer armed with the God's gift I was blessed with. Will it be the prominent Royal Albert Hall, London or the sicintillating Opera House of Sydney... This is a secret yet to be revealed. I'll be waiting with the blaze of hope.

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Thursday, December 1, 2005

Assalamualaikum. He is now officially one of my idol... After Siti Nurhaliza and Anuar Zain, Rain is next on the list...

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Assalamualaikum. Like you, I have my flaws too.

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