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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Assalamualaikum. I went to Dato' Siti Nurhaliza's forum and found this. She was chosen to be the one who officially launched Louis Vuitton's latest gallery in Malaysia at Jalan Bukit Bintang. OOOppps! Latest update, Dato' Siti Nurhaliza will be walking on the Red Carpet on this 11th February for the Grammy Awards! Okay enough! What I want to talk today is not about her but the gorgeous gallery. It is so beatiful. Grand and redezvous. It engender the feeling of class! We don't have that kind here in Singapore. I want to study and work really hard so that I can shop expensive stuffs. Of course not to the extend of pembaziran (unthriftiness) but surely I want to taste a rich life. I am sure everyone wants to do it. I take it as a inspiration for me to study hard and work dilligently. Gosh! I will be up there one day. I want to show to the world that Melayu Boleh! I want to create a new image for my people. I don't want people to label them as mats and minahs anymore. But that takes time.
People always question me..."Izwan, what do you see yourself in 10 years down the road?" I didn't really think of it but actually deep down in my heart, of course I want to be someone who brings pride to his family, society, religion and country.

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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Assalamualaikum. I am feeling the distance. You are no longer the one that I know in the past. No longer the innocent one. Change. Everything changes. Change for the better or worst? Question yourself my dear friend...

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Monday, January 29, 2007

Assalamualaikum. She still rocks! No matter what, she is still my idol. Hahaha... She will be releasing her new album with the concept of traditiona and pop ethnic concept. I miss her singing those kind of songs. But... the album is scheduled to be released in March-April. Knowing Dato' Siti Nurhaliza, the album will be released in June I guess? Anyway, I will already be in camp at that point of time. Never mind, if for Transkripsi I can go Geylang on a rainy day after school to get it and returned back to school for band practice, I don't think this time will be a problem. Dato' Siti produce something great this time and don't care what people say about you. You have done so much for the Malay Achipelago's Music Industry. Do something great. Ok, I better stop before you start rolling your eyes all the way up to "heaven". Heh.

Today went to this factory site. I heard there's a pet store there and I was really eager to go there and when I went there, just at the gate... OOOhhh! 2 dogs barked at me. My heart was pumping real fast! Gosh! But I didn't run. Then the small dog run towards me and keep barking. I still stood there and when the do was right in front of me, I said stop! "Stop...stop!" My heart was pumping real fast! And the cute small dog stop actually. I think it understands. Luckily it was just a small one not the bulldog kind or the big fierce look kind. Gosh! Summum buk mum... Hahaha... tried to read that but failed... Was too "excited". Luckily there were nobody there to laugh at me.

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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Assalamualaikum. Happy 2nd Birthday to my beloved nephew, Mohd Aisy Daanyaal! Ok, first of all, I love his cake. My mum loves him so much that she spent so much money on just a cake... Gosh! Do I sound jealous? No. It was just a mini party as we will be having a mega party for him at Air Papan, Mersing next week. My sister asked me to drive there but I am not that confident. 2nd time driving all the way to Mersing? Gosh! Oh ya, and it will be a convoy. 7 cars. I will try my best; driving. Back to the mini party. We had great food too. Had a small kenduri before the the cake is being "destroyed" by Aisy. He is so excited when he first saw the cake. Everybody loves the cake. I ate like 6 pieces of it. Hey people, I want to grow fat remember? I am so happy to see him happy, but he makes me feel old. You know, uncle Izwan? Gosh! That is bad! I am looking haggard these days. I do not want to cut my hair because I know that I am going to miss it when I am enlisted in 1.5 months time. I have to bid goodbye to freedom soon. You know when people know that I am in civil defence, a lot of people will like give me the puzzled look. Some of the remarks are like, "Huh? You in CD? I thought only ITE and dropout students go to CD?" Then my usual reply will be, "Oh I do not know...". Then there is this one nice uncle who overheard this conversation and said, " How can all stupid people go there. There need clever people to lead them" I was like ...phewh! But am I clever?

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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Assalamualaikum. Glad that the 'A's are over but not that much because there's the results to worry. Finally I got my enlistment letter. I will be enlisted on the 15th March 2007. So people, if you want to contact or meet me, please do so before this date. Since it has been a long time since I've blogged(pardon me if there's no such a word), I will dissect this entry in parts so that it will be easier for you to read. In other words, you can choose the parts that you wish to read and which you don’t. Hope that this will do you a favour by cutting short your reading time and prevent you from wasting time browsing throughout my whole entry because I think that this is going to be a long one. Dear valued readers, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of you a Merry Christmas, Selamat Hari Raya AidilAdha and a Happy New Year 2007.

'A' Level
It has been a rollercoaster ride for me going through the entire journey to reach the climax – GCE 'A' Level. It is not only about Newton's Law, Mathematical Induction or Tema(Theme) of the tonnes of literature text but the meaning of friendship, teamwork, the myriad of human’s behaviour and etc. Innova Junior College. Hahahhaa... I just do not know what to say when some of the 'O' Level graduates students asked me about this school. Good... Bad ... Excellent ... Atrocious ... Extraordinary ... Reckless? I am not sure. There is nothing I can conclude but dear PSLE graduates, Northbrooks Secondary School is for a sure a good institution under the helm of Miss Lam Ai Leen. I am just so blessed to be able to study there. Ok, back to the 'A's... General Paper: I thought my school did something cool. The comprehension passage for my school prelim is of the same topic as that of the 'A's. The AQ question was shocking. Didn't really manage to finish the paper actually. As for my paper 1, I chose the question on media. I am scared if I misunderstood the word 'trivia'. I am just hoping for the best. Malay 'A': Hahhaha... I thought the questions for Paper 1 Part 1 were boring. I am worried if I wrote too long and make some stupid mistakes. For Paper 2, I don't know why does it have to happen to me during the actual BIG exam. I made a very silly mistake and wasted so much time. Lucky for me, I finished the paper. I hope my answer for one of the context question is correct. Oh please! Mathematics: I am quite happy for my paper 2 but not really for paper 1. I am more prepared for paper 1 but it turned out to be one difficult paper. I hope I won't let Miss Ng down. She has been helping me very much. I can see that she shows no favouritism. Whether you are the top student or worst student, she still treats you the same. Unlike some teachers... Physics: BOOM! Paper 1 and 3 was generally okay but Paper 2 was difficult and challenging. I am just hoping the best for all the papers. I thought it was better than my prelims, I hope it is true. I hope I improved for all the subjects except Malay. I hope I will get the same grade despite failing my essay for prelim. Actually, I miss Innova Junior College too... It is my school after all.
*pardon for my english... it is rusty now!

05S71 Hari Raya Outing
How can I forget about this sunny day? It was only a day after my class's last paper. Just love the feeling. I thought this year was a better one than that of last year. Though lesser people turned up, I thought there were fewer troubles too. First up, the class came over to my place. We spent over like an hour here. Finally I get to serve my class food. Last year, when they came to my house, it was already 12.00 a.m. Everybody wants to go home! I know how they feel. Especially Zaheerah, she has to travel all the way back to Boon Lay. Pity her but there's nothing that I can do. I have no driving license at that point of time to drive her back home. But...but... I still haven't got a car to do so... Hahhahaha... Anyway, the menu for the day was Fried Bee Hoon, fried Chicken Wings and Soursop drink. Then, we went over to Bashirah's place. Hmm the nuggets are delicious and the grape drink was yummy! Some of the boys played XBOX and some the girls went to Bashirah's room. Lily changed into a baju kurung. She looks good in it. Then over to Hafiz's house... Oooooh...There are 5 cats at his place. All of them are fat and cute, but only one is not shy. It entertains us, scare us sometimes... We were served with Chrysanthemum Tea. Hmm, I am trying my recalling ability. Soon after that, we went to Zul's house. His brothers are entertaining. power Ranger freaks? Hahhahaa, I was like them once upon a time, not long ago. 10 years ago, maybe... We ate Fried Satay, Rice Cakes and Peanut Gravy... Hmm, I love the gravy. The drink was green in colour, apple drink maybe... I love the time when some of us sat at the dining table and chat. We talked about our future and laugh... Oh when will that kind of thing going to happen again...After Zul's house, we proceed all the way to our last destination: Zaheerah's place. Wah, her mother prepare a spread for us. Chicken Curry, Roti Jala (ohh I love this), SwissRoll, Watermelon and Fruitade drink. The first and the last gassy drink of the day. Cool! We chat and chat until 9.00p.m. Did you guys remember the "catching the bus incident"? hahahhaa, I was fooled by the bus driver. After that, we didn't want to go home instead headed to Jurong Point and went to the TIMEZONE. Hafiz and Ying Ying were the King and Queen from 05S71 for Daytona respectively. We left like about 11.30p.m? Ya... Not much different from last year yeah! I am going to miss this day. Thank You 05S71 for the memories...both good and bad!

05S71 Chalet
Oh my! Like finally we had a class chalet. Only 2 didn't turn up...Not so bad. on the first night we had BBQ and it was all great except ... the fire. We did not finish the food and kept for the 2nd day. The first night, slept quite late. It was like around 3a.m? Calvin and I cahtted in the room and then Khai Siang and Yasin joined us. Hahaha... Khai Siang is really funny and crazy! But he and Yasin are inseparable, but both of them take care of each other well. Kudos to the both of them! The reason I didn't join majority of the boys in the other room was because they turned on the air-con. Not that I am being petty but seriously, I cannot take the low temperature. Anyway, were short of balnkets, so no choice. The chalet is really big. We had 4 rooms - 2 for each gender. But the girls only used 1 of them. Hahaha... Okay, back to the story regarding the 2nd night's BBQ. The fire this time was good. KUDOs to Calvin, Khai Siang, Yassin, Hafiz and me! Hahaha, first time I help to start a fire. The food were good. We had Chicken Wings, Satay, fried Bee Hoon, Otah, hot Dogs, fishballs and crabmeat.Oh ya, that was only for BBQ. We also had Cup noodles, chips, watermelon and for breakfast... Japanese Milk(sounds wrong...not milk from the japanese but the brand lah!), Cornflakes, nutella, bread and Milo. Some played mahjong, playstation, soccer, basketball, swim but all played the Polar Bear Game, Guess the No. Game, Water Game, Water Melon's Game Captain's Ball. Hahhaha... the polar bear Game was funny because Khai Siang was the game master. People keep disrupting him. Sorry guys, I over reacted that night(morning rather?). Oh ya,Tian Chong had to carry someone... Hahaha... It was really cute! The Water Game was like exciting. But it is like always the same people who get the number right. Interesting! On the 2nd night played with some of them, the Donkey Game, Heart Attack and then went out with Calvin like about 2a.m. Oh ya! Bashirah, touty, Saunders and i heard strange sounds at the corridor. Oooohh! Then, finally the 3rd day came. Sad, but there's nothing we can do to turn back the time. Some of them went to Fish & Co.(my cg's favourite restaurant) but I had to leave. Oh ya guys, the chicken's good right? Hope so...

Innova Junior College Inaugural Prom Night 2006
Most people are waiting for this night. The night of glamour! 2 weeks before the day, people are already buying and preparing for the night but me! Gosh, one day before. I was quite nervouse because I hate last minute shopping. Left home at 12p.m and then met my Sister at her workplace at Raffles Place and then went home to put the stuffs and then to Sakura, Northpoint to have a reunion dinner with Ismail, Kenneth, Saddiq, Saddiqi and Melvin. Met Hidayah and Nurul there. gosh! I miss them... On Tuesday, went to meet Kenneth to trim my hair and Wellness Proffessional Body Spa Salon... Ooohh where's that? Find it! Like the service there... Oh ya, I have to tell all of you that my hair wasn't dyed. It was just hair colour wax. At 6p.m, took the taxi to pick Ismail and Derrick up. Reached Swissotel Merchant court at 7p.m. There was a traffic jam at some expressways(sorry I am not familiar with the roads). Met the rest there...I will not forget this night. Even though the programs(was there even 1 to consider?) and the food were not up to expectation. My friends were stunning, at least most of them. Sat at the same table with 05S71,05S63's Muslim students plus Ismail and Adeel who look like twins that nights.I am quite disappointed with the teachers actually. Only 10-15 teachers turned up. Back then at Northbrooks' Prom, all the teachers were there. this is how "well" iJC bid farewell to its PIONEER batch. Oh, congratulations to Sufi and Adeel for winning the Prom Queen and King! thank to the judges who qualify me to the final round and those who voted for me, Arigato!
Bashirah, curly hair? Very the vogue! Nice I like the hair. Ismail, that outfit suits you well! Khalisah, love the fresh look. Calvin, you look like a proffessional soceer player who attends a prestigious award ceremoney! Charming huh! Izwan, you look ...(fill in the blank)

My Birthday Celebration with Friends
Thank you 05S71 and Ismail for the birthday dinner at Fish N Co. (again?) Hahahhaa. Ya. Thank You so much for making time to come for the dinner. It is really great to see you guys. Thank you so much also to the people who wishes me happy birthday! Thanks for remembering it andtaking the initiative to wish me. A gigantic thanks to all of you! Thank you so much and I will remeber this day of my life. Hope we will be able to gather again soon... When will that time come?

Northbrooks Gathering
Yahoo! It has been a long long long time since I met these people. Ismail, Kenneth, Cassandra, Kai Long, Alaina and Derrick! Actually wanted to go picnic but cancelled. Wanted to go ice skating but cancelled...At last we went Party World to karaoke. Cassandra has a nice voice! Hahhaa, had a great, wonderful time that afternoon. The best part was the photo taking session. took a lot of great photos that day.The 'animal', the 'human revolution', the 'hip hop', the 'down', the 'robot' shots and all... Hmm... Unbreak My Heart didn't break ur ear drums right guys? Hahahaha... Money, money, money by ABBA, No More Tears, More Than Words, Cinta, Hai Pa... there were some of the songs we sang... Love the day!

Novawinds Gathering
Ismail organised this one... Thank you Ismail for the effort to bring us back together. Thanks to Jacelyn to lend us her house. hahaha... When we went there, we were like saying "hey we are here 2 years ago" ... Oh my 2 YEARS AGO? Time really fly fast. Went to bought the things in morning and all were late except Ismail. Hahahaha... You are too eager lah Ismail! Hahaha... We bought a lot of things and as usual, we spend beyong our budget. After that, decided to take a cab. Oh my, it is difficult to get one. Oh actually it is hard to get one that accept us. Luckily we have Mr. Diplomatic, Ismail there to talk to the taxi driver. We were quit hungry because we didn't have breakfast and the BBQ started late. We had MYOJO Cup Noodles. I had the Tom Yamilicious one! At around 3p.m, Ismail and Fazlan went to start the fire while Maslyn, Jacelyn, Moonisha and I had our lunch. Luckily the rain stopped when we had the BBQ and started back after we end it. Bashirah, just for you, Fazlan and I went through the storms to send you the bus stop. Hahahahaa...(banyak punya storm). We chatted until 9p.m while having ice cream with delicious toppings kindly sponsored by Ismail. We took lots of pictures again. Miss the moments together. Miss band practice actually. Mr. Lim's lecture and the gossips! Oh ya, who have the band camp photos?

*this are the things that I did after my 'a' level. of course there are some more but i guess...let it be a secret biarlah rahsia . reminisce the past withe me people. hahahaha... Is it long enough? take your time to read

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Friday, January 26, 2007

dalam malam yang kelam
aku terus terbungkam
terbungkam dalam cahaya nan kelam
menanti sebuah harapan yang balam
harapan demi harapan terus disulam
rahsia hati semakin mendalam
mungkin terlalu jauh untuk diselam
satu demi satu ceritera dikumpul menjadi sebuah kalam
yapi kini hanya mampu untuk memberi sekuntum salam
salam yang terakhir sebelumku berpindah ke lain alam

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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Assalamaualaikum. Ismail, you tell me what? Wait till episode 8 of 1 litre of Tears and I will cry? You are wrong. I exploded at episode 4... Hahahaha...

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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Assalamualaikum. Watching 1 litre of tears now... Quite nice a show. Just watched 2 episodes of it. Maybe too early to criticise or evaluate the show... but so far so good. Aya's father is funny!

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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Assalamualaikum. I am back. Finally back. I am really happy that I finally got my new computer. Back to this cyber world. Connected back with my friends and and my dear blog... There are so many things need to be done. Quite lost actually as in I don't know how to find certain things and go to certain websites as it has been a long,long,long time since I surf this great creation of Man. Well, Great doesn't mean it is flawless...I forget some compulsory websites that I go to once I am logged on to the internet... Youtube, can't forget that one!

Anyway there are alot of things that I want to say but I think I don't have the time to type it all out here... Never mind, will be revealed.

Oh ya, to those who wants the pictures that are with me. Hold on. I am setting up a online photo album so that you guys can just grabbed them from there. Still choosing which one is the best for my album... Picture trail? Yahoo!? Give me like about 24 hours and I'll fix it right away.

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The picture that speaks a thousand words...

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