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Monday, December 29, 2008

Assalamualaikum. Salam Maal Hijrah 1430 Hj to all Muslimin and Muslimat. Yesterday went to Masjid Darul Makmur for the occasion. Started at 1745 hr with Zikir and Istighfar followed by a syarahan "Muhasabah Sempena Tahun Baru" by Ustaz Fatris Bakaram who is also the Deputy Mufti of Singapore. I was really touched on how down to earth he is being someone great. The way he speaks, the way he carry himself is really admirable. While waiting for the adzan, we recite Doa Akhir Tahun later Istighfar. Then we performed solat Maghrib then followed with bacaan Doa Tahun Baru. Ended at around 2130 hr with supper of Nasi Briyani and other dishes. I was lucky to be on leave yesterday enabling me to attend the occasion. Alhamdulillah.

Anyway, on the previous night duty, I attended this call with call text, "A German Shepherd bite both my maid and my dog. Both are bleeding" Hmmm... So how it all happened. This maid of the caller went to walk her dog, by chance a cute Dalmatian. On a personal note, it was my first time seeing a real Dalmatian. It really reminded me of my childhood - 101 Dalmations remember? Indeed it was very pretty and obedient, trying to sniff me and all. At the same time, another maid was walking her dog too, a German Shepherd without a muffle. Now I know, that there is a rule that certain breed of dogs need to be muffled whenever they are out of the house. poor Dalmatian and the maid, was bitten by the German Shepherd. More heart-wrenching, the Dalmatian was deaf. It was adopted by the caller few weeks before that and was about to put to sleep because it was deaf.

Huh? Just because it is deaf, it gives you the right to take its life? Gosh, human being! We treated the disabled human beings nicely as taught since young by our parents, teachers and the media but what about disabled animals? When the mad cow disease happened, many cows were killed. Later the pig disease, thousands of pigs were killed. Then, the pandemic Bird Flu came, thousands of birds lost their lives... When it is associated to animals, we PEOPLE can easily kill them having an alibi that the disease they are carrying are contagious, but what happen when diseases which are human-borne start to kill people rampantly. Do we kill the affected ones just like we do it to the animals so that it wont be passed to other people? Like AIDs, SARs, TBs and all. We talk too much about being passionate with one another, as we are blessed with something called LIFE. But what about those animals? Aren't they blessed too? They have a guaranteed place in the heaven! Even if they need to be put away, do it nicely, not like just bury them alive. Few years ago, on the news, it showed piglets being pushed into a big hole and later burried. Mankind? Modernisation is eating into it much lately. We need a BIG if not HUGE self-reflection!

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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Assalamualaikum. Met Ismail, Kenneth and Saddiq for breakfast yesterday at A & Z Eating Place along Sembawang Road. I had Bihun Soto and my favourite Almond Milk. We did a lot of catching up with one another. Ismail is practically enjoying his off days and counting his days to ORD, Saddiq is now undergoing his vocational training and Kenneth and me, still slogging off. I ahve 74 more days before my ORD date which breaks down to 37 working days before subtracting my leaves.

Anyway in the midst of the breakfast, I overheard Dato' Siti Nurhaliza's latest single being played on the radio. So, I was quite sure that the album is already here in Singapore after its launching on the 26th December 2008 in Malaysia. I did try calling Muzika Rekods Joo Chiat on the 24th December 2008 enquiring when is Lentera Timur coming to Singapore as they are always the first in Singapore to bring in Malaysian and Indonesian albums. According to one of the salesman, he said that the earliest the album will be here one week after its launching. Ya, I take it as a fact that I need to believe and live with it, so be patient and just wait! After listening to the song Di Taman Teman on the radio yesterday's morning, I decided to call them again and ask again, guess what the same salesman whom I believe was the one talking to me 2 days ago said?

Izwan: Hi, I would like to enquire about Siti Nurhaliza's latest album. Is it already here?

Salesman: Oh, we just sold the last copy. But we are ordering more, might be coming next

What the heck men, they are not being professional. Once I reached home, I tried calling Muzika Rekods Tanjong Katong asking if they still have a copy of the album and checked with them if Muzika Rekods Joo Chiat still has it or not. Another bloody answer, "Oh it is not here yet, as for at Joo Chiat, I am not sure..." Gosh, is this how you guys do business. I am not a genius when it comes to business theory and all but at least I know its fundamentals. SO not professional with a big 'P'. These are some of the shots of Dato Siti Nurhaliza's latest album cover. From

Should only if I drive, I would have drove all the way to Kuala Lumpur to get my hands on this Lentera Timur! Haiz...

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Friday, December 26, 2008

Assalamualaikum. Went out with Ismail, Monisha and Nabil to Wendy's Spice Hut at Jalan Gelenggang off Thomson Road. They served North Indian Food. Ismail and I had Cheese Naan while Nabil and Monisha had Garlic Naan. The naan they served smell so good and they are very soft. We also ordered Palek Panneer (Spinach and Cheese), Butter Chicken, Chicken Tandoori and Chili Fish. My favourite has to be the naan dipped in Chili Fish sauce. Everything tasted decently good, not bad but not the best Indian food I've tasted. Pictures are taken using Ismail's Panasonic Linux and they are on the way. Come on Ismail, I know that camera of yours is super duper goody goody good, I want to see them on screen! Anyway, thank you so much to Ismail for finding out and picking out our food-tasting session yesterday. We've tried Thailand Food at Siam Kitchen Restaurant, later Vegetarian Indian Food at Bombay Cafe then North Indian Cuisine at Wendy's Spice Hut. Next it will be Malay and Indonesian Cuisine at Hajah Maimunah Restaurant on Tuesday before watching Nanyang Polytechnic's annual Malay Musical and Ismail's sister is playing Saloma if I remember correctly.

Even though they were only 4 of us yesterday but we really enjoyed ourself, laughed a lot too. We also talked about how we human being sometimes behave according to their mood. At times we feel like being childish, being crazy, being bitchy and all... I do not feel this is being hypocrite or what but it is just we being human being. We don't have a fix personality. Do you realise you behave differently in the company of different groups such as your family, friends, teachers, sergeants, boss or even your partner. Strange but indeed it is a fact of us being a complex creation. So people, just follow the flow but always remember everything has its limit... do not over do being crazy, childish, bitchy or even being a goody!

Anyway, after eating the food, Monisha lend me her iPod to listen to some Hindi songs. Wah... it really engender such a good feeling. Imagine listening to good, shoulder -convulsing, leg-tapping, hips-spinning Hindi songs. This certainly reminds me of my late sister who loved Hindi's songs and movies to core... She even remember some of the verses in the movies and songs. Definitely she influenced me into liking them too. Can't deny, they are good. Oh guys, enjoy one of my favourite Hindi song from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai... I am sure many of you guys know this one...

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Friday, December 19, 2008

Assalamualaikum. This last few weeks, I have been so busy with family and friend outings. Now, I want to concentrate on... myself! Anyway, am patiently waiting for the release of Dato' Siti Nurhaliza's latest album, Lantera Timur on the 26th of December 2008, that is like only 7 days from now. One of her song's lyric goes like this...

Tulusnya kembang suci bunga
Harum cinta Kuntum syurga
Burung berbisik tanpa dusta
Masih manja Asyik fanaa

Di kala malam tidurkan senja
Bintang menjahit baju lena
Semenjak fajar hingga purnama
Kau masih setia...
Di Taman Teman, Lantera Timur, Dato' Siti Nurhaliza, Fauzi Marzuki, Hairul Anuar Haron

And.. Dato' Siti Nurhaliza just recently released the soundtrack of Hanung Bramantyo's Perempuan Berkalung Sorban. The song is entitled Ketika Cinta. The lyrics are as follow:

Ada tiada rasa dalam jiwa
Rindu akan memanggil-Mu
Kerna setiap jiwa t’lah bersumpah
Setia hanyalah kepada-Mu

Bila cinta ada di dalam jiwa
Wangi bunga dunia tanpa nestapa
Segala yang dirasa hanyalah Dia
Hati ‘kan memuja hanya pada-Nya

Ketika cinta memanggil
Gemetar tubuhku
Ketika cinta memanggil
Hangatnya nafasku
Ketika cinta memanggil
Menderu sang rindu
Ketika cinta memanggil

Rindu… rindu… rindu qalbu
Memanggil-manggil nama-Mu
Seperti terbang di langit-Mu
Tenggelam di lautan cinta-Mu

Berpadu qalbu yang rindu
Melebur menjadi satu
Bagai menari diiringi pelangi
Ketika cinta memanggil
Ketika Cinta, OST Perempuan Berkalung Sorban, Dato' Siti Nurhaliza, Opick

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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Assalamualaikum. Just got a call from my relatives from my village back in Malacca conveying a message that one of my neighbour there has just passed away. Innalillah wainalillah hiro jiun. Al-Fatihah. Jenazahnya akan dikebumikan pada esok hari selepas Solat Sunat AidilAdha. I wonder how her 5 daughters coping with the passing of their beloved mother at this festive season. Their father just passed away about 2 years ago. I hope they are blessed with great emotional strength to go through this. God will only test us within our abilities.

To all, Selamat Hari Raya AidilAdha, ampun dan maaf dipinta bagi lahir dan batin.

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