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Monday, July 31, 2006

Assalamualaikum. Had a great weekend. On Saturday, I stayed at home the whole day and did something useful. Hahahaha. Love the weather now. It is like raining and it is just right for me to relax and sleep. Hahahaha... On Sunday, went to the Malay Food Festival at Taman Warisan Melayu. I thought the idea of having it is good but the logistics and the way it was done, is totally bad. I hope it will be better next year! Picture updates later!

Today was an unlucky day for me. In the morning, I thought of going to school early to have a morning run but it was raining heavily. Then, when I reached Causeway Point, I realised that I forget that I need to bring my GP File. Later in my home room, Jason asked Idhzuan regarding Maths Statistic and I realised that I forgot about the Maths Statistics Test today. Sheesh! Gosh! I hope ladyluck will smile at me soon!

I miss her, but I miss God more!

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Friday, July 28, 2006

Assalamualaikum. This morning, Mdm Hani decided to announce the Malay Inter-JC Debate Competition. I didn't know that she's going to do that today and I did not bring my trophy in the morning. Aniway, felt blessed and happy when Mrs. Chia comment on the Malay Debates' achievements and ya, she remembered my name. Hahahahahaha! I must really thank her. She is one of the few aspirations that I got from Innova Junior College. Her S.P.M, R.P.M, blender vs sponge and 7 UPs will always be in my mind. She has been a great vice-principal. Just to share, she is only my 2nd VP. In Northbrooks Secondary School, I don't have a VP for all the 4 years. Sad!

this week has been a fruitful one for me. I have done something akin to soul searching! I hope this sate will remain or even be better. Now, I feel a kind of peace, contentment and happiness that I even forget when was the last time I felt this way.

To those who want to play dirty, lead your way and I'll play a clean one. Clean vs Dirty! Let's see who win! May I will loose but I believe that my dignity is spared. We will just SEE!

Anyway, National Day is drawing near. National Day celebration is always best when one is at a primary school. Loads of meanings that are put through the kids and they learn it well while enjoying the celebration! Sad thing that it is just a mere celebration at iJC. We are looking forward to the holidays but certainly not a day of remembrance for the birth of a young, vibrant Singapore. How I wish I can go back to my primary school to celebrate National Day!

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Monday, July 24, 2006

Assalamualaikum. Ms Puerto Rico has been crowned to be the Ms Universe 2006. Wow! Ms Japan got to be in the Top 5. Haizz... When will Ms. Singapore get that far?

Aniway, I have been not feeling well these few days. Haiz... Getting sick and sicker! I must focus on my studies... I am so dissapointed with myself when I never do my maths homework. Worst, I dissapoint my best tutor who is Ms. Ng. I will strive and survive for the best! As Yishun Primary School's motto says, "Do Your Best and Be the Best"

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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Assalamualaikum. The band performance at Republic Polytechnic yesterday was great. Haiz... No more band. I finally feel that I will really miss band, especially my saxophone. Special thanks to Mr. Lim because he gave me many things, a different perspective, musical tips, words of encouragement and many other stuffs. Heard from my friends that they have started thourough revision for the next prelims. I am so scared by that - I have not started mine. Shucksss!

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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Assalamualaikum. Firstly, I would like to say a BIG, BIG, BIG congratulations to Siti Nurhaliza and Dato' Khalid Muhd Jiwa. They'll be getting married on 21st August 2006. Initially when I got to know about the news when Siti Nurhaliza made a 'LIVE' confession on a media conference that was shown on the television nationwide. I am certainly happy for her. Although Dato' Khalid is 20 years older than her, I am sure there is something special about him that caught her attention. It is not looks nor wealth that she's looking for, so I think there is something special. I just hope that people will stop any speculation about her relationship with Dato' Khalid. If the society thinks that she is stupid for choosing Dato' to be her lifetime parner, then I just have to think that we are leaving in a society that goes for looks! Materialistic!

Different people have different views regarding this. To me, no matter what happen, I will not choose someone who is like 20 years older than me to be my wife unless it is my destiny. I am sure that whatever happen, it happens for a reason. Maybe Dato' can give her the happiness that she longed for. I am just praying for her happiness.

Haizz... I am just sick and tired of living in this world of hypocrisy. People are not the one that we know of physically. Complex humanbeings. So complex that I just do not understand them - including myself. My peers are now really focussed in their studies. They spend hours in the library and study corner studying. I know it is no longer a choice to study but still I need the time to relax. Now that Siti Nurhaliza has found the happiness, I shall find mine. By the way, my happiness here does not necessarily only be about relationships. Come on people, there's so many things out there that you can be happy about.

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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Assalamualaikum. First of all I would like to congratulate Temase Junior College for being the champion of Bahas 4PM for the 6th time and of course, a BIG BIG BIG congratulation to Nur Hafizah. She is continuing my legacy. For those who do not know, she is the the 2nd Innovian to represent Singapore for the Inter-Varsity Debate in Singapore this year. I am very proud of her and at least I have departed some of my experience and knowledge to her. I do hope that she will do the same thing next year to her juniors.

I am very thankful that some of the seniors of Bahas 4PM really aprreciate me. Although not all, but the legend of Bahas 4PM like kak Guy Ghazali, kak Rahayu Mahzam, kak Serlynna, Anita, Syahidah, Lydia and etc see me more like a friend than just a participant. You know, I do not have any seniors in iJC, of course I felt the absence of them. However, when I joined Bahas 4PM last year, I felt that empty room of seniors is covered up by them. They are so many things that I have learnt from them. I hope I will be given the strength and time to contribute back to Bahas 4PM in the future.

I have got what I want since last week and I think now I have to give 100% focus on my studies. What done is done. Now, I just have to pray for the better.

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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Assalamualaikum. Finally, tomorrow is Bahas 4PM Finals. I just can't wait to see who are the 5 lucky people to represent SIngapore in the Inter-Varsity Debate that I took part last year. Unfortunately, I can no longer take part in the competition because you can only enter the competition once. It is okay because last year's experience is still fresh in my mind. Pertemuan di Brunei. I heard there's a lot of complication this year. What a pity! I will try my best to contribute to Bahas 4PM and make it as one of the most prestigious and popular competition in Singapore. There's a lot to be done.

Oh ya, I heard that every time you run 2.4km, you will loose approximately 500g. Imagine how many 2.4km runs I have done before, and how many kilograms that I have lost! Guys, I only eat at an average of 2 meals per day. That explains why my wait is still this "SO" much!

Gosh! I know that I don't have much time left before the 'A' Levels... I will have my studies as my top priority but please teachers, I need some rest too! Mdm Chin talked to us during the PCCG period just now. I think she's a good speaker. Hope that she will bring some rays of hope for Innova Junior College.

By the way, I think I have found my Siti Nurhaliza... By the way people, don't bother asking because Biarlah Rahsia (let it be a secret)

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Friday, July 7, 2006

Assalamualaikum. Gosh! Check it out! Siti Nurhaliza's latest music video >>>>>>>>>>>>> I must say it is the most beautiful music video from her! I like it so much.

Anyway, I have planned out and now I am pretty sure with what I am doing. I know very well that there is no use of regretting but I should never ever forget to look back. Today comes only because of yesterday. The experience and stuff that I garnered yesterday actually mould into the Muhammad Izwan that you see today. Why I behave like this, why I think this way, why I like this and that today are all because what happened yesterday. Yesterday here refers to the past too and not only the day before.

I do not know if I should be satisfied and should just be fine with my image or the behaviour that I personate now but I will never see an end to the process of amelioration of it. I am pretty sure that it is for the betterment of me as well as the people around me. The mirth is only that I have my teachers and family members who are always there for me and they may evoke the change in me and hopefully facilitating it painstakingly. On my part, I am willing to go for it!

In Junior College, I am not sure if all these happen only in my jc or others but what is apparent now is that people are willing to forget the ties and relationship just for the sake of achieving the results that they desire. Where is the closeness and warmth in the friendship that I used to have in secondary school. Now, in jcs, your friends can actually be your foes. People are working very hard not just for the sake of getting to go to the next higher stage of eductaion but just to be more superior than his/her peers. That bad but this is the harsh truth that we all have to face. I am aware that some people aren't like that but mostly are. Some people who once saw you as the girl/guy next door now can now see you as the beauty princess/handsome prince after knowing you got an A for the exam. Hahahaha such a beauty facade with bloody content. No matter how successful you may be on earth but the hell out of you once you enter the eternity. Save me in both worlds!

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Thursday, July 6, 2006

Assalamualaikum. Got back some of the results of my Preliminary Examinations 1. Thankfully, it was only my Prelim 1 and not the latter. I just do not know how to motivate myself now to study for my next prelims. The current results in a way have dampened my spirit to study hard. Shucks!

There are just so many things in my head now. Studies, NAPHA test, NS and etc (the rest Biarlah Rahsia). I am only left with 120 days before the 'A' Level. I need to focus and be more focussed. I know my priorities well but there are just so many of them. They are all important to me. I know I have to give up some but I do not wish to do so! 'A' Level really ruin my life! I know the eductaion level this far will be a betterment for me but it just brings me away from the life out there. You know, it is like there is two doors ahead of you. One of which leads to the 'A' Level route and the other to the hip life out there. Upon deciding to go to the 'A' Level route, you can forget about your life for the moment until it is over! 'A' Level just shut me off from my true life! I am not suggesting that your life will be deprived if you wish to go to junior college but I just can't deny it totally! Goodness! Gracious!

Aku Kini Perlu Berdiri
Walau Hakikatnya Pasti Kan Melukai
Aku InginSemua Rasai

Kerna Pengakhirnya Hidup
Ku Sendiri

Oh Tuhan Kau Berikan Aku
Segala Kekuatan Meneruskan

Hati Berbisik, Transkripsi, Siti Nurhaliza

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Tuesday, July 4, 2006

Assalamualaikum. Had my pre-enlistment check-up at the CMPB, Depot Lane. Gosh! I was told that to get there, I have to take MRT to Redhill and take a bus to Depot Lane. I didn't know what bust to take and it was already 9.55a.m while my appointment is ay 10.00a.m. So, I decided to take a taxi. Haizzz... The cab could not enter the building, so the driver had to alight me outside the building. Another problem comes... There were a group of buildings located near to each other and I had no idea which one was CMPB. Luckily, there was a kind man who showed me the way. When I reached, I was greeted by the disgusting sight of the receptionist who are busy talking to the phone. I just do not know where to head to, so I went to him. I repeated myself twice. Then met a bunch of rude men. Gosh! Let me tell you this. Should an analyser comes to the building to rate the attitude of these men, it will be the worst rate ever. Although not all of them are rude but I must say most of them. There were so many station and I spent 4 hours of my off-day there. I got PES ~... Biarlah Rahsia (Let it be a secret) ... Hahahhaaha...

Heard from Bashirah, my "correspondent" from school, that the new Malay teacher is a great one. Can't wait to see him and learn from him tomorrow, my 1st lesson with him. I was thinking of a way to reward myself after the Prelims and I could think of nothing except buying myself a magazine. A special one by the way... What magazine is that, Biarlah Rahsia (Let it be a secret). Actually, I am not that secretive a person, but after garnering the vast life experience, I realise that keeping secret is not always a bad thing. If you wish to share your feelings or any other things, by all mean people but remember, keep some to yourself!

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Sunday, July 2, 2006

Assalamualaikum. I got a new number. I am so sorry guys. I lost all your numbers. How should I get back your numbers? I e-mail my number to you can? If I see you online, I'll give it to you there ok?

By the way, went to Mdm Zuraidah's brother-in-law's function yesterday. Met a a few Brooksians there and it was like a small gathering. Met Cikgu Lorena and Ms Yuniza too. I was dumb as in forget to bring my camera. The decoration was superb. Tonnes of fresh flowers. There was Zubir Abdullah too playing and singing live from 1p.m to 6p.m. I miss my secondary school life!

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