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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Assalamualaikum. Now with the review of inaugural Novawinds Camp 2006 which was held from the 28th to 29th April. I love it so much. I must say that this camp is one of the best camp I've attended. Also, the best camp in Innova Junior College among the 3.

Friday, 28th April 2006
At 4p.m the band camp commenced with the normal Band Practice with Mr. Lim until 6p.m. Ismail, Maslyn and I went to get the packed food for dinner and bought the filled bread for breakfast. We were drenched as it was raining heavily. We reached school at 6.15p.m and the Ice Breaking games started. The first that was lined up for us was Speed Dating. It was a good start. After that we played Da Wacko! This game was really fun. We saw people pulling their partner's skirt in exasperation, asking them to shout out another person's name so that they need not to be wacked. Ismail got the penalty as he's the only one who becomes a wacker for 3 times. He danced in front of the J1s and J2s. He must be really brave to do this!

As our stomachs were growling, we had dinner at 7.30p.m. For dinner, the menu was a full set of Chicken Rice with the mixed vegetables and soup as well as sauce and Rose drink. We had 1 hr of dinner and after that, we had Night Treasure Hunt. Hahahha... Geneviev, Lixian, Samuel and Wei Lian did a "great" job in organising that. We ran around the school for like more than 2 hours. Only then, I discovered that Innova Junior College actually has a beautiful campus(at night). I was in group 4 with Maslyn, Qing Yun, Prashanti, Mubarrak and Yun Shi. Although it was really tiring but I had lots of fun during this gruelling hunt for clues and answers to the questions.

By then, everyone was shagged. I took a night bath at 11.45p.m at the canteen's toilet. Felt rejuvenated after that and some went to bed after Supper which was only ready at 12.30 a.m. After that, some went to M 4-5 to watch Princess Mononokei and some to M4-4 to hear ghost stories. Eerie but it was fun. Xinyi was the main Ghost Story-teller. There were Fazlan, Nabil, Jennifer, Monisha, Prashanti, Lydia, Adib, Wei Lian, Vicknesh and Ismail, Genevieve and Yong Ting who joined us later after watching the show. The red eye story by Lydia was scary. We finally ended the session at 3.30p.m. Some went to sleep but some just refused to do so and one of them is me. I went to the 2nd storey outside the staffroom to take a look at Mubarrak and Samuel who were completing the P.Is. This remenisce me of the the gruelling journey of PW that I went through last year. Li Xian and Qing Yun were doing their tutorial at 3 in the morning. Gosh! Smauel showed us pictures of a snake that had just swallowed a man and was then slitted and the man was dead by then. Gross!

Saturday, 29th April 2006

I only decided to go to sleep at 4.25 a.m and woke up at 7a.m. Went to wash up and then had breakfast. Band practice started at 8.35 a.m and this time round, we were led by 5 different conductors and they are Mr. Adib, Mr Samuel, Ms. Hidayah, Mr. Mubarrak and lastly Mr. Chin. We played The Voyaguers I and III, Best of Queens, Doraemon, Can't Take My Eyes off You and Pasadena. The 4 candidates for the Student Conductor were good and have great potential. Hope that band will be left in good hands after we(J2s) have step down.

Here comes the peak of the Novawinds Camp 2006... War Games. First, it was intergroups. Genevieve and Mubarrak, our flags bearer were... They just put the flags aside and joined us at the war front. Hahahhaha... I just don't care. It is only fair to them to come out and play and attacking other groups flags. Next we had a match J2s vs. J1s. This was even better. Genevieve's slipper got spoilt! The J1s really rocks! They were really co-operative. Lastly, we were debrief by our President, Tan Qing Yun. Before we left for home sweet home, we took a group photo! I went home right after that because I need to go to Ten Mile Junction to buy the stuffs for 05S71's BBQ today. The rest had lunch together but as usual, they took hours to decide where to go. Like Jacelyn said, this has become a tradition for our band. Hahahaha...

That was Novawinds Camp 2006. I thought that we have achieved our aim which is to build the camaraderie between the band members. In orfer for the band to prosper to greater heights, it is fundamental that the bonds between the band members are satlwart. I am very glad that this camp was a success. The J2s and J1s are now bonded truly uanimously.

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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Assalamualaikum. Alhamdulillah, she made it again. She won The Best Female Vocal Performance in Album for the 8th time consecutively. Wow! She's really my Idol, Siti Nurhaliza!

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Assalamualaikum. Band camp truly rocks! I really enjoyed myself during the camp and I hope the J1s had a great time too. From the normal band practice with Mr. Lim to getting the packed food for dinner to Speed Dating to Wacko! to Chicken Rice feast to Treasure Hunt to Supper to ***** Talk to Ghost Story(at 1.15a.m at M4-4) to Sleep at 3.45 a.m to Morning Breakfast to Band Practice by 5 conductors to 2 War Games to Debrief and to HOME! And NOW, to 05S71 Barbeque tomorrow! I am tired!

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Friday, April 28, 2006

I love this song so much... Bisakah by Siti Nurhaliza composed by Aubrey Suwito and lyrics by Tres. R.

Bisakah yang terpadam dinyala
Bisakah yang terhina dicinta
Walau ku himpunkan sesalku
Bisakah terbuka kalbu

Bisakah yang benci disayangi
Bisakah yang dusta dimaafi
Walauku himpunkan sesalku
Bisakah terbuka kalbu

Bisakah yang bemci disayangi
Bisakah hatiku difahami
Walauku himpunkan sesalku
Bisakah terbuka kalbu

Snippets of Bisakah, Siti Nurhaliza, Transkripsi

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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Assalamualaikum... Hahahahha! I am in a really really really good mood now. Some of you might know why. Let me see what did I do yesterday? Oh, in the morning I had SPA. It is Physics S.P.A and not the SPA treatment that will soothe your skin and keep your mind in peace. This S.P.A that I am talking about is a total contradict to that spa. Hahahaha... Finally, it was the last S.P.A that I'll be having. Rejoice! In the afternoon, we were released early that day since Mr. Teo was involved in the Basketball Inter-School Match. At 12.50p.m, I walked to the bus interchange and took a bus. Not to go home but... to GEYLANG SERAI! I went there just to buy Siti Nurhaliza's latest album and I don't regret a single inch. Not that I do not want to go elsewhere to buy the album but GEYLANG SERAI had the stock first so I decided to be one of the first few in Singapore to own the album. I love the labum so so so so so so so so so so much! She rocks to the max. I must 90% of the songs in this album are really nice and it is a hit album. After that, I went back to school for band practice. I don't reallyknow how to play The Song of Brazil. The Voyageur was oklah but I don't have enough courage to play the running notes. Now, my main priority is my 'A' Level.

With Siti Nurhaliza's latest album, love is out of my agenda. Many of her songs give me inspiration and thoughts about love. God knows best when love shall step into my life.

Today, I tried out my Standing Broad Jump. Oh my gosh! Ms. Lee is eally good. All my life, I've never jumped as far as I did just now but I did it with her help. No other P.E teachers ever help me that way. hat other teachers say is only " You must jump higher" again and again. Ms. Lee never said that to me but she did wonders in teaching me. She is great! I forgot to bring my uniform today and had to wear my P.E shirt all the way. Luckily, Mr. Teo was reasonable enough to understand my "plight". Hehehhehe...

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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Assalamualaikum. First of all I would like all readers to pardon me for posting thousands of Siti Nurhaliza's pictures. I am really sorry but I just felt that I need to share these picturses with you guys... Maybe after I've got her new ablum, I'll stop posting her pictures. But that is only a MAYBE ya... hehhehehe...

So happy that 05S71 will be having our next class gathering this Sunday. I hope that it will successful and come for good. However there is a bad thing to it. I'll be having a band camp this Friday and Saturday and on the next day will be having class gathering... When will I get to rest? Haizzz... Never mind, Situ Nurhaliza's latest album will accompany me on this coming Labour Day and enable me to have a peace of mind for once!

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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Assalamualaikum. Went out with my family members just now. First we went to Geylang Serai to do some shopping and my mum wants to buy some groceries there. Had our breakfast there. Then, I bumped into Hannah. Wow! It has been a long, long, long time since we've met and finally, we get to meet each other. Hahaha... Next up, we went to Changi Airport. Seeing people departing and entering the departure hall, I felt the urge of wanting to go fly on the plane. I just want to go somewhere and fly there. No longer want to face the woe of my life but does that make me a hypocrite? Yup, it will I guess. Therefore, I must stand strong, rooted to the land of mine and face the music be it the daunting or the soothing one.

People say that you copycat your idol. If it is true, I don't. It is sad that I don't because she possess a lot of admirable qualities and I don't. She gets better and better from one album after another but I don't get better from test to another test. Either stagnant or worst! She knows what she wants but I don't. Until today, I still have a vague view of my future. She is able to cure many other people's dysphoria with her luring voice but I don't get to. Not that I wish for a beautiful voice but at least be able to cheer up other people's day. She gets prettier and prettier day after day, year after year. But me? Looks older and older. Not that I want to look really handsome but just hoping that I'll look better from the day before. Looking at the photographs of me in the past, I realised that I look so much better in the past.

Anyway, that idol of mine is coming up with her new album Tanskripsi (Tanscription) which will be on the sale from tomorrow onwards in Malaysia. I doubt that it will be sold here by tomorrow. Never mind, I'll be patient and wait till the end of the week and see if it has arrive in Singapore. Hope that it will! Actually, I've heard 3 of her new songs and they were great especially Biarlah Rahsia. One of the song is pretty cute, entitled Siti Situ Sana Sini. Can't wait to hear the full album. Hafiz Galmour said that this album will be a huge blow to the Malay Music Industry. Go Siti Nurhaliza.

How I wish I can create a huge blow to my society!

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Friday, April 21, 2006

Assalamualaikum. Finally, my phone rings once again after 1 month break. Aniway, I've changed my handphone number. I'll try to inform everyone who knows me but if i don't get to, please tag me or approach me for the number. I am really sorry for the inconvenience!

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Assalamualaikum. Yeah! Finally the weekend is here again. Yahoo! By the way, I am looking forward to tomorrow. Anderson Junior College is having their fun fair tomorrow. Talking about fun fair, I heard that Innova Junior College's fun fair cancelled as for this year. I am utterly dissapointed by this. Haizzz... But, but, but let us pray that this will only be just a false rumour!

Just now, we had a brief meeting regarding the band camp next week. I really hope that it will be a success. We eneded the meeting at around 4.00 p.m. I decided to leave early. I think, in JC, it is not easy for you to come a cross a day when you actually get to reach home by 5.00p.m. I do not want to miss this golden chance and seize this opportunity.

Many people were asking me about the inter-class debate. Well, we were against 05S25 and yup, we won. Although there was a huge problem when 2 of our main debaters were not around that day and luckily, 2 others great soul agreed to lend their helping hand. They did a great job although we only have 20 minutes to discuss. Great job 05S71!

Oh ya, I am tagged by Lisha. If you have been tagged, you are to come up with 7 qualities of your perfect lover. Do specify the gender. Then list down, and tag, seven other bloggers on their pages. If you've been tagged, you need not do this again.

Gender: Female

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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Assalamualaikum. This is Mdm Zuraidah, my best Malay teacher so far. School has been boring to me and luckily that my friends have been bringinng joy to it(not forgetting woe too). My class is busy discussing about our C.O.P project and I am pretty excited about it. Oh ya! Congratulations to Basketball Innova Team and Volleyball Innova Team for clinching the first victory. By the way, the other debaters of 05S71 and I actually forgot that we have a debate this Thursday. I am not really looking forward to it. I don't think I will put my best effort into it. Not that I am being complacent or what but my life is just replete of other priorities. I just hope that people will not put high hopes on me just because I am a national debater. People, don't forget that I debated in Malay and not in English. In order for one to debate well, one needs to have the flair for the language and then debating will be a knack for him or her.

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Monday, April 17, 2006

Assalamualaikum. I just do not know how more stupid do I want to be. Waiting for that something that I myself not sure of it becoming reality. Why am I still waiting? Arghhh... I just have to move on. Live without it. Face the world without it. Anyway, can't wait for 24th April 2006 to come. Being in the current state, I realised that I can no longer wait and depend on my fellow teachers. I just have to be independent. True, I am jealous of other people who are taught by great and dedicated teachers be it from my own school or other colleges. I just have to consider myself unlucky for this... By the way, heard of this song Racau Sang Khalifahby Noraniza Idris feat. Liza Hanim and I like it.

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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Assalamualaikum. I am back! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MADELEINE!

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Thursday, April 13, 2006

I missed that moment of my life...

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Assalamualaikum. The general comment that I got from most people worldwide is that the youngsters in Singapore are very lucky. Just look at our schools, fully equipped with high technologies and engined with "GOOD" teachers. We are exposed to varieties of technologies ranging from the small NANO iPod to the huge gigantic white screen that empowered our learning during lectures. Hahahhaha... Yup, true, very true. We have all that but do that all make you think that we are lucky? No people. Certainly not. We are surrounded by bullshit-ters. Do you still consider us lucky? We are deprived from the nature. Do you still consider us lucky? We have no river to swim in after school, we only have the man-made swimming pool to swim. Do you still consider us lucky? Most of us are no longer close to our parents and family. Do you still consider us lucky? We have to face with tyrants that never know the meaning of friendship. Do you still consider us as lucky? We have slog and study for our numerous exams. Do you still consider us lucky? We have to clinch a Silver Award for NAPHA test even though we do not have the talents in the area of sports. Do you still consider us lucky? Nobody cares even if we are good at acting, debating, singing, playing the music instruments, hosting or more inclined to the Arts. Do you still consider us as lucky. We are not taught how to value ARTS and the Nature. Do you still consider us lucky? We don't have much time to devote ourselves to our religion. Do you still consider us lucky? We are living where humanity is becoming extinct. Do you still consider us lucky? We are standing where among us there are many liars and hypocrites. Do you still consider us lucky? One day, you are really close to a friend of yours and the other, he treats you like a foe. Do you still consider us lucky?

I just have no clue why on earth people claim that Singaporean kids are lucky. Bloody FACADE!

By the way, just to inform you people that I'll be away from Singapore from tomorrow till Sunday. How I wish that I'll be away from Singapore forever. Anyway, to those who want to contact me, please leave me a tag at the tagboard here or you can e-mail me.

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Monday, April 10, 2006

The Masterpiece!

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Here are the pictures!

The ever beautiful Northbrooks Secondary School.

Ismail and I watching the cute choir group dancing to the Banana Song.

Goodybye Northbrooks. I will be back!

The STUPID monkey! Hahahahaha...

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Sunday, April 9, 2006

Assalamualaikum. Wow! I must say that the weekend that I just had was simply great. On Saturday, I went back to Northbrooks Secondary School in conjunction with its Speech Day 2006 and guess what... Ms. Lam Ai Leen was the Guest of Honour. It was really great to meet her once again. Ms. Linda Lim, Mr. Cedric Leong, Mr. Elliot Lee and other more who have left the school years ago are back. It is more like a reunion. Love it! Glad that Ismail informed me about it. I got to know about it quite last minute.

Most importantly, I got to meet my best Malay teacher, Mdm Zuraidah. I really respect her. Even though she is just an ordinary teacher who has no excellent background or one with experience being other than a teacher, she is still the best teacher. She knew where to draw the line and she appreciates whatever her students did. I am really glad and thankful to the Almighty for allowing me to meet and learn from such a brilliant and responsible teacher. I am really touched with what she said about the relation on the existence of Malay Cultural Society and me. How I wish the people in Innova Junior College know how to appreciate me. There is a huge misconception in the people in junior colleges. Even the teachers. Praises, praises and praises. That are all that they think that is important. To me, not at all. I do not wish to be praised but just wish to be appreciated. Sad that people ignore that fact but what can I do, I can't possibly make an announcement to the whole school to ask for appreciation. I believe that if the people have the thought and solid moral values, it is common sense to them.

To people who score high marks and perform excellently in their CCAs or even do things that are not within the scope of their main responsibility but do not know how to respect people, oh I just hate you. You do not deserve my respect at all. How I wish that I have the power to get rid of these people from my life.

Back to NBS's Speech Day... Mr. Lee Cher Kian was our Brooksian of the year and he was given a chance to make a speech. What he said was really, really, really true. Ismail said to me, "Izwan, he had just make your speech! " Yes, Ismail. You are right! Tears start filling my eyes but I just turn around and calm down. Do not wish to illustrate to the people of the pleasant Northbrooks the anguish I am experiencing and how not happy am I in Innova Junior College. Anyway, had a great moment. Made a tour around the school and remenisce the beautiful memories that are nailed deep down in my heart. I felt a sense of security when I walked into the school. Even it does not have a fantastic campus like IJC, it is still very homey. That is the real hub of education that I am looking for. What good does a school has if it is only beautiful on the facade and repleted with HYPOCRITES and LIARS!

Went home at 4.30p.m. Ismail, Saddiq and me walked past the Yishun Park and we saw a monkey. Saddiq wanted to take a picture of it and Ismail wanted to take a close look at it. I told them that monkey do run after people whom they think that can cause them harm. They still wanted to go and I just followed them. When we got near the monkey, it looked at us... We took a step further and then it started to show its teeth and run after us. Saddiq and I ran for our lives and crossed the road. I just keep running without looking at the traffic. Luckily for us, it had stop running. We looked so stupid. Hahahhahaa... Had a good laugh after that... So funny! Stupid monkey!

As for today, went out with my family and visited my auntie. Many things happened and had fun as usual. Arghhhh... Monday is back. Shissh! The whole cycle is going to start anew... Facing hypocrites again... Facing irrespectful people again...

By the way, I love Northbrooks so much!

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Friday, April 7, 2006

Assalamualaikum. Finally and gladly, it is Friday today. Had band this afternoon and had fun actually. Wow, I must give a standing ovation to Jacelyn for being able to play ll the songs that I requested on the vibraphone. Tong Hua, Gu Dan Bei Ban Qiu, Yue Liang Tai Biao Wo De Shin, I Believe I can Fly and etc. She's really good at it. How I wish I can have and acquired such musicality. I just hope in any other future music pieces that we going to embark on will give her the room to show her big talent. While Ismail, Nabil and Fazlan having lunch, Ismail told us about one criminal case in some rural countries and how he was punished. Gosh. That poor little guy had his hand laid on the ground and a car was slowly drove over it. What is more saddening is that the criminal was only 8 years of age and he was only guilty of stealing a pathetic slice of bread as he was really hungry and poor. Being in such a plight, can't the judge spare some sympathy for him.

I just do not know just how much humanity is left in our country. People are seeing life as something that is so worthless. Harsh comments are given. Do you think harsh comments can wake you up and work harder? Some people might agree but I beg to differ. Why do you actually do better after being scolded or treated harshly? It is because there is the angst within you that intrigue your mind to do things much better the next time round so that you are able to prove the one who scolded you wrong. It is just that. Nothing more complex.

I will just keep on praying and holding on tightly to this little moral values that had been inculcated in me since young. Also, I hope that there are still some preserved humanity left in the world. The norm, is now- Be harsh, Be cruel, then people will obey and respect you! People, let diminish this thought away from our mind!

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Wednesday, April 5, 2006

Assalamualaikum... Maybe calm by the facade but by the inside... No one knows... Let it be a secret!

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Saturday, April 1, 2006

Direct translation of Biralah Rahsia, Siti Nurhaliza

Have you ever wondered once
Being in my shoes
Imagining the bitter sweet of my life
That no one knows

Maybe one day
You will feel it too
Facing the way that leads you astray

The chilling night conceal me
The struggling of my heart to express
If you ever sincerely understand
I will not keep myself away from you

And my uneding story
Adding to the burden to those who see
Therefore I decided
To just let it be a secret

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