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Friday, December 26, 2008

Assalamualaikum. Went out with Ismail, Monisha and Nabil to Wendy's Spice Hut at Jalan Gelenggang off Thomson Road. They served North Indian Food. Ismail and I had Cheese Naan while Nabil and Monisha had Garlic Naan. The naan they served smell so good and they are very soft. We also ordered Palek Panneer (Spinach and Cheese), Butter Chicken, Chicken Tandoori and Chili Fish. My favourite has to be the naan dipped in Chili Fish sauce. Everything tasted decently good, not bad but not the best Indian food I've tasted. Pictures are taken using Ismail's Panasonic Linux and they are on the way. Come on Ismail, I know that camera of yours is super duper goody goody good, I want to see them on screen! Anyway, thank you so much to Ismail for finding out and picking out our food-tasting session yesterday. We've tried Thailand Food at Siam Kitchen Restaurant, later Vegetarian Indian Food at Bombay Cafe then North Indian Cuisine at Wendy's Spice Hut. Next it will be Malay and Indonesian Cuisine at Hajah Maimunah Restaurant on Tuesday before watching Nanyang Polytechnic's annual Malay Musical and Ismail's sister is playing Saloma if I remember correctly.

Even though they were only 4 of us yesterday but we really enjoyed ourself, laughed a lot too. We also talked about how we human being sometimes behave according to their mood. At times we feel like being childish, being crazy, being bitchy and all... I do not feel this is being hypocrite or what but it is just we being human being. We don't have a fix personality. Do you realise you behave differently in the company of different groups such as your family, friends, teachers, sergeants, boss or even your partner. Strange but indeed it is a fact of us being a complex creation. So people, just follow the flow but always remember everything has its limit... do not over do being crazy, childish, bitchy or even being a goody!

Anyway, after eating the food, Monisha lend me her iPod to listen to some Hindi songs. Wah... it really engender such a good feeling. Imagine listening to good, shoulder -convulsing, leg-tapping, hips-spinning Hindi songs. This certainly reminds me of my late sister who loved Hindi's songs and movies to core... She even remember some of the verses in the movies and songs. Definitely she influenced me into liking them too. Can't deny, they are good. Oh guys, enjoy one of my favourite Hindi song from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai... I am sure many of you guys know this one...

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