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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Assalamualaikum. Finally bought the Kite Runner DVD. Reserved it at Sembawang Music Store and got it after 2 weeks. There goes my $44.90 for a Code 1 DVD. Watched it already. Hmmm, it is a very good movie if you have not read the book. I think when you read the book and then watch the movie, you will be disappointed as there are a lot of things shared in the book but not shown in the movie. Well done Khaled Hosseini for writing such a good book and Marc Foster adapting it into a movie. After watching it yesterday, went out at night to meet Ismail and Maslyn for a midnight movie, The Dark Knight. Not bad. A pretty good show. Heath Ledger, I think is the best Joker so far. However, the ending is a bit disappointing, but as you know, it is just to suspense you in waiting for the next sequel of the Batman. 3.5 out of 5!

Anyway, in the afternoon, went to watch Bahas 4PM finals. It was between RJC and TJC. TJC won all the awards for the best speaker, best overall speaker and the overall Champion for Bahas 4PM 2008. For the 8th time, I think TJC deserve to be called the powerhouse of Bahas 4PM. As for IJC, it was very disappointing, no award at all. In 2005, IJC won best speaker once, in 2006, we won two best speaker awards and repeating this history in 2007. The motion for yesterday's debate is "Kemaslahatan Bahasa Melayu terletak pada tangan penuturnya". Well, I thought there werent a variation of points, very close to being a parallel debate. As for RJC, I thought they were more structured and I think the penggulung did a good job but their debaters are not that good. TJC kept saying that kemaslahatan Bahasa Melayu itu juga terletak pada tangan penulis, ahli sasterawan dan bukan sahaja penuturnya. Well, if I am from RJC, I will rebut back by saying that mauduk tidak mengatakan bahawa kemaslahatan bahasa Melayu HANYA terletak pada tangan penuturnya. I think TJC show show how kemaslahatan bahasa Melayu TIDAK terletak pada tangan penuturnya rather than kemaslahatan bahasa Melayu BUKAN HANYA terletak pada tangan penuturnya kerana ada pihak-pihak lain yang meyumbang kepada kemaslahatan Bahasa Melayu. And on a personal note, I think Bahas 4PM's standard is dropping year by year. In 2005, Suanggita from VJC was outstanding, Hannah from MWTI was sensible and calm, Khairul from TPJC was very tactful on his language. In 2006, Farhana from MI was very fiery, Tan Nurhafizah was very patient and clear on her hujah-hujah, Nurhafizah from IJC was very smooth in her presentation of points and rebuttals.

I think 4PM should organise a mega-debating competition for Malay Debate legends like Kak Guy Ghazali, Kak Rahayu, Abanag Shaikh, Faizal, Anita, Syahidah, Suanggita, Redzuan, Nur Hannah and etc... And also, I do want to see people like Pitchay Ghani debate; just to see if he critics current debaters based on his high-knowledge in Malay Language, or on his ability to debate.

And Titian Minda 2008 will be aired on Suria tonight! Ahhh, reminiscence.

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