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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Assalamualaikum. It had been a week and a half since I had my 2 blocks leave and now I am having another block leave. I was asked to clear my leave and for now, I am just waiting for the December roster. There are a lot of plans that will be held in December but I still have not given my friends the final say if I am joining them or not. I hate this! A roster that determines my life. Isn't that irritating. Have been chatting with some of the paramedics lately, some of their comment was, "Izwan, you are being too nice... Izwan, you need to be more outspoken... Izwan, you must be more relax" Gosh!

For the first comment, I never take it as a turning point or a thing that I must change. This is not the first time I've heard that sort of comment given to me but I am taking it in stride. I am not going to change it. I believe it is not sinful to be too nice! Even though at times, people will step on our heads when we are too nice but I think that it is fine with me. Step my head for all you can as long at my integrity, my pride, my family's pride are not at stake. I also belive that "YOU GET WHAT YOU GIVE". What Goes Around Comes Around right pal?

For the second comment. I know what they meant. They want me to be more mat, call out more bad words and goes to clubs and pubs with them. Well, that is something I am not going to do and be. I am not going to change for those people. In that circle, I felt out because I had 'A' levels and none of them had. And the problem is that these people think that I look down on them and because of that I sense a certain degree of hostility towards me. Well, I regret this. To be frank, I have never have a thought like that and furthermore I respect them so much, all as elderly. Even the one who is younger than me. Anyway, I do not want to change that manner, certainly no to this but yes to a more mature and sensible man. Furthermore, why must I change for them, I am not going to be in the circle for long. After these 2 years, I am off! In the university, I believe that I will mee better people but certainly there are bad people there as well, at least this kind of problems will not rise.

Anyway, had a few interesting cases after I came back from the long leave. I had my first collapse case(the most emergency case). Collapse is when someone has stop breathing and has no more pulse. What we will do is do CPR and attached the AED pads on them to shock them so that we might be able to revive them. There are super many things that we have to do and imagine how tired are we when we have to do one man CPR from scene all the way to the hospital! Just my luck, I had my first collapse when there is an auditor with me. Gosh! Dup...dap...dup...dap. But thankfully after the whole thing, the auditor did praise me. Thank goodness! Alhamdulillah. Another one was, on Friday. It was my first time going home early. We end our duty around 9 p.m. Usually, I will leave the station, the earliest will be 9.15 p.m. But on that day I decided to leave early to buy my dinner. I left at 8.50 p.m. On my way home I witnessed an accident. Was terrified but I do not know where I got my guards from, I ran as fast as I could to the casualty. To my surprise, it was my own platoonmate. Gosh, asked someone to call the ambulance while I handle the casualty. Moved him to the side of the road and checked on him while waiting for the ambulance. A few minutes later, an ambulance came and it was from my station. Helped them to immobilise his leg and load him up into the ambulance. Wah, so glad that I can be of some use.

Changed the song on my blog again. This is one of the most soothing song I have heard before. It is the OST of the movie Kayangan. Ballroom themed and well suited with Datin Seri Nurhaliza's beautiful voice. Hehehe.

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