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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Assalamualaikum. Last Wednesday marked my last Hari Raya visiting for the year 2007. Bashirah, Fitria, Siti and I went to Cikgu Ali's place. Again, to one house only. We reached his house at 8.25p.m and left at 11.55 p.m. Had a long chat with him and of course great laughs! ML 'A', a history that I shall never forget. Being someone who used to be in love with Malay so much, I was actually thrilled when I was given ML 'A' as one of my subject for my A levels. Imagine, when I was in primary school, even I scored A for my Malay Language, my Malay teacher in primary school never give me a chance to even hop in for one of her Higher Malay class. Never mind. Later in secondary school, can't blame my Malay teacher because no Higer Malay was offered in Northbrooks Secondary School. So when I made it to JC, I never want to miss the chance of learning this favourite subject of mine with greater depth. In the course of doing so, I also met a few Malay teachers that really widen my view scope regarding certain things that are "Malay-borne" like its people, culture, language and religion. Gosh I miss Innova JC like haven. Maybe no the school, but some of the friends, teachers and of course the life there. To my juniors, please use the time in JC wisely and do take photos and write a diary of your daily JC experience as I regret for not doing it.

Anyway, now I am still in a state of confusion. I do not know what I like exactly. Malay Studies ya, but how far will it take me? Civil Engineering, I must say that I do like Physics but I think the teachers made me hate it... Oh not Mr. Jimmy Teo but my secondary school Physics teacher. Gosh, hate him. Maybe the Physics lecturer in NUS will make me love it like the way Miss Ng makes me love C Maths. I hope I will be able to make a final decision by the last day of University Application next year.

Haizzz. Back to the ambulance tomorrow. Will be working after my 10 days break. Do not really like this break. It is too long I guess and I have no plan to fill it. WOnder who will be my paramedic for tomorrow and what kind of cases will I attend to!

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