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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Assalamualaikum. Had a great day today. Love it, love it, love it. Apart from the food, I got to get back and update myself with news from my fellow friends from the ML 'A' class in Innova Junior College. Oh not only friends but also from the teachers. Wah! Had a great time reminiscing when we talked about the memories in IJC. Malay 'A'... A History That I Will Never Forget.

Yesterday went to on Mdm Hani's place but today we went to a lot of houses. First was Siti's place, then Ismail's, mine, followed by Mr. Azahar's, Fitria's, Rafidah and last but not least was Mdm Suhana's. From Siti's place in Boon Lay, we took an SMRT's MPV taxi to Ismail's in Yishun. Then it was bus, bus, bus and bus. After Rafidah, we called for the same SMRT's MPV taxi to fetch us to Mdm Suhana's place.

Let me see if I remember all the food served yesterday and today. Mdm Hani served us Spaghetti, Chicken Curry, Beef Curry, Tauhu Sumbat and Fried Chicken.Today, at Siti's place, it was Fried BeeHoon and Chicken Curry with Bread. Ismail served tasty Nasi Briyani "accompanied" with lots of other dishes like Acha Timun, Beef Rendang, Sambal Prawn, Chicken Masak Merah, Sweet and Sour Fish and Dalca. At Mr. Azahar's house was Nasi Lemak with other side dishes like Sambal Prawn, Fried Chicken, Nuggets, Fishballs, Eggs, and etc. At Fitria's house, it was BBQ Mee. Hahaha. It was actually Fried BeeHoon but she called it so because it was usually served during barbeque sessions. Over to Rafidah's place, we are served with Brownies. Gosh I love this! Then lastly, we were served with Satay, Fried Rice, BBQ Chicken and other stuffs that I did not take notice since I was already super full, at Mdm Suhana's beautiful house.

After that we went to hangout at MacDonalds. We had Milkshakes! Gosh! Love this too! I had Vanilla! The best to me. We talked, bitched, gosipped, and confessed! Hahahaha, but we never hina people, we were just stating facts...Not mengumpat-ing. Then I met Syaza. Oh gosh! I miss this girl and the other 2 like crazy. Miss those fun debating times. Oh ya, Mdm Hani wants me to mentor next year IJC Debate team. oh well, I wil try my best again...

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