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Monday, October 29, 2007

Assalamualaikum. It has been a long time since I post a long entry. I think the time is right for me to do the next one. It is about my Hari Raya Tour 2007 so far, with my relatives and family members both in Malaysia and Singapore. Actually, this year is the year which I have the least number of Hari Raya Tours compared to the previous ones.

I celebrated my 1st day of Hari Raya in Malacca after 4 long years. Finally, everyone gathered back in my grandma's village. The last time everyone gathered back was in 2000. I love it when everyone is back and of course some changed physically and spiritually(?). Since I've talked about this in my second last post, I shall kep this short.

The next Hari Raya Tour was 1 week later. After we came back from Malacca, I had to work the following day and we slack thoughout and only continue our Hari Raya tour on the following Saturday. We rent a car and I was forced to drive it. I told her to rent a small car if she wants me to drive it and yes, she did. On that Saturday, we went to my father's siblings's houses. Rumah Pak Hitam, Achik, Alang, Ongah and Busu. After that, we had dinner at Lestari. Pathetic ya, I told mum not to cook since she was fasting 6 (puasa enam).

On the following day, we went to more houses. To mixtures of my maternal and paternal relatives. Fun and happy, but that was truely felt seeing the joy of the children. At my age, Hari Raya is celebrated more spiritually compared to how I celeberated it when I was still a kid. Different. No more kechings-kechings, duit raya! But ya, such things are no longer important to me. What is important to me now during Hari Raya is to be able to gather around with my relatives and keep in touch with them. Imagine, almost 11 months you spend your time with your friends and your atomic family, it is time to reach out to your paternal and maternal relatives and to see and find out how they are doing just for this one month. But yet, it is sad when I see some of friends as well as cousins who do not bother to visit their relatives. To them it is just a waste of time. How sad! I believe that one day we still need our family members, and their places may not be able to be replaced by our dearly friends. Friends are still friends! Anyway, ya 2nd day of driving. Better I must say but cannot deny that at some points, driving is scary!

Last two days, it was not really a tour but it was people touring to see my atomic family. My sister and brother-in-law had a open house-cum-cukur rambut for my nephew, Mohd Rayaan Haiqaal. I wonder why there are so many As in his name and I just wish he will get as much As in his report book in the future. Hah. My relatives and grandma from Malacca came down. I was late for the Marhabaan session. It was fun! The food was themed Kampung Feast! All were lauk kampung! Nice! I didnt take much pictures, but will ask my sister for more pictures. Rayaan was cute as usual on that day. I am missing Aisy and him already! Gosh!

Yesterday, went out with my Yishun Primary School friends. Gosh! I graduated from YPS in 2000. 7 years ago and people change, I am glad that some poeple still treasure the friendship. Hack care about those who don't. I just can't be bothered by them. It is strange when 7 years back, those people are the one who said that we must not let go of the friendship and must treasure it forever and ironically, 7 years later those people are the one actually forgetting it. As usual, we were late. Meeting was 10.45a.m, Farhana came at 11.00 a.m, Athirah and sister came at 11.10a.m, Izwan came at 11.15 a.m, Salihah came at 11.30 a.m and Rashid came at 12.15 p.m. How great was that! 1st house was Cikgu Sadiah's. A lot of things that happened to her recently, we do not know. Sad. She's 60 now but still going strong! I already ask for forgiveness from her, so I do not wish to talk about her, good or bad, I'll just ignore my thoughts about her! We had great laughs in between. Salihah still rocks! Athirah is still as demure as last time. Rashid is super TALL! Farhana is now a teacher and a model, don't that clash pal? Shared some secrets with them! Glad that they are doing great. Salihah and Athirah doing fine in Nanyang Polytechic, Farhana now teaching at a kindegarten and Rashid slogging off for 'A' levels. I am glad mine is over. Oh ya, Izwan is doing not bad (GOSH) in SCDF, saving people! Hahahaha. Went to all our houses and Zul's house. Zul still look the same but of course more matured-looking. He's back from Cairo and will be going back on Wednesday. Gosh, can't see him off at the airport on Wednesday. I am saving lives, people! Gosh! Hate this! Went home at 12.15 a.m. How great!

Looking forward to next week Hari Raya Tour with some Innovians and teachers next week! Will be back to the frontline tomorrow.

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