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Monday, September 17, 2007

Assalamualaikum. Just came back from work and still not sleepy. Last two days, watched Titian Minda 2007 on Suria. Wah, I don't really watch they debate because I was reminiscing all the way. I think the debate standards are going down so much. People are getting more and more wayward from the right debating manner. Let me contradict myself here for once, there is no right or wrong debate manner. However, debater must be able to debate well and fulfil the requirements of debating. As long as you do your part as a debater, I do not think there is a problem to it. Here, I am not including those diva-acting"debaters" who debate with full of emotion and DRAMA! We must remember that in a particular debate, emotions cannot be articulated. Some of them show it through with their faces and hand actions. A good debater must have a mature thinking and from there he/she will be able to see the whole picture of the motion and also, will be able to show a professional standard of debating. Motion must be well addressed. Worst still, the debate is becoming more like an entertainment show. Informal dressing, dramatic debaters, video clips, sofa and reality-tv way of commenting by the judges. I am somehow thankful that I belong to the traditional debate, less entertainment value but high education value and I am glad to show it to the viewers that this is debate! An intellectual "battle" among students. If you want to make it more relax and entertaining, why not abolish the whole thing and make it like a talk show. Maybe you can call it... "Perang Mulut, Bual Laser, Perang Diva, Minda Berapi or something that you think which is more appealing. Rather than Titian Minda. This is so "intellectual". Can't television shows be somewhat intellectual? Hey wake up, your viewers are getting more "stupid" because of your bloody, stupid shows! Arghh..Enough of debates.

Went to Geylang Serai for some shopping. For myself, I bought kain samping which cost me $80 and Anuar Zain's latest album. Gosh! He is so good! His voice is better now. More variations of tones and lenggok. Very nice, soothing voice now. Introduced few new elements into this album, "opera" voices, lots of strings accompaniment! Favourite songs are I'm The Lucky One, Ketulusan Hati, Lelaki Ini and Jangan Pernah Lagi. Break my fast with dates and Air Kathirah in the taxi with my mum. I love kathirahs!

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