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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Assalamualaikum. It has been a long time since I have got a chance to blog. Been quite busy with may stuffs lately. Actually after being an ambulance attendance, I have more free time than usual. I think it is mainly because I have 3 full days off in a week and on top of that, if I am working night shift, I still have the afternoon and for that I have to compromise my sleeping time. I am thankful that I am blessed by Him to be able to see lots of things that many people do not usually get to see. Different kinds of people, with a variety of emotions at very different places. I also get to see things that I never got to see before, went to weird places that I never imagine me stepping into.

Anyway, amidst the hectic life of mine, I manage to squeeze some times for gatherings and meetings. Last week, caught up with 05S71 at none-other than Fish n Co. Madeleine, Ying Ying, Lily, Touty, Mirna, Melissa, Jason, Tian Chong, Calvin, Yasin, Shawn, Mervin and Mr. Sim were there. Saunders dropped by for a while. It was great to see almost everybody. It is nice to be back in contact with Touty, Mirna and Lily who went MIA after the exams. And as for the guys, now when we meet, our main topic will be NS, NS, NS and NS. No more ten years series, Newton's laws, Summer Test and gossiping about the teachers and friends. But it would be better if Bashirah is there, am I right Bashirah? Ate Hot Chocolate Fudge Cake. Nicey, sinful! Hahaha. Did not really get to talk with Yasin because when he came, I left for my Novawinds band gathering.

Monisha asked me for suggestion for an eating place at Suntec City. Thought of trying new stuff, I suggested Bombay Cafe. It looked great on the advertisements on the television. Did not know that it was a vegetarian restaurant. Nice theme and pretty cosy, shocking PINK and lots of Yogurt! I myslef drank a blended ice with yogurt and mango. Nice but too thick and sweet for me. Then headed to the fireworks at Marina! So many people and we thought of going over to Esplanade since Lixian was there but people were already sitting on the stairs! So Monisha, Maslyn, Jacelyn, Genevieve, Fazlan, Ismail and I decided to stay put at Marina. Nice firework! It was Monisha's birthday that day! What a coincidence! After the firework, we went to Clarke Quay to meet Nabil. Saw Jasmine Tye (hope it is the correct spelling) at Clarke Quay. Pretty woman! Sat at Subway(I did not eat there) and chat for a while and took a bus home with Masylyn, Jacelyn, Ismail and Fazlan home. Had a great chat with them. Reminiscing the past! The band moment! Then went home with Fazlan. Had a long chat with him. Good catching session with both the class and the band.

I do not understand why people ahve to be rude and want to show to people that they are good and heroic. Excuse me, this is just National Service. Like what one of my PM said, "This is NS, no one ask you to be a hero, so act smart!" I just want this two years to be over as soon as possible. What is good, I will take note and take that as a catalyst that initiate a higher level of maturity in me and what is bad, I will just grave it but surely a scar will be embedded in my heart. I will just take it as a "gift" from the nation since I am serving them. On a different note, I hate old people who try to joke or talk to me about sexual or erotic stuffs. I hate it! Oh no, I am DISGUSTED by it! Ewww. Look at your age! Rumah kata pergi, kubur kata mari! I do not even joke about those kind of things with my friends. These old men just leave me to wonder what happen to their dignity and sense of shame!

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