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Sunday, July 1, 2007

Assalamualaikum. Yesterday, I happened to read the LIFE section of the Straits Time. I came across the Horoscope section. Although that I was told not to believe in it, I just like to read it for fun.

And my horoscope said something like: Longing for the past? Those 'might have been' are so seductive, but you have to get past the illusion and deal with the reality of where you are now. Leave memories where they belong and pay attention to the present.

Must I leave my past behind? Pay more attention to my cruel present?

After watching my inspiration-boost drama, One Liter of Tears, I begin to feel that I need to be more thankful. Ignore the people around me. They are not suffering when I am. Why should I let them hurt me? It is my emotion. I am blessed to still be able to control this body of mine which include my brain, my heart and my emotion too. Should I face any trouble, the pain that I have to experience is inevitable, but the suffering is an option. I can choose to suffer or not. Let them say whatever about me as they wish, true it hurts me but let the suffering end. Only God knows who I am. He is the only one. Whatever I say, whatever I write, whatever reaction I take, He has the right interpretation. Only He knows. We bother so much how people think about us but have we ever bother to think what our God think of us? People around me have hurt me so much but why am I still hurting myself by remembering and bringing the past memories back to the present. Must I really leave my past behind and look forward for a brighter new day?

Sometimes we think that we are the most unlucky person (individual) in the world, but I guess we have to reach out and open our eyes further, look around and see what kind of suffering other people are facing? Are we more unlucky than a cancer patient, or are we more unlucky than a bed-ridden patient? They are bed-ridden; they are unable to make a change in their life. But we are not, we are still blessed to be able to make changes and improve ourselves. So what if some people hate me, I should be thankful that they are still some people who like me. Up till today, we human beings always seek for a balance. To achieve some balance, if I am happy that there are people who like me, I also need to be happy that there are also some people who hate me because they are the one who keep me rooted to the ground. I want to soar, yet rooted. Volatilis Tamen Radicalis.

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Assalamualaikum. Like you, I have my flaws too.

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