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Sunday, June 3, 2007

Assalamualaikum. Went to watch Bahas 4PM Qualifying Rounds yesterday. Actually, went there to support Innova Junior College's team. I must say that this year's team is not as good as last year's. Not that I want to say it because I was part of last year's team, but I can tell that we have the the bonding and the semangat to give our best. Informality is one thing that Kak Guy and I do not like in a debate. Debate is not like a coffee-shop talk-cock session. It is serious talking. You can call it a discussion, but a formal one to note. You can never say things like, "See, your point of information has made me forgotten my lines..." You should never ever say that in a debate and in the first place, why are you memorising your scripts? Scripts are just guidelines but not a thing to remember hard to core and not note that you can read off just like that. If I am the judge, I will stop the debate and ask the debater to pass me their scripts and tell them this. " No thanks, I can read myself. Anyway, your reading sucks!" If you wish to read, then at least do it with some courage and do it with full of semangat and not just reading it monotonously. Haiz. Pretty disappointed with IJ team but I hope they will qualify to the quater-finals round. Cikgu Hani asked me to guide them if they manage to scrape through to the next round. Well, it is an honour to guide my own juniors.

Anyway, some people wonder why am I helping and putting a lot of effort to help that school of mine in the arena of debating while I have never ever been given a formal and proper recognition. Well, my answer is this. My conscious is clear. I am doing this because I am a responsible Debating Senior. I want to do thing with full of pride. When I left for Brunei 2 years ago, I went there not for a holiday but to learn something so that I can pass some of the knowlege gained there to my juniors. Some people asked me how come I am not awarded the CCA colours award from IJC when I have done something outstanding that made the school proud. Well, my answer to this is that my dear school Innova Junior College rather gives it to people who don't do much and irresponsible people. Well, I do not care about those awards. If I have not been recognised by my school, so be it. I have been recognised but international organisations before. So that CCA Colours Award from IJC, is practically nothing. Anyway, I have been awarded with a CCA Colour award before. Furthermore, I am doing and making my school proud not for recognition or awards but I am doing them because it is part of my responsibility as a student in that school. If I cannot excel in my studies and become the top student or complete my 2.4 k.m in less than 8 minutes, well I am sure there are many other areas that I can explore and make my mark on it. Let see if the best runner in IJ or the top student can debate as well as me! Ah... What I am trying to say here is that, remember that each and every one of us has our own unique strengths, so stop comparing with one another just with the level of achievements or ... that CCA Colour Awards. Hahaha!

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