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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Assalamualaikum. Went out with my parents and Aisy and Night Safari. It was actually an even organised by the Community Centre. Most of them were old people as in the pakcik-makcik, auntu-uncle thingy. I was like so lost there. The kind of things that they talk about interest me in no way. There are funny sometimes. One of the joke was this uncle in his 60s could not see really well in the dark. Unfortunately, there weren't sufficient lamp-posts at the Night Safari and he said that he got lost in the middle of the trail and nearly got into the tiger's shed (kandang harimau). Hahahahaha... It might not be funny now but the way he said it, so dramatic and full of emotion. Gosh! Very the DRAMA PAPA! Aisy wasn't feeling really well yesterday and most of the time, I had to carry him around. He enjoys going to the zoo for whatever reason.

I wonder too, when I was a kid not long time ago (hahahha), I like animals too. I am sure many of us are like that when we were small kids but now when we grow up, we become a foe to them. Some even turn up being animal abusers. Serial cat killer! Dog-eater! Laboratory rats! Gosh! Where is the inexorable humanity in us when we were kids? People love maturity! Sadly, maturity comes when we grow older but why are these things happening. I just read the newspaper and one of the news is about a guy who killed his own 70 yaer-old mum. For goodness sake, he is already 33 years old. Why did he kill his mum? Why? Why? The reason is ... His mum did not buy for him food. My goodness. you are already 33 years old, you have your legs, you have your eyes to lead you the way to the stall to buy your own food. You should be the one taking care of your mum. Goodness! This is not the first time such things are happening. What is happening to the world? What is happening? A 3 months old kid suffering from heart cancer? A seven years old kid taking his 'A' Level Chemistry? What is happening to the balance and normality? Arghh...

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Assalamualaikum. Like you, I have my flaws too.

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