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Friday, May 4, 2007

Assalamualaikum. This week at BRTC was a short one, a memorable one instead. We went to Mandai Training Village where we learnt about shoring and tunnelling. We have to dig holes to make a tunnel where all of us in the platoon can pass through. A lot of digging and unfortunately, it was raining. Mud all over. We have to pass through the bare tunnel and we all got ourselves a "mud bath" . Then, the instructors asked some of us including me, to go twice because we were too "clean". When I came out of the tunnel, somebody said,"Eh dia ni dah masuk dua kali pun masih bersih juga" Upon hearing that, I replied, "Aku masuk tertib bukan macam korang, macam BADAK!" That tunnel is quite small and the reason why I can be so clean is that I am pretty slim and can pass through that tunnel quite easily. Gosh! Soon after that, our dear instructor asked us to take a bath with our uniforms on so that we won't be dirty when we enter the bus that brought us back to BRTC. It was super cold and the driver blast the air-con! Our boots are filled with water and our pouch are full of mud!

Had preparation for the footdrill competition last night. We did our fancy drill. Sergeant Nizar is a brilliant and creative man. He chose a great song for the fancy drill section. Well done! Quite dissapointed to learn that the footdrill competition is being postponed to 18th May 2007. I just want to get done and over with it! Next thing to worry, OC Night. It is something like Dance and Dinner Night. The Dance I.C asked me to dance. Gosh! I just do not know what to say. I will contemplate and see what his choice of song for the dance first. I am not going to do some Lady Marmalade or S.O.S in front of our Captain. I kind of like our Platoon T-Shirt. The scorpion is so nice. Fadhil is a very good designer.

I missed my phone while I was in camp during the weekdays. I am scared to bring my new phone to the camp because I heard of some people having LONG hands. Even though there is a padlock to each locker, I realise that my key always fall off from my pants when I sleep at night. So, I better leave it at home.

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Assalamualaikum. Like you, I have my flaws too.

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