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Friday, April 27, 2007

Assalamualaikum. Life back at BRTC was just as wonderful as I thought. Wonderful why? It is because of the friends and support I get from my fear platoonmates. Luqman, Sufyan, Nawawi and newly found friend, Fadhil. Also from "encik" Farhan who can just make me laugh non-stop. Hahahahaha... I actually quite like my new platoon captain but have no idea why most of them do not favour him. Maybe there are something that I still have yet to discover. Yeah! 4 more weeks before pass-out-parade. I do not know why they asked me to join the footdrill competition. But not bad. At least we get a lot of welfare from the CDI like waking up late and first to go for breakfast in the company. Not bad. It is indeed tiring. We have trainings up to 10 p.m daily and it is like marching, marching and marching all the way. And the worst thing is that the guy next and behind you have body odour. Gosh! When I first stand beside them, I still remember that I was scolded for not concentrating. It is not that I do not want to concentrate but their body odour just pissed me and make me feel like puking. Gosh! I was just told by one of the instructors that 2 of the judges for the competition are from the sergeant cousre and they are Encik Agost and Encik Akhil. Gosh! These 2 guys are nice people but over at ERS, they do not even allow me to do footdrill and now when I am back in BRTC, I am sure they will be shocked to see me in the footdrill competition. I just hope they will not recognise me on the day of the competition. Oh sheesh! I forget that I am standing on the 1st row. Gosh! After the passing-out-parade, I am going to miss my friends especially Luqman. I really hope that we will still keep in contact.

Anyway, Datuk Siti Nurhaliza had 3 mega performances this week. One of which she did not attend. And in this event, one of the singer actually fell down the steps. So funny lah! Hahahhaa... Here are the photos of her performance at Concert Istana Cinta Datuk Siti Nurhaliza Tribute to Saloma-P. Ramlee and Secretary's Week D-Marquee Performance.

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