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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Assalamualaikum. Today, I went to pay some bills and decided to take this bus which I used to take when I was in secondary school. Just to reminisce some memories. Hahahha. So, the bus passed my mother's workplace and suddenly I have this feeling, if I saw my mum in an accident , I will surely alight off the bus! Ya, I know that it is so "DAR!" but the strange thing is when I alight off at the bus-stop near my house, I saw ambulance(from Civil Defence by the way) and a police car. Gosh! An accident happeneds just in front of my block! Saw few of my neighbours crowding around. I just can't be bothered and went up. My mum was already home and the first thing she asked me, "Has the ambulance left?" I was like huh? Then she told me that the accident happened in front of her. She was walking towards our block when a guy who is riding a motorcycle left the junction and hit the pole and his helmet tercampak and before that slit his forehead. His motorcycle skidded and went over him and it was towrads my mum. My mum just said "MasyaAllah! MasyaAllah!" The guy looked up to her but she was too stunned to help. Another Malay man who was also there approached the guy and asked the guy if he wish to call anyone before calling for the Civil Defence ambulance. My mum left as soon as possible before the police come. She said she was lazy to give statements and stuffs. Hahahha, same sentiment as I have. Luckily the motorcylce did not hit my mum. Alhamdulillah! But strange huh!

I asked my parents to follow me to the old Woodlands to eat chappati and they agreed. One different thing that I realised that I have with my platoonmates is that they spend their weekends with their girlfriends and friends while me, with my parents. One of them, even worst, sleep over at her girlfriend place and only go home to leave his bag and change to his civillian clothes. I pity his parents. Gosh!

Actually wanted to go for band camp at Innova Junior College. Wanted to meet Ms. Ng , Mr. Azahar and some of my band peeps! However, I woke up at 8.40 a.m when the band camp ends at 9.00 a.m. So, I just forget about the idea and back to sleep.

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Assalamualaikum. Like you, I have my flaws too.

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