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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Assalamualaikum. Went to one of my distant-relative's wedding. Saw a few of my cousins there and the first question that they asked me was, "Hey, Izwan! How's your results?" Then everyone else keep asking me the same question and how I wish I dare to say, "Can I announce it over the microphone please?" As you know, at Malay weddings, the compulsory things to have other than Nasi Briyani or Nasi Minyak and kompang, it is the deejay and karaoke. Hahaha, so might as well I make use of the microphone there. Hahaha. They are happy for me but I know that some are jealous, and think that I am proud or something. They just give me that kind of an ignorant look. Whatever, you cannot blame me if you are stupid you see, and definitely I did not steal any of your brain cells, I am sure!

Actually I was lazy to go these weddings and stuffs but I force myself to follow my family because I know I will miss it once I become a Civil Defence Cadet. I will definitely miss the food but too bad, I already ate at home so when I went there, I just ate a few of the deserts and pencuci mulut like kuih lapis, kuih seri muka, curry puffs and oh ya, this chocolate cake. It is very delicious. It has 3 layers. The 2nd layer was just a layer of pure chocolate... oooh I cannot miss this one. It is becoming popular nowadays especially during Hari Raya. OOOmph...

When my relatives know that I will be enlisted in 2 days time, they were like consoling me and telling me that oh NS is becoming more civilised now and they would not torture you anyhow and blablabla... And one of my cousin advise me not to mix with those naughty boys and abide the rules and upon hearing that, her daughter who is of the same age as me said," Don't worrylah Ma, Izwan is not that kind...He will be good" What the heck, you do not know how crazy can I be. Hahahah, well thank you my dear relatives for the encouragement, advice and words of console. Thank you. I only ask for prayers from you guys so that I will return home in one piece and things will go smoothly these 2 years.

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Assalamualaikum. Like you, I have my flaws too.

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