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Thursday, February 8, 2007

Assalamualaikum. While waiting for Let It Shine at MediaCorp Channel 8 to start, I shall blog. I was watching Sayang Di Sayang at RTM 1 and Tyra Bank Show at MediaCorp Channel 5. Let's talk about the Sayang Di Sayang show. It was about a lady who lived in the rural part of Kuantan. She is Sarimah. She is very poor. Started working and supporting her family at the age of 15. 15 guys! Imagine. ONE FIVE! Ask me what I was doing when I was 15. Basically schooling, enjoying life, performing in school concerts, chat with my friends through sms, started my friendster account, bought Dato' Siti Nurhaliza's original Prasasti Seni album... Gosh! This poor lady could not even afford to buy a cup of rice grains. At the age of 15, her parents died. Later at the age of 20, her eldest brother and 3rd brother died due to an accident and serious asthma respectively. Bang! She is tested again with another downfall. She is diagnosed with a funny disease and suffered from severe backaches. Her youngest brother stopped school at Primary 3 and started going out to the sea to fish. He became a nelayan. She did not eat when her brother's away. Sometimes up till 3 days long. 3 days, mind you people. And some of you still have the cheek to complain when you have to fast for just half a day? My heart was thumping real fast and trying my best to hold back my tears because my mum was also there watching the show. Gosh! I hope this remorse feeling will continue to be in me forever. Astagfirullah!

At the Tyra Bank Show, she was interviewing this man. This pathetic man lost 5 children at a split second. Plus a wife. He lost 6 beloved ones at an occassion. He is still going strong and live through an emotional torment. We scold bad words and blow off our tops when we loss our money, loss our marks in examinations, loss our unfaithful girlfriend, loss our PEN...But he did not utter a single complain when he lost 5 sons and a wife at one stupid occassion. They drowned. I don't how will I face that situation if I am in his shoes.

Gosh! I complained when my computer lacks, I complained when my handphone was not working, I complained when the rice is hard... Did I imagine what are other people complaining about?

* I have to stop here...Let It Shine has started!

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