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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Assalamualaikum. Spent my V Day with my dear pupils at Northland Secondary School. They are a sweet bunch of students especially the Secondary 1 Express Malay students. I am used to teach and converse with students in English and today, when I was told to teach Malay, I was like "Oh Gosh..." But overall I enjoyed today's experience. Even though I didn't celebrate my V Day with a candle light dinner or tuning my serenade, I enjoy feeling the love from the students. Some unknown students whom I don't even teach come to me and asked me for my name and wish me "Happy V Day Cher!" Cher? Gosh, I don't really like that word but that's so much better than Oi! I nearly lost my voice when I went to one of the class. Thses kids were taking about sex and it was Civics and Moral Education. So I just told them the legal age of having sex in Singapore and telling them it is too young for them to be in a relationship like that. Oh ya, there was this boy who loves to say bad words. Almost every sentence that come from him end wih c**** or s***. I decided to punish him. Punish? Hahahaha... I felt so wrong doing this. I did not want to be a tyrant or wicked teacher so I decided to give him a light one which is to make him confess what is he going to do during Valentine's Day. Is that light enough? Gosh, I didn't know that the whole class already knew his answer. He bought a pendant for his girlfriend. Oh my, he is only in Secondary 1. 13 years old! I am already 19 and to be frank, I've never given anything like that to a girl before in my life. Gosh! What's happening to the new era kids.

I felt the students' love. They gave me stars and heart shape made out of straws and some offered me chocolates but I have to turn it down. It is my students' and I should be the one offering to them chocolates but gosh I came unprepared. We were discussing about whether we should celebrate this day and suddenly this student said, "Hey Teacher, you should join the ARENA" Arena? Hahahaha, you just do not know who I am. Hahaha. I just grin when I hear that.

You know, it is strange when the canteen stall vendors greet you and say, "Terima Kasih Cikgu (teacher) " and "What do you want to have Sir" I feel honoured upon hearing that and when students coming to you just to greet you and ask you for your name. I feel appreciated and wanted when these unknown students complain to me and seek my opinion on certain issues. However, I do not know if I should pursue this profession. Being a teacher has been my childhood ambition but the degree of this burning passion has certainly gone down upon seeing the students of the new ERA. If this happen, I will soon be known as Cikgu Izwan. Funny huh? Maybe I should just opt to teach in JC as the students there are more tolerable. The teachers at JCs should be thankful that they don't have to deal with the incorrigible bunch of students. Are they thankful enough?

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