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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Assalamualaikum. Gosh! Today is the first funfair ever held at Innova Junior College. Met Bashirah, Madeleine, Calvin, Gerald, Tian Chong, Melissa and Mervin at 8.40 a.m today. We ordered breakfast at Burger King and brought over to Innova JC's canteen to eat there as it has been a long time since we ate at the canteen. We sat and the first one that we met was Cikgu Ali and the new Malay teacher, Cikgu Zul. Then when we went to the canteen we met Mr. Kelvin Sim and Mr. Daniel Yip. The school changed a lot huh... Air-conditioned hall, a new glass wall at the foyer, paintings outside the Libraria and more plants! Hahaha... We were not that fortunate when we came to Innova JC 2 years ago. Noise pollution, blocked walls, no track, only 3 small lecture theatres, mosquitoes, no library and so many more defficiency. Never mind. I am still happy that I got to experience this kind of situation that not many others got to. Okay, back to the i@FUN. Mdm Chan came to our table promoting fresh-baked muffins. Hahaha, she is very cute. Soon after we finish our breakfast, we went to walk around the track and met Ying Ying who's helping out at the Alumni's stall. Not bad! At least there is a representative from the 2005 batch.

Then Ying Ying joined us and we went to the haunted house. Ooooooh. While waiting for our turn, we went to the haunted CAFE. Gerald was so funny. He's more scary than the "ghosts" there! He even made them laugh! Hahaha... Then our turn came. Bashirah, Madeleine, Melissa and Ying Ying went in first as the regulation was as to only allow 4 people to go in at a time. Oh gosh! Bashirah is still the best screamer in my list. We can even hear her shouting from outside. It was located at LT3. The place where I had my first Maths Lecture. Memories... While hearing the shoutings and laughters, suddenly Gerald got a phone call! Oh, it is time for our dear SuperHost to host the event at the Grandstand(is that the way how you spell it?). So we postpone our Haunted House trip. Went down to support Gerald. 7 SuperStars were there. Gerald, Mr. Kris Ang and etc(actually I don't know their names). Oh ya then I met Ismail and get our doorgifts. Hmmm. Not bad. A lot of stuffs and $88 worth of vouchers. Good job Innova JC. A lot of improvement. When I reached at 9 a.m I thought it was a boring funfair but later at 1p.m, the environment gets better. Can see that people are enjoying themselves apart from the scorching hot sun!

Met a lot of botak guys there. All of them serving NS already. Hahaha. Jason looks funny in that hair. The guys played the Dunking Game. Mr. Kumar was their victim. Poor him! And then we met Ms. Ng and chatted with her and she kindly gave us something. So nice of her! Hope she like the ballon and rose that we gave her. Thank you Mervin for kindly accompanying me to buy her gifts! Her Ice Kachang is the most popular there. The queue was forever long. And the service is fast too.

Then we moved on to the Haunted House again. Like FINALLY... We have to wait for so long before we could go in due to popular demand. It is $8 anyway. We went in and first of all, we were told a ghost story. Good introduction to a Haunted House. Well done. it is YOU! Owww... Then we move on. When we walked down the stairs at LT3, the "ghosts" were crawling and touching our legs. I heard there are some people who kicked the ghosts when they were terrified! Poor ghosts. Then we were brought to met a little girl's ghost who are crying for her teddy bear. Her teddy bear was stolen by a guy who was there also. Mervin, being a gentleman, snatch the bear from him and passed it back to her and even said " Nah, here is your teddy bear. Stop crying..." Hahahaha... Then we met the "Twin Sister". Hahaha... They were wearing Woodlands Ring Secondary School's uniform. Hahaha... And they are the most scary ones there. Well done girls. They keep asking for the shoe and keep shouting. I didn't know there will be a head coming out of one of the boxes. We shouted just to retalliate the ghosts and didn't know one of this guy is actually really scared! Didn't think that he would be that scared. The person is ... biarlah rahsia. The Ring segment was cool too! Anyway well done to Hafizah's class which did that. Well done! Worth the $8.

The Gladiator turn. Hahahaha. Calvin, Gerald, Mervin, Tian Chong, Suhairy and I played the game. My opponent was Calvin. It is super obvious who win the game. Oooohhh, my hand still hurts from the Calvin's hit with the stick. Hey Calvin, winning me still give you another free game. But your next opponent was tough and you still win the game. Well done! Hey, I cheered for you too!

Then Calvin and I queued for the waffle ice-cream. Long queue but I think due to the slow service. Hey, it is not them who are slow but the preparation takes up a lot of the time. All the waffles are freshly baked. So, I thought it was worth the wait. We sat at the canteen. The rests were having a second serving of Ms. Ng's Ice Kacang. After that we were deciding where to go after the funfair. I moved over to Ismail's table and chatted with him and his sister and Shafiq's sister. Yup, had fun chatting about my secondary school's teachers.

Met Ismail, Maslyn, Monisha, Nabil, Genevieve, Li Xian, Jennifer, Qing Yun, Mr. Azahar and Mr Chin from the band. Met Calvin, Bashirah, Mervin, Madeleine, Gerald, Melissa, Tian Chong, Ying Ying, Jason and Latha, Mr. Teo, Ms. Ng, Mr. Sim from 05S71. Met Fitria, Munirah, Rafidah, Filzah(she didn't see me I think) and Cikgu Ali from the Malay class. Met Ye Sheng, Alex, Sze Hao and brother and Izuddin from Northbrooks Secondary School. Met Nadiah, Shaza, Rosiati and Farhana from Bahas 4PM. The rest...I shall not list it here... From 9 a.m to 5 p.m at the funfair is really tiring. My leg is aching now. Gosh! Anyway, I enjoy myself today and happy getting to meet my classmates and friends...

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