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Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Assalamualaikum. It was Innova's 2nd National Day Celebration yesterday. I must say that it was so much better than the previous one. During civics, everyone else was like having party and my cgmates were slogging doing Yishun Junior College's prelim paper. Sad but yes, it was beneficial. Mr. Teo asked us to complete the entire Novermber 2005 paper this holiday. Anyway, there was supposed to be a 'pot-luck' yesterday but since the Economics students having a mock exam, so we sort of called it off. Despite the cancellation, Shawn still brought 50 cups of Almond Jelly. My favourite! I ate three of them. It was so nice. Shwan's mum is super nice. Thank you Shawn and Mum. After the concert, the MTA students went to eat at Causeway Point's BANQUET! I was spoilt for choice. At last, I decided to eat Chicken Rice. It was Suhaimi Yusoff's Choice for the Anugerah Daun Pisang. So, I decided to try it. Not bad, but I think Vista Point BANQUET's Chicken Rice is nicer. Soon after we finish eating, Gerald and I went home.

I went out again to meet my old friend, Rashid. It has been super long since I last met him. We talk and talk. Wah, he now got a girlfriend already. You know, among all my primary school friends, I am the only one still single. I should be happy celebrating my 18th year of being single. Subjugated!

After that, I went all the way to Marina Bay to meet my band friends to catch the fireworks put up by the Singapore Team in conjunction with the Fireworks Festival. They wanted to have dinner first but once we reached Marina Bay MRT Station, we have no idea where to go. The place is so secluded. We then decided to go to City Hall instead. Met Fazlan there. There were so many people there. From afar, they look like ants! We went to Marina Square and all the food outlets there were full of people and I must say that the queue at MacDonalds yesterday was the longest I've ever seen in my life so far. Then, they decided to just go to 7-Eleven to get some snacks and eat while we watch the fireworks. Hahahaha... Even the queue at the 7-Eleven was long. We reached Esplanade at 8.45p.m and sat there. At 9.00p.m sharp, the fireworks started. It was really beautiful. Haizz... You know, there're so many couples down there. So romatics. Singapore Team did a great job! i love the Gold Dust! By the way, I took some clips of it and one of them is there! Up there! Fazlan and I had a great laugh! Hahhahahaha.... Oh ya, when I got back home, I met the same exact person whom I met when I left my house that afternoon. Fate or just a coincidence?

Well, I would like to take this opportunity to say Happy 41st Birthday to my beloved country, SINGAPORE! Majulah Singapura!

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