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Friday, July 7, 2006

Assalamualaikum. Gosh! Check it out! Siti Nurhaliza's latest music video >>>>>>>>>>>>> I must say it is the most beautiful music video from her! I like it so much.

Anyway, I have planned out and now I am pretty sure with what I am doing. I know very well that there is no use of regretting but I should never ever forget to look back. Today comes only because of yesterday. The experience and stuff that I garnered yesterday actually mould into the Muhammad Izwan that you see today. Why I behave like this, why I think this way, why I like this and that today are all because what happened yesterday. Yesterday here refers to the past too and not only the day before.

I do not know if I should be satisfied and should just be fine with my image or the behaviour that I personate now but I will never see an end to the process of amelioration of it. I am pretty sure that it is for the betterment of me as well as the people around me. The mirth is only that I have my teachers and family members who are always there for me and they may evoke the change in me and hopefully facilitating it painstakingly. On my part, I am willing to go for it!

In Junior College, I am not sure if all these happen only in my jc or others but what is apparent now is that people are willing to forget the ties and relationship just for the sake of achieving the results that they desire. Where is the closeness and warmth in the friendship that I used to have in secondary school. Now, in jcs, your friends can actually be your foes. People are working very hard not just for the sake of getting to go to the next higher stage of eductaion but just to be more superior than his/her peers. That bad but this is the harsh truth that we all have to face. I am aware that some people aren't like that but mostly are. Some people who once saw you as the girl/guy next door now can now see you as the beauty princess/handsome prince after knowing you got an A for the exam. Hahahaha such a beauty facade with bloody content. No matter how successful you may be on earth but the hell out of you once you enter the eternity. Save me in both worlds!

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Assalamualaikum. Like you, I have my flaws too.

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