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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Assalamualaikum. Have been going home late since Tuesday. Had the investiture practice on Tuesday and yesterday, band practice. The investiture yesterday went well. I thought the spotlight was on Mrs. Naidu when she gave a speech. I thought her speech was better than anyone else that did during the Investiture, Ignesco 2006. It was impactful and touching. There were some councillors whom I don't even know they are one. That goes to show how much they have contributed to the school as the concillor who heads the IJC Parliament. I just hope the burning passion of those promising leaders will not die out until they step down next year. Oh, Ian also gave an interesting speech but was no better than Mrs. Naidu's. Right after the Investiture, I went to the Music Studio for band practice. Gosh, I still can't play the running notes in Doraemon. I just feel giving up on Band but never. I feel that, as a senior, I need to show a good example to my juniors. Don't wish to be like some reckless senior... No matter how great the torment will be, I will still stand strong as ever. So far, praises have never been the one that have kept me alive and torment have never called my life to its end. Never! The one that is still keeping me alive is Him. Why should I bother how other people thinks about me but not how He thinks about me. Something for me to reflect.

Anyway, had the most productive and fun Physics lesson with Mr. Jimmy Teo yesterday. He's a great teacher. He used a drama concept to teach us Quantum Physics. He wants us to be all rounded and wants to integrate aesthetic values into the teaching and understanding of Physics. Interesting! Will post some photos that I took during the drama directed by Lily and I later.

General Paper Exam is tomorrow. I am still unprepared and will try to prepare for it tonight. I though it is really a rush. I felt that they should push it to next term too. If now, our mood is geared to the examination mood, it might die out soon by next term or vice versa. Might as well put it at one go. Gosh! I am really scared for the Prelim Exams 1.

Oh ya, Ms. Yeo came to talk to us today during the PCCG period. It is so nice of her to drop by to check on us and still bother about us even though she is still on medical leave. I am very dissapointed with some of the students. It is indeed a nice gesture by Ms. Yeo to come and talk to us, hence, we are "obligated" to show her some respect while she is talking. However, some rude and childish people choose to ignore her and start a new conversation among themselves. Dissapointing! Sincerely, I am touched by Ms. Yeo's action and will bear her in my mind and take her as one of my motivation to study hard!

Gosh! Still have Bahas 4PM (4PM Debate) to think about after my General Paper tomorrow. When will all this stop! When my life reach its expiry date, I guess! Now, I don't even have the time to listen to Siti Nurhaliza's songs to distressed. I am just jaded! Miss her songs! Never mind, I need to reprioritise my life! Siti Nurhaliza songs now relegated to the few backseats. I will not proliferate this stress level of mind and allow it to perpetuate in my life. Will rid it off my life soon!

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