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Monday, May 22, 2006

Assalamualaikum. I found out something about myself yesterday... My STRESS-reliever. As you all know, each and everyone of us has a unique way to relieve the pressure that are pressing our emotions down. Ahahaha... And my way is to ... Listen to Hari Raya songs! I know you all might think that I am crazy but no, this just work its way for me! Well, when I heard one yesterday, a sudden trepidation of joy that rush up into my nerves and smiles are all over my face... I love it so much! Ok, I'll showcase on video clip and if you have the time, do watch it. Once you have watch it, do tag me and tell if it helps you calm down and does plunge your stress level or not. Also, Lisha, this video clip features your favourite comedian, Saiful Apek. Do enjoy it! Oh shesssh! Now, I am thinking about Hari Raya. How will this 18th Hari Raya of mine will be? Only You will know.

Had a tiring day at school today. The same banal cycle! When I walk pass through the LIBRARIA and look back at the campus, I suddenly feel the love and sense of belonging to Innova Junior College. Do not know why doe this feeling comes only now... I must learn to accept the school the way it is as how I expect people to accept me. Oh ya, the school now has a panel outside the General Office that shows the countdown to our 'A' Level.


To my classmates, I really regret that things would turn out this way. I really miss the old S27 but what can we do... Things have happened. Now, we must look forward and seize every chance and opportunity that pass through us. Don't let the problems that we are facing now to hinder us from seizing the golden opportunity that will only knock once. Time will not wait for me and do make the best of the short remaining time left for us to be together as a class. Just one reminder that I would like to put as the paramount matter now, Never go to the perilous tracks created by the DEVIL who will left his/her detritus and have you guys to settle it and clean the mess up by yourself. Don't let the Devil ruin or mess up your life. Look forward for a better day. Whenever you have problems, do come to me and never ever think that you guys are disturbing me or bothering me. Don't you think the responsibilty of a friend is to lend a helping hand and listen to your problems. If you see me as a responsible men, do come to me. In the dictionary of friendship, there are no terms such as 'SORRY' and 'THANK'. Dear 05S71, look at the pictures above and reminisce back those moments we are happily together. Don't you miss it? Don't you wish things aren't complicated as it is now? Save the relationship please!

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