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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Assalamualaikum. Went to Geylang Serai yesterday. Ate 3 different kinds of Malay desserts and Mee Maidin. Mee Maidin was just so-so but the 3 desserts were excellent. There are Badak Berendam, Bubur Suji and Bubur Somsom ... Love Malay desserts. Guys, you must try one. After Geylang Serai, we headed to EXPO for the Wedding Exhibitions organised by MegaExpress and the METRO Expo Sale! Shopping! Shopping! Shopping! Yesterday was more of relaxation day! Today, I guess it will be more tiring because I'll be travelling till night to shop again. Hahahaha!

Watched the trailer for 'Poseidon'. Love it. Poseidon, The Goddess of the Sea. Wow! A bit tragic. Nothing psuedoistic about this film. Looks REAL! I think this movie has alot more to offer than Titanic. It is like Titanic but I think Titanic + Tsunami = Poseidon. Yeah! I think I'll catch this movie soon. Another movie in mind is the "VOICE". Another Korean movie but it looks great. Scary! A bit thrilling. Mission Impossible is seriously a NO to me. Not because that it is action-packed but I just don't like such aimless movie that contains no message at all. Seriously, no offence.

Enough about movies! Now, about my plans for the last day of my break this week. Hmm... I guess I'll just rot at home and finish all my assignemnts. Especially GP. Talking about GP, I've watched the JC Student Saga at the Youtube! It is a video taken at Raffles Junior College that animate a teacher scolding her student. Over the board, but I thing she's putting effort! She wants her student to wake up as 'A' Levels are drawing near. You know, it's strange that such scenes happen in a top JC but rarely in such mediocre ones like Innova Junior College, it never happens. It is hard to accept and you mist feel distraught when you are being shamed on front of everybody in the class but remember, when you've achieved a good result, who actually do you have to thank to? Isn't it your teacher? Different teachers have different approach in making and knocking some sense into the students. As for this teacher, she scolds like mad and it is for the benefit of the student. Think again, why is she wasting her time and energy on the student when he is nothing to her. He's not going to determine her pay; a rise or shrinkage of it, he's not going to determine her future; he's not her child who's going to take care of her when she grows old. What intrigues her to do this? It is her RESPONSIBILITY. She is indeed a responsible teacher. A teacher who takes pride in her students well-being and performance in studies. It is not like she's being unreasonable or what when she scolds her student or finds joy in doing it. Sometimes, I do wish for a teacher like her.

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