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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Assalamualaikum. Shissh! I thoygh I would only need to stay back latest till 7.30p.m but have to slog at school up to 8.45p.m and reached home at 9.30p.m. Just nice and on time to watch the last episode of DIA. Yesterday, the ineterview went well. A bit overwhelmed with the response from some of the Juniors but it is in a positive way. I can forsee that the band will continue to prosper under the helm of theirs. I really hope that we will be passing on and leaving the band in good and safe hands. I cannot deny the fact that I will miss band. Band alone has really taught me alot. It is one of the major things that I'll remember forever whenever I think back about Innova Junior College once I have left the college. Back to the interview. The interview actually clear some doubts and can say that most of the Juniors are speaking from the bottom of their hearts and thank you so much for being truthful! Anyway, Good Luck for the Results during the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Moving on, had a great P.E lesson today. Glad that my timing for my 2.4 k.m run has improved. Alhamdulillah. I don't intend to complete NAPHA befor the holidays. I would like to train during the holidays. Hopefully by then, I'll be more ready and able to produce better results. I am actually quite happy for my Physics and Maths. Oh ya! My maths tutor told us that some students asked her the difference between the students in Innova and Hwa Chong and she shared her answer with us. She said, " It is not that they are more clever than you people but they are more efficient. Sometimes they also never do their tutorials because they are also busy with CCAs and other stuffs but whenever we(teachers) give them time to do their tutorial during lesson time, they really use the time to complete it" Then she said that one of the students in Innova Junior College who are like the students there is me. I am not being big-headed or something. I am just so thankful to her. She did the same thing what my Sec. 2 Maths teacher did which is to boost my confidence through their gestures and I am really thankful for that. I don't take what Ms. Ng said as a praise but more of a motivation. Now, I am really motivated to do well in my studies. Thank you Ms. Ng. Hwa Chong student? If Hwa Chong Institution students can do it, I do not understand why that of Innova Junior College can't.

Happy with Physics too. Now, I understand Analogue Electronics which seems so vague to me when the lectures on it ended. I think, I cannot focus during Lectures. Therefore, I need to utilise the time during tutorials to clear my doubt and learn. Looking forward for tomorow's Physics' Tutorial on Charge Particles.

Another 05S71 Class gathering this Friday after the Sports Day... Watching The Da Vinci Code... But I want to watch poseidon first! Hmm... Will see how.. Will ask around and check the review of it!

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