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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Assalamualaikum. Now with the review of inaugural Novawinds Camp 2006 which was held from the 28th to 29th April. I love it so much. I must say that this camp is one of the best camp I've attended. Also, the best camp in Innova Junior College among the 3.

Friday, 28th April 2006
At 4p.m the band camp commenced with the normal Band Practice with Mr. Lim until 6p.m. Ismail, Maslyn and I went to get the packed food for dinner and bought the filled bread for breakfast. We were drenched as it was raining heavily. We reached school at 6.15p.m and the Ice Breaking games started. The first that was lined up for us was Speed Dating. It was a good start. After that we played Da Wacko! This game was really fun. We saw people pulling their partner's skirt in exasperation, asking them to shout out another person's name so that they need not to be wacked. Ismail got the penalty as he's the only one who becomes a wacker for 3 times. He danced in front of the J1s and J2s. He must be really brave to do this!

As our stomachs were growling, we had dinner at 7.30p.m. For dinner, the menu was a full set of Chicken Rice with the mixed vegetables and soup as well as sauce and Rose drink. We had 1 hr of dinner and after that, we had Night Treasure Hunt. Hahahha... Geneviev, Lixian, Samuel and Wei Lian did a "great" job in organising that. We ran around the school for like more than 2 hours. Only then, I discovered that Innova Junior College actually has a beautiful campus(at night). I was in group 4 with Maslyn, Qing Yun, Prashanti, Mubarrak and Yun Shi. Although it was really tiring but I had lots of fun during this gruelling hunt for clues and answers to the questions.

By then, everyone was shagged. I took a night bath at 11.45p.m at the canteen's toilet. Felt rejuvenated after that and some went to bed after Supper which was only ready at 12.30 a.m. After that, some went to M 4-5 to watch Princess Mononokei and some to M4-4 to hear ghost stories. Eerie but it was fun. Xinyi was the main Ghost Story-teller. There were Fazlan, Nabil, Jennifer, Monisha, Prashanti, Lydia, Adib, Wei Lian, Vicknesh and Ismail, Genevieve and Yong Ting who joined us later after watching the show. The red eye story by Lydia was scary. We finally ended the session at 3.30p.m. Some went to sleep but some just refused to do so and one of them is me. I went to the 2nd storey outside the staffroom to take a look at Mubarrak and Samuel who were completing the P.Is. This remenisce me of the the gruelling journey of PW that I went through last year. Li Xian and Qing Yun were doing their tutorial at 3 in the morning. Gosh! Smauel showed us pictures of a snake that had just swallowed a man and was then slitted and the man was dead by then. Gross!

Saturday, 29th April 2006

I only decided to go to sleep at 4.25 a.m and woke up at 7a.m. Went to wash up and then had breakfast. Band practice started at 8.35 a.m and this time round, we were led by 5 different conductors and they are Mr. Adib, Mr Samuel, Ms. Hidayah, Mr. Mubarrak and lastly Mr. Chin. We played The Voyaguers I and III, Best of Queens, Doraemon, Can't Take My Eyes off You and Pasadena. The 4 candidates for the Student Conductor were good and have great potential. Hope that band will be left in good hands after we(J2s) have step down.

Here comes the peak of the Novawinds Camp 2006... War Games. First, it was intergroups. Genevieve and Mubarrak, our flags bearer were... They just put the flags aside and joined us at the war front. Hahahhaha... I just don't care. It is only fair to them to come out and play and attacking other groups flags. Next we had a match J2s vs. J1s. This was even better. Genevieve's slipper got spoilt! The J1s really rocks! They were really co-operative. Lastly, we were debrief by our President, Tan Qing Yun. Before we left for home sweet home, we took a group photo! I went home right after that because I need to go to Ten Mile Junction to buy the stuffs for 05S71's BBQ today. The rest had lunch together but as usual, they took hours to decide where to go. Like Jacelyn said, this has become a tradition for our band. Hahahaha...

That was Novawinds Camp 2006. I thought that we have achieved our aim which is to build the camaraderie between the band members. In orfer for the band to prosper to greater heights, it is fundamental that the bonds between the band members are satlwart. I am very glad that this camp was a success. The J2s and J1s are now bonded truly uanimously.

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