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Sunday, April 9, 2006

Assalamualaikum. Wow! I must say that the weekend that I just had was simply great. On Saturday, I went back to Northbrooks Secondary School in conjunction with its Speech Day 2006 and guess what... Ms. Lam Ai Leen was the Guest of Honour. It was really great to meet her once again. Ms. Linda Lim, Mr. Cedric Leong, Mr. Elliot Lee and other more who have left the school years ago are back. It is more like a reunion. Love it! Glad that Ismail informed me about it. I got to know about it quite last minute.

Most importantly, I got to meet my best Malay teacher, Mdm Zuraidah. I really respect her. Even though she is just an ordinary teacher who has no excellent background or one with experience being other than a teacher, she is still the best teacher. She knew where to draw the line and she appreciates whatever her students did. I am really glad and thankful to the Almighty for allowing me to meet and learn from such a brilliant and responsible teacher. I am really touched with what she said about the relation on the existence of Malay Cultural Society and me. How I wish the people in Innova Junior College know how to appreciate me. There is a huge misconception in the people in junior colleges. Even the teachers. Praises, praises and praises. That are all that they think that is important. To me, not at all. I do not wish to be praised but just wish to be appreciated. Sad that people ignore that fact but what can I do, I can't possibly make an announcement to the whole school to ask for appreciation. I believe that if the people have the thought and solid moral values, it is common sense to them.

To people who score high marks and perform excellently in their CCAs or even do things that are not within the scope of their main responsibility but do not know how to respect people, oh I just hate you. You do not deserve my respect at all. How I wish that I have the power to get rid of these people from my life.

Back to NBS's Speech Day... Mr. Lee Cher Kian was our Brooksian of the year and he was given a chance to make a speech. What he said was really, really, really true. Ismail said to me, "Izwan, he had just make your speech! " Yes, Ismail. You are right! Tears start filling my eyes but I just turn around and calm down. Do not wish to illustrate to the people of the pleasant Northbrooks the anguish I am experiencing and how not happy am I in Innova Junior College. Anyway, had a great moment. Made a tour around the school and remenisce the beautiful memories that are nailed deep down in my heart. I felt a sense of security when I walked into the school. Even it does not have a fantastic campus like IJC, it is still very homey. That is the real hub of education that I am looking for. What good does a school has if it is only beautiful on the facade and repleted with HYPOCRITES and LIARS!

Went home at 4.30p.m. Ismail, Saddiq and me walked past the Yishun Park and we saw a monkey. Saddiq wanted to take a picture of it and Ismail wanted to take a close look at it. I told them that monkey do run after people whom they think that can cause them harm. They still wanted to go and I just followed them. When we got near the monkey, it looked at us... We took a step further and then it started to show its teeth and run after us. Saddiq and I ran for our lives and crossed the road. I just keep running without looking at the traffic. Luckily for us, it had stop running. We looked so stupid. Hahahhahaa... Had a good laugh after that... So funny! Stupid monkey!

As for today, went out with my family and visited my auntie. Many things happened and had fun as usual. Arghhhh... Monday is back. Shissh! The whole cycle is going to start anew... Facing hypocrites again... Facing irrespectful people again...

By the way, I love Northbrooks so much!

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