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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Assalamualaikum. Haizzz. This term break is coming to an end soon. I am pretty happy for this time round because I fulfil my dream as in to make it worthwhile. Many things happened during this 1 short week of holiday. I have learnt an abundant of things. Be it the band, academic, university, domestic, media, hypocrites, "superstar", prospective careers, travelling and etc. Wow! Love it so much. One of the many things that I've realised is that if you are not cut out for something, you are just not up to it. Each and every of us is born with different qualities. Maybe you are good in this and that while I am just a mediocre at it or even obviously not at all. Some people are born with the talent to sing or act but you don't, hey don't forget that there is something that you can do that that superstar can't. For an example, I can debate but do you think Siti Nurhaliza can? For example Mr. Tommie Chen can run very fast but I can't. Nevertheless, I am darn sure that there is something that I can do that he can't. Therefore, I have come out a motto for my life which is :

Discover The Power Within You
Ya, believe in God's creation. There must be a purpose for God to create us. Be it a purpose to the community, country or even to the world. There must be a potential that you are born with. Be satisfied with what you are. It is certainly absurd for you trying to be someone else but no doubt that there is nothing wrong in improving yourself. For an example, I used to be stupid too in trying so hard in trying to run like *** but forget that I actually want to improve my timing. People always want to be academically as good as the teachers or peers but never thought that they want to improve on it. *** Tv! Walah! Another sterling example. They wish to produce sundry reality television shows without realising that they are copying the Western's. What is their main aim actually? They want to improve the quality of shows they producing! This is their objective and miraculously they misrecollect that and try to copycats that of the Western. Remember readers... Improving is totally disparate from copying! Ergo, stop having the mindset of the wannabes... Heck care with how good people are! Just do your best and push yourself to the limits if you want to improve yourself. The wherefores of you wanting to improve is to be better than that person and not to be just as good as that person. DESPISE COPYCATS!

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Assalamualaikum. Like you, I have my flaws too.

Salam ikhwan, Muhammad Izwan

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