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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Assalamualaikum. I just cannot wait for this week to end. Gosh! I'll be having a Maths Test tomorrow. I think I'll screw it up. Met Kenneth last Tuesday. Had a great talk and gossips! Hahaha! Haizzz... Our lives are in a total mess right now. SHissshhh! I want to get over and done with my 'A' levels.

Today, Mdm Chan talked to the JC2s and knocked some sense into us. SHe's a great motivator. I am pretty motivated but I just hope that this motivation will not die off soon. I need to keep myself going.

Oh ya! Before I forget, Happy Friendship Day to all my dear friends. Love you all. Thanks for all the sweet gifts from you all. Had band yesterday. 'Can't take My Eyes off You' sounded so much nicer than it did previously. I think we are quite ready to stage a performance already. The 'Best of Queen' sounded great.

During Maths tutorial today, as usual, Ms. Ng went through some questions. I was only at question 10 and she was already on the verge of completing question 12. GOsh! I know that it is so selfish of me to stop her and ask her to follow that slow pace of mine. I guess I am just too slow. I need to start revising on a full swing scale. But wait a minute... I still have my NAPHA test to look forward and practice to give my best shot and clinch a Sliver award.

Today I saw two people whom I've not met for years. Surprisingly, I saw my primary school Principal, Mrs. Celine Fernandez. She still looks the same. And another soul was my friend. I wanted to meet him so much but finally, the day came today. Also, I slept throughout my journey back home and missed the bus tsop that I am supposed to alight off the bus. I went all the way to the interchange and took another bus back home. The journey back home in that bus reminisce me of my secondary school days which I am missing so much now. When I was in secondary school, I would usually take that bus home at around the same I took it today. Gosh! Secondary School Life Rockz!

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