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Saturday, December 31, 2005

On the Brim of 2005

Assalamualaikum. Here's the special edition entry that summaries my life in 2005. I'll be rehashing those past accounts of mine in the year of 2005 and will be doing it in a form of interview (sort of interiew myself...hehehe). Not being ludicrous or what but I just want to make it interesting and kind of well-ordered.

What was your resolution for 2005?
My resolution back then was to have a happy and a fruitful whereby I'd learn many and many thing and not forgetting garnering more experiences. Through these, I hoped that I'd be a better person both physically and mentally as in I'd be a wiser, stronger(emotionally) and mature person.

So, do you think that that resolution of yours for 2005, has been achieved?
Well, to a large extent maybe. I can't possibly deny the fact that I've learn new things and gain many experience in the course of this year. Atlas, I must say that I am stronger(emotionally) now and wiser in making decision. Howevery, for maturity... Hahahaha... That is still something for me to ponder about. I would not say that I am not mature now, but not mature enough maybe.

What is the most sensational thing that you faced this year?
Errr... I guess it is the Intervarsity Debate whereby I was one of the 5 Singaporean debaters. It is like you know still being talked about till today. People are asking me about it the moment they see me and some were at ridiculous timing - at my uncle's house when my grandma passed away.

What is the most heartwrenching moment in 2005?
Oh my gosh! When my dear 2nd sister passed away. I just do not know how I've gone through this, couldn't imagine how. Oh dear 2nd sister- I miss you so much... We'll meet again one day!

What is the most silly thing that you've done this year?
Scolding someone Fat Pig! Hahahaha! I was truly angry at that point of time. Burning inside.

What is the most touching thing that someone has done to you throughout this year?
Nurul, my dear friend. She knew that my parents were not in Singapore during Hari Raya Aidiladha this year and she made a memorable move which to send me some delicious food on the morning of Aidiladha. She helped me a lot in moving on with life during this period of time. True friends are not like dew, present during chilling morning (great time) and gone by the time the scorching hot sun appear and sadly this is the time when the leaves need the dew to cool it!

Since you've been blogging for a period of time, which is your best entry?
I'll choose the one dated 28th August 2005. I think it is something worth wiriting and reading. Unlike the other entries, they just narrate what I've done for the day in a chronicle manner but this entry do so but in a more enthralling way I must say.

Since you love music so much, what is for you, the Song of the Year?
Endless Road by Lin Jun Jie. Just let me listen to it at any time, it'll just soothe me without fail. The lyrics tell part of my story.

Album of the year?
Siti Nurhaliza Live in Royal Albert Hall, London

What about Artist of the Year?
Needless to say, Siti Nurhaliza

Describe 2 great events that you'd never believe you have done it?
First is to be able to represent my country in a prestigious debating competition where a group of Malay elites from Brunei and Singapore come together and debate and enmesh in a serious discussion. It is something that I wish I can do every year but impossible. Must give others chance. Going to Brunei on my own without my family members is something that excites and scares me at first but later in the plane, got to know other debaters well and we conversed as if we've known each other for ages. We exchange our views and certainly, I've learn a lot from it. Getting to know Bruneians is something that is wonderful. Although we are Malay as in race, but we (Singaporean's Malays vs Bruneian's Malays) look things differently and difference is great, isn't it. There's a lot more I want to say but I'll just save my breath.
Secondly is to be given the golden chance or opportunity to perform in Esplanade with the other best musicians from other junior colleges and work with different conductors. Rejuvenating! I've learnt tonnes and tonnes of new things about music as in both theory and practical wise. I've never imagine that I'll be performing at a majestic hall after just 3 practices. Amused. Got to know colleagues from other junior colleges and they (not all but almost all) turned out to be just as nice. Also, I've never thought that I can play 5 songs or rather 33 minutes straight. Esplanade! Another wonderful point to take note. I am sure thousands out there wish to be able to perform at Esplanade.

If you are given a chance to turn back time, what are the things that you would like to change for the better?
I think, only to be more attentive during the lectures. The rest, no. I do not want to change it. I believe that everything that happen, happens for a reason. That past of mine has blossomed this present Izwan. If I change something in the past, I may not be the Izwan today. Let's say. i choose to go to another junior college. Do you thing I'll be able to represent Singapore in the Inter-varsity Debate Championship or perform at Esplanade?

So how would you like to wrap up the year of 2005?
I hope to end it on a high note. I do not want to be sad or what. I just want to enjoy the last moment of this memorable year of 2005.

To end this off, what is your resolution for the upcoming year of 2006?
I want it be a year that I'll remember well just like this year. As for me, I want to be more mature and attained great results within my academic areas as well as that of CCA's. I want to be more responsible and quiet. Guess that I've been talking too much lately. Hahahaha! I wish to attempt things that I've never done or even thought doing before. Wish to be on my highest peak during my 'A' levels.

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