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Friday, December 2, 2005

Christmas is coming real soon. This reminisce me about 2 occasions where I performed or I I should say, "ACT". Many will not believe that I have acted before and what is more, it was at such prestigious stage of Jubilee Hall, Raffles Hotel. Hahaha! Not that prestigious though. I have to thank Ms. Sandra Lee for believing and having faith in me. The first time I associated myself with the theatrical world was when I was in Primary 5. I acted as one of Oliver's friend. Yeah, we put up the musical entitled "Oliver Twist". It was staged during one of the Christmas Concert held in Yishun Primary School. I can still remember clearly what the plot and scene was about. In the year 2000, Yishun Primary School invests in a thousand dollar project which is the musical entitled The Good Old Scrooge and Snow White which was to be put up later that year at the Jubilee Hall, Raffles Hotel. Hahaha! Guess what was my role then?

Ms. Sandra Lee asked me to try a few roles and finally chose me as the Prince who saves Snow White's life. A Prince? What? Gosh! And there was a kissing scene but I didn’t do that, there was a sound effect done and it was super loud like "Muuuuaahhhhhh..." It was a bit overwhelming for me but after the moral support given by my peers and teachers, I survived through it. Let me tell you, it was not easy as it seems. We started the practice in March. There were 2 dance instructors, Darric and forget the other one because she did not really taught me. She was in charge of the Broadway Dance. I learned the Ballroom dance and the Finale dance. Still remember, Darric asked all the actors to dance in one big circle and every minute a dancer will be eliminated due to the faults they've done and unbelievably, I was the top 2 dancers. Jie Wei who played as the Grumpy dwarf was my sole competitor then but Darric stop the game and no winner was determined at last. Jie Wei was a good dancer. God knows where he is now. Emida Natalaray, one of the MediaCorp producers was there to coach us too. Just a little bit info about her; she is the producer of one of the many seasons of the popular drama series, Growing Up. Ms. Sandra Lee is one professional director. Her assistant was Ms. Stefanie Pan who left for Australia the next year. Both of them make sure everything goes smoothly. I felt some sense of safety working under her unlike some USELESS teachers who only know how to brag and fights for the glitz of glamour limelight. Ms. Lee brought us to the Concorde to rent some clothes and yeah, they cost a BOMB. They were so beautiful. I got a purple outfit that looked so 'not my type' with the sequins and glitters on the suit. We had to stay up late for rehearsals, scene after scene. I stepped into the Jubilee hall for the first time when we did crew check and sound check. I still remember that we had 2 final dry run of the musical at the Jubilee Hall. The last was the full-dress rehearsal. Gosh! Love the props and the background done by the teachers and students of Yishun Primary School. It was so professionally done. Superb! The day finally came and we performed for 2 nights. The 1st night was for VIPs and Parents while the 2nd was for students. I must say that it was a night of GLAMOUR. Everyone looked their best. The actors and dancers had make-up artists and hairdo. Also to add on to the excitement, the performance was done during the fasting month of Ramadhan. We the Muslims got special food to break our fast. Guess where we break our fast? It was at the VIP’s Room. Gosh! The design was so classy and of high-class and we even have waiter in the toilet to serve us with towels. Hahaha. It was indeed a scintillating performance. The Principal and Vice Principal were both satisfied and proud of us.

This is the history I've yet to make. First, I stepped onto the stage of Jubilee Hall's to amuse people with my gentle moves as the charming Prince... later, at Victoria Concert Hall, I broke the deafening silence with the tantalising tune of the charmed Ed Huckeby's By the River of Babylon... I moved on to the MediaCorp Studios to flag the pride of Innova Junior College and then it was Brunei Radio and Television Perdana's Hall to hold onto Singapore's renowned debating standard... Soon, I will be soothing the hearing sense of the distinguished audiences at the prestigious stage of the Esplanade Concert Hall. More exalted places that I wish to conquer armed with the God's gift I was blessed with. Will it be the prominent Royal Albert Hall, London or the sicintillating Opera House of Sydney... This is a secret yet to be revealed. I'll be waiting with the blaze of hope.

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