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Friday, November 4, 2005

Assalamualaikum. I would like to make an announcement to all that Fiesta Aidilfitri 2005 will be on the 22nd November, Tuesday and not 26th November 2006, Saturday. Due to inevitable circumstances, we have to change the date. Tickets are on sale. The posters will be up real soon. Do catch it on Innova Junior College's school compound.

It was super tiring yesterday. The day went pretty smoothly, fortunately. I love Hari Raya songs. They are really lovely but the new songs aren't great as the old songs such as Satu Hari Di Hari Raya, Sesuci Lebaran and etc. It was so nice to meet my beloved family members whom I've not met for months. Planned with Zulkifli just now to invite the whole of 05S71 to join us in the 05S71 Hari Raya Tour on next Friday. Hope they will be free.

School today was just another boring day. We had our 2nd last Oral Presentation rehearsal. I thought my group did better than last Wednesday. There is always room for improvement. Will make sure my group does our best we can on next Thursday, hopefully. I am listening to a jazz song. Not sure where it comes from. Hahaha... Nice... Jazz is a very pretty genre of music, I must say. It just sinks into your heart and play with your soul. Oh ya, my journey to school today was so nice with Endless Road plugged to my ear throughout the journey. The lyrics are just beautiful.

Just came back from the Singapore Management of University. Only the top 30% of the JC1 were invited. Me? Top 30%? I think they make a mistake for that. Don't think so I belong to the top 30% category. Lower 30% maybe? Hahaha... Anyway, the talk was insightful and we were even given the chance to opt to go for the Advanced Admission which is something similar to the First 3 months thingy in JC. Unfortunately, I am not interested because I have no Economics background and my Maths just sucks. Ya, only my A1 'O' Level Maths will save my face. I am disappointed with my 'C' Maths. Heard that one of my friend who is now in Meridian JC got 95 for his 'C' Maths. Strange ya, his Maths was just the same standard as mine, and sometimes I even got better marks than him for Maths. But now? What happened to my Maths? Has it gone to Heaven? Just hope I'll buck up next year. The "Maths" glory is over for me. No more A1 but a D or even worst, fail. Will the glory come back to existence once again?

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